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Guild Wars 1 Character Creation Guide

Guild Wars 1 is a MMORPG and thus creating your own character is a crucial component if you want to play this game. Most of you who play such games are all aware of these game mechanics, but for those who are new or just don’t know how to create a character in Guild Wars 1, you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can start your journey on a right foot by creating a character that will suit your playstyle.

Guild Wars 1 offers a variety of choices for those who wish to create a character and customize it however they want. There are basically several steps going through which you can create your customized character in the game and we will discuss them one by one. But before that let me ask you, have you been losing games lately? Are you tired of your old weapons and can’t find a way to upgrade them? Are you running low on Guild Wars Coins? Then worry not, we got you!

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Now, let’s get back to our original topic. We are going to discuss the step-by-step process of creating a customizable character in Guild Wars 1. So, read the complete article so that you won’t miss a thing.

Steps For Character Creation

Following are the main steps that will let you create your own character in Guild Wars 1 game.

  1. Choosing the Type of character

  2. Selecting the campaign that you will begin with

  3. Determining the primary profession

  4. Selecting the sex of your character

  5. Customizing the appearance of your character

  6. Customizing the body of your character

  7. Deciding the name of your character

These are the main 7 steps to create a character in the game. Let’s discuss them in detail now.

Guild Wars 1 Character Creation

Choosing the Type of Character

Users have the option of creating 2 distinct categories of characters: PvP-only Character and RolePlaying Character.

In essence, a roleplaying player begins gameplay at the first level and is given simply starter armor and a weapon. These characters are anticipated to progress through the campaign's plot in order to increase their gaming levels and acquire experience. This ultimately provides the player accessibility to all of Guild Wars' PvE and PvP features, with the exception of using the PvP Equipment menu.

On the reverse side, a PvP-only character is for players who prefer not to level up but nevertheless want to jump into the melee battles, or who simply wish to engage in PvP combat sooner than a PvE character would. A PvP player starts out at level 20, equipped with armor and weapons that can be completely customized using the PvP Equipment menu. If they have already been unlocked, weapons, skills, and runes, all 

heroes, upgrades are accessible. PvP-only characters can only engage in player vs player combat; they cannot access any roleplaying material, such as storyline quests or PvE zones. The making of a PvP-only player and the making of a roleplaying player were designated separately when it came to the introduction of skill and equipment models, however they are now identical. The subsequent parts apply to both character types unless specifically stated otherwise.

Selecting the Campaign that You Will Begin With

This will be the very first decision that you are going to take. Your future selections, including the professions you can choose from and the choices for appearances are influenced by the initial campaign. You can skip the remaining portions of this section assuming that you only want to create a PvP character. The rest of the section mainly focuses on another type of Character that is the Roleplaying characters. Although there is one exception of Starting location. 

The 3 starting Campaigns are:

  • Prophecies

  • Factions

  • Nightfall

During this step only, your character’s starting location will be determined. It will also decide what storyline would be played for your character. So, it’s important that you make a good decision. If campaigns are connected to the exact same account, every character is able to access them. Before getting the opportunity to switch to a different campaign, a character is not required to finish their initial campaign. The character merely needs to go to the spot or turning point in the plot when the access quests are available. These Locations for various campaigns are mentioned below:

  • Prophecies -  Lion's Arch

  • Factions -  Kaineng Center

  • Nightfall -  Consulate Docks

Determining the Primary Profession

The most crucial choice that you are going to make while creating a roleplaying character is this one. After a character has been fully created, their primary profession/role can't be altered. Although if you really want to have a different primary profession, then you will have to delete this character that you created and create a new one after paying some fee. The primary factor in making this decision ought to involve the way you want to play the game, in short your playstyle. All campaigns offer access to the following six fundamental professions:

Professions available on to Factions Players are:

  • Ritualist

  • Assassin

Professions available on to Factions Players are

  • Dervish

  • Paragon

Guild Wars 1 Professions

Selecting the Gender of Your Character

Selecting the character's gender comes after selecting their primary profession. In any campaign, users may create players of one gender or the other. There are no gaming distinctions among male and female players apart from look and sound; nevertheless, the quest chain for The Great Norn Alemoot and the Tihark Orchard assignment have small variations based on the character's sex. The sex of the character is also used to determine how the Doppelganger will look.

Customizing the Appearance of Your Character

You can now alter the appearance of your character by selecting a face, a hairstyle, and colors for both their skin and hair. Although the appearance of your character has no bearing on gameplay, strive to make a decision you won't regret. The options are based on each of the preceding actions. Remember that after a character has been created, it cannot be modified unless Makeover Credits or Extreme Makeover Credits are purchased through the Guild Wars Official Online Store. You can alter the way you look at Anatomical Engineer Llye at the Great Temple of Balthazar by using these Makeover Credits. When creating characters, you are only able to use the combinations that are available in the campaign you selected, however Llye will allow you to choose from others as well.

Customizing the Body of Your Character

You can change the shade of both your initial armour and the size of your avatar in the next-to-last phase. Even though this phase is titled "customize your body," the only aspect of it that you may change is the height. There is a variation between the maximum and minimum heights of many occupations, but the difference between the tallest and shortest people is not very great. 

For instance, female Elementalists are shorter than female Monks and Rangers at the minimal height. Overall, masculine characters are a little bit taller at both their maximum and minimum heights. Five components make up your standard initial armor, and you can choose the colors of each piece separately. They have no bearing on gameplay or the color of any subsequent armor pieces you may acquire. Characters that are primarily used for PvP instead receive PvP armor, which is simply max armor without any upgrades.

Guild Wars 1 Character Creation Guide

Deciding the Name of Your Character

The choice of a name is the final step. There are regulations governing the name of your character that are related to where you come from. Keep in mind that when your character has been created, the only option to alter their name without erasing the character is to buy the Name change feature from the official Guild Wars Online Store. 

For instance, Rules for naming in America and Europe are:

  • Maximum limit on characters is 19. The name must not exceed this.

  • Must use a minimum of 3 characters (a space counts as one).

  • Must use two or more words (implies at least one space).

  • Must use only Latin letters (digits are not allowed).


So, this was all. If you have followed all the above mentioned steps, your character would be created by now. The steps are simple but require focus. You can’t just select any option and start playing the game. All you progress into the game depends on the choices that you will make during Character Creation in Guild Wars 1. So, don’t be hasty and take your time, enjoy the process and make a character that best suits your playstyle. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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