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Guide to the Best Elite Skills in Guild Wars 1

When venturing into the most perilous regions of Tyria, obtaining the strongest Elite Skills is crucial to overcoming foes of formidable power and cunning. Elite options provide invaluable bonuses and capabilities beyond standard tools, though not all prove equally formidable. Only a select few Elite Skills truly stand apart, becoming must-haves for any hero's arsenal. This guide aims to highlight the elite tools that surpass the rest, furnishing devastating might and versatility to their wielders. By mastering these Elite Skills, you'll possess the means needed to confront even the deadliest threats Tyria presents. 

But with so many Elite Skills available in the game, it can be a daunting task to find the best among them. But to make that task easy, we have prepared this guide article where we will be discussing the best Elite Skills in Guild Wars 1 game. But remember, each and every skill possesses some sort of special ability and can prove an important tool in battle. Though some Skills are more powerful than others, you have to use them properly to get the best results. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s begin then.

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Best Elite Skills in Guild Wars 1

55 Monk - Healing Burst 

Healing Burst is arguably one of the most powerful Monk Elite Skill available in Guild Wars 1. It allows all of your teammates of party members which are in earshot of the target to achieve Health gain in same amount as of Divine Favor. Though in return it also disable the Smitting Prayers abilty for a time period of 20 seconds.

Use Healing Burst to turn the tide of even the most desperate battles, providing the boost in healing your allies desperately need to prevail. Its area heal and bonus heal power make it the ultimate tool for any Monk seeking to keep allies alive against immeasurable odds. Master Healing Burst, and victory will forever be within your reach!

Guild Wars 1 55 Monk

Assassin - Shadow Form

This elite skill turns you into a shadow, making you invisible to enemies while allowing you to travel 50% faster. It is great for skipping mobs and completing quests. This skill turns you into a shadow for 15-30 seconds. In shadow form, you are invisible to human foes and move 50% faster. You cannot attack or use skills while in shadow form. It is excellent for skipping mobs, escaping combat and speeding up travel time.

Ritualist - Signet of Spirits

The Signet of Spirits elite skill conjures three potent spirits to aid the Ritualist. These spirits have a lifespan of 60 seconds, dealing 5 to 20 damage with their attacks as they increase in level. The spirits' damage output grows over time, eventually reaching 17-20 damage per hit. The Signet of Spirits furnishes a constant stream of supplemental damage and tanking, as the spirits will aggro enemies and divert aggro from the Ritualist. With their damage increasing and numbers staying three strong, the Signet of Spirits ensures that no foe can stand against the Ritualist's minion horde for long.

Elementalist - Elemental Attunement 

The Elemental Attunement elite skill grants the Elementalist mastery over a chosen element, increasing associated attributes and reducing the cost of elemental magic. When attuned, the Elementalist gains +2 to Air, Earth, Fire or Water attributes and reduces the energy cost of those elemental skills by 50% for 25 to 60 seconds depending on rank.

With Elemental Attunement, the Elementalist wields their attuned element's power with unparalleled skill and efficiency. Each spell becomes a crushing blow, elemental storms rage without end, and no foe can escape the fury of fire and frost. By attuning to the element that counters their foes, the Elementalist annihilates entire armies.

Guild Wars 1 Elementalist - Elemental Attunement 

Mesmer - Ineptitude 

The Ineptitude elite hex is a tool of cunning cruelty in the hands of the Mesmer. When activated, it inflicts a vicious hex upon up to five foes, dealing 30 to 135 damage and blinding them for ten seconds while also cursing nearby enemies with its foul magic.

Though the hex itself causes immediate harm, its true power lies in the foe's oblivious strikes. So long as the hex remains, any attack from the blinded creature shall rebound upon them, turning their blows into a weak, futile flailing. The Ineptitude ensures that the Mesmer's foes shall be forever attacking air, striking at shadows and phantom specters while blinded by dark sorcery.

Each swing of a blinded sword is a wasted blow, each spell is an errant miss. The Ineptitude transforms the chaotic melee into a game only the Mesmer can win, turning blows and blades alike against the hexed. No defense can stand against what cannot be seen coming. This hex is a trap with no escape, luring enemies into ruin through madness and misdirection.

For four seconds, the Ineptitude allows the Mesmer to dominate the battlefield unopposed. Blinded and hexed, none may challenge their supremacy until the curse has run its course. This elite hex is the ultimate tool for any Mesmer seeking to sow chaos and overcome through cunning manipulation rather than direct might. Through Ineptitude, the Mesmer claims victory through madness and misdirection alone. None can escape its curse unscathed.

Necromancer - Spiteful Spirit

This elite skill summons a spiteful spirit that attacks foes and transfers conditions to them. It is one of the most popular Necro PvP elites. This skill summons a spiteful spirit that attacks up to 10 foes within earshot of your summoning stone for 5 seconds. The spirit's attacks deal 10-22 damage and transfer 1 condition to its target. This is one of the most popular Necro elites for PvP build.

Ranger - Frenzied Asp

This Beast Mastery elite skill sends your pet into a frenzy, causing it to attack much faster while transferring its conditions to enemies. It greatly increases your pet's DPS. This Beast Mastery elite skill sends your pet into a frenzy for 10-30 seconds. While frenzied, your pet's attacks are 50% faster, and it transfers 1 condition to its target foe on each attack. This significantly increases your pet's damage output and is useful in PvE and PvP.

Warrior - Hundred Blades

This is one of the highest DPS Warrior elites. It allows you to attack very fast with a sword for 10 seconds while ignoring the weapon recharge. This Tactics elite skill allows you to attack 33% faster with a slashing weapon for 10 seconds while ignoring the weapon recharge. It has a recharge of 30 seconds. This results in very high DPS and is one of the most popular Warrior elites for damage dealing.

Guild Wars 1 Warrior - Hundred Blades

Paragon - Save Yourselves!

This Motivation elite skill grants nearby allies health regeneration, condition immunity and +30 armor for 15 seconds. It is great defensive support for your party. This Motivation elite skill grants nearby allies +30 armor, health regeneration of 10-22 per second and condition immunity for 15 seconds. It affects up to 5 allies and has a recharge of 90 seconds. This is a great defensive skill for supporting your party.

Dervish - Vow of Strength

The Vow of Strength elite grants the Dervish dominance over the battlefield. When this elite is active, every swing of the scythe inflicts 10 to 25 slashing damage on enemies within reach. For 15 seconds, none can stand before the Dervish's sweeping attacks. Each slash severs defenses and limbs alike, carving a path of destruction with every stroke. The Vow of Strength transforms the scythe into a Weapon of terrifying power, inflicting massive damage with each hit.

Through this elite, the Dervish wields the scythe as it was meant to be wielded - as a tool of devastation. Any who dare oppose the Dervish and their scythe during Vow of Strength soon learn the error of their arrogance, meeting ruin at the blade's edge. None can come within the scythe's grasp and escape unscathed.


These are the Best Elite Skills in Guild Wars based on the data available to us. We have discussed what these abilities can do, and how they are helpful in battle. All these abilities possess tremendous power and can prove to be decisive in battle. But it all comes down on how you utilize them in front of your opponents. Use them carefully and see the results for yourselves. This will be all from us for now. Stay Tuned with us for more updates.

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