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Guild Wars Currency | Lowest Prices | GW1SHOP

This is the currency of Guild Wars

Start your journey in Guild Wars stronger than ever before and face your enemies head-on. Looking to get your hands on some GW Currency? Well, you are absolutely in the right spot. Here at GW1Shop.com, we are offering Cheap GW Currency with exceptionally quick and genuine service. 

So, what are you waiting for, get a boost in your GW adventure right now!

How to Buy GW Currency on GW1SHOP

Buying GW Currency on GW1Shop is more effortless than ever before. You just need to head over to the GW1SHOP product page and follow the steps below;

  • Select your favorite amount of currency

  • Click on “Add to Cart” if you are looking for more things to buy here or you can click “Buy Now” to move onwards with this purchase only.

  • You will be asked about your Delivery Information. Put in the “Account Name” and the “Character Name” and check the “Delivery Method”.

  • Again, click on “Buy Now” to proceed further

  • You will be brought to the “Contact Details” Page. Here, you will have to put all the details related to your contact and at the end select your “Payment Method”

  • After everything is clear, you simply have to click “Proceed to Checkout” and the delivery will be made within 24 hours.

Important Note: Here at GW1Shop.com you don’t have to make an account or pass through lengthy procedures to actually Buy GW Currency. But, when you have to add items to favorites or save your information, you will have to make an account here. Don’t worry, we safeguard the details of customers as it is our first priority.

Mail Delivery

Guild Wars comes with a Mail system that allows players to actually send and receive GW Currency. You can access this Mailbox through a UI which can be found on the top left corner of your game screen.

There is no limitation to this Delivery method, as players can send to or receive from other regions like the NA server to or from the EU server. To attach GW Currency to a mail, you have to “Click and Drag” or simply select the option of “Mail To”. 

Face-to-Face Delivery

The seller and receiver both meet in-game Face to Face with their own character. After your order is ready to be delivered and information is correctly put here at GW1 Sale, the seller will give you a time and location to meet in-game. 

Then the seller will deliver what you ordered, while you receive the same amount. There are a few things that you need to make sure of;

  • Confirming time zone, as they are different for different accounts.

  • If your world has more than one Server or Shard, make sure which one you are talking about.

  • The seller won’t ask to return GW Currency and in case this happens, you have to take a Screenshot and refer it to the GW1 Sale Customer Support.

Auction House

Auction House in Guild Wars is just like that of real life, where a bid is placed on in-game GW Currency and a potential buyer can then buy it at that place. After placing your order, the seller will contact you and describe to you the details of the Auction House and how you will get your order placed.

How to Sell GW Currency on GW1Shop

Amazingly, you can also become a seller here at GW1SHOP. You just have to make sure that the Currency you are selling is authentic and legit, meaning from legitimate sources. The stock shouldn’t be less than 100 and more than 10000 GW Gold. 

We are always dealing professionally, and we offer competitive prices in contrast to other sellers whenever you ask. The payment after completion will be delivered safely to you within 1 to 5 minutes by either;

  • PayPal

  • Skrill

  • Webmoney

  • Alipay

  • Payoneer

We don’t deal with payments in Gifts. 

What do you need to do?

There are a few things that you need to do before actually Selling at GWSale.com. You will have to add our Skype (veyronsale-crm) or refer to the live chat and describe what you are looking to sell. 

Then, you will have to log into the game for a final touch of transactions and check your account afterward for confirmation of payment. 

You can refer to the GW1SHOP Customer Support, 24/7 Live Chat, or email at [email protected]

Is it Safe to Buy GW Currency from Third Party Sellers

Whenever you are buying in-game currency from any seller online, the first thing that pops up in your mind is, should you trust the seller? Well, let us tell you how you can trust GW1Shop.com because we can’t guarantee any other source.

Our site is a professional site with years of experience to back it up. We focus on the reliability of customers and only work with suppliers who are experienced in this field and have millions of GW Currency in stock. Besides this, as we already mentioned, we always pick the sellers who earned GW Currency through legitimate sources.

As we already mentioned, after you put in your personal information and details, they are completely secure as we always put the security of customers as our first priority and we also guarantee the most efficient delivery irrespective of the payment method you choose.

In case things don’t work out and you want to cancel the order before actual delivery, we have an amazing Refund Policy that gives you back the total amount after cancellation. 

After you place the order at GW1Shop.com our team starts working on it and guarantees delivery within 24 hours. There are a few factors that are out of our control and affect the time of delivery, but the order is guaranteed to ship within 24 hours after you place the order. 

So, Buying GW Currency at GW1Shop.com is the perfect option in every aspect. You won’t have to worry about sellers being shady or being in continuous danger of getting scammed, as there are a lot of websites looking to scam you. 

For the gamers who are new to GW1Shop.com, we have a Skilled Specialist sitting behind the Live-support 24/7 to help anyone in need and solve all your problems in the friendliest manner possible. So, feel free to refer to them without any cost or hidden fees.

We are just here to help the Games get the most out of their game and if they are considering a purchase, help them get what they want most safely and quickly. So, what is stopping you from Shopping at GW1Shop.com when already thousands of customers have placed their trust in us?

About Guild Wars

This image is an artwork of Guild Wars

Guild Wars is considered the best MMORPG game published by NCSOFT and developed by none other than the famous ArenaNet. There was a series of conflicts that led to wards between Humans and the Northerns, resulting in Guild Wars. 

There was a peaceful era when God's Exodus was upon the kingdoms, but soon powerful countries came into being after conflicts like Orr, Kryta, and Ascalon. Each of them had its own culture, politics, environment, and so on. None of the confirmed were dominant, rather were mainly based on trading and invention. 

These connections basically formed Guilds, which were the base of economics, forming merchants, price systems, and good dissemination. The Guilds expanded to religion, abilities, socials, warfare, and so on. 

Having connections and communication, the Guilds went from one border to another like Orr went to Kryta and had chapters there. The domination wasn’t stopped, rather one Guild going to another was dominating the political arena. 

The laws were made by the council, but the Guild was actually the one who had to enforce them, and soon they had real power in the society of humans. Your purpose in Guild Wars is that of a fallen hero in difficult times.

You get to choose between various characters of different specials and each one has a different type of abilities. You have to move around the world Ascalon, doing missions, gearing up, powering up, gaining experience, leveling, fighting bosses, and enhancing your influence on the land. 

What is GW Currency

This image shows the Guild Wars Gold

There are various Currencies in Guild Wars and each one is there for a specific purpose. Below, we will go through each of them in detail;

Gold and Platinum

Gold is the primary or main currency of Guild Wars and it is accepted by every NPC in the game. All the sale and purchase is done through this Gold Currency. It has a much more valuable substitute known as Platinum but it isn’t as versatile as Gold. 

One thing to note is that you can convert Gold to Platinum or vice versa, as 1000 Gold is equal to 1 Platinum. You can store both of them in the Vault Box, which can hold a total of 1000 Platinum, making it around 1000000 Gold.

A character can also hold a specific amount of Platinum in the Inventory, which is a limit of around 100 Platinum, making it around 100000 Gold.

Zaishen Keys, Globs of Ectoplasm, and Armbraces

In case there is a trade where the worth is more than a hundred Platinum, then players exchange them for other items, similar to the value of that item. These substitutes are Zaishen Keys, Globs of Ectoplasm, and Armbraces of Truth

  • Zaishen Keys - Zaishen Keys are exactly what they sound like, keys used to open chests. In Guild Wars there is an Isle by the name of Isle of Nameless, where you will find Zaishen Chests, requiring Zaishen Keys to unlock them. 

  • Globs of Ectoplasm - Globs of Ectoplasm are used for Crafting and are considered one of the rarest materials for Crafting. Whenever you are trying to Craft one of those exquisite Obsidian Armor and Chaos Gloves Armor in Guild Wars, you will require Globs of Ectoplasm. 

  • Armbraces of Truth - Ambrace or Armbraces of Truth are tradable and considered Collectable Items, which you can exchange for various Tormented Weapons in Guild Wars. Mostly found in the Domain of Anguish, their only purpose is to get Tormented Weapons like Martial Weapons, Shields, Focus Items, Scepters, and Staves.

Why Do I Need GW Currency?

Much like any other game, these currencies are actually the way of driving the in-game economy. Players have a purpose in-game which they can go after for various benefits. Payers can use GW Gold to purchase various items, accessories, equipment, consumables, materials, and so on, while Platinum is there to exchange Gold in a much smaller ratio. 

Furthermore, the same Platinum can then be exchanged for Items of equal worth like Ectos, Armbraces, and Zaishen Keys. Each of them is used for a specific purpose which we already discussed. So, whenever you want to get something exquisite, you will have to get the Ectos, Armbraces, and Zaishen Keys because you can’t bypass the game on the same old Armor or Weapons. 

Exchanging one currency for another is a Mechanism in the game to support the in-game Economy, as players have much more versatile ways of doing things. It is not like Gold can do everything, rather you will sometimes have to exchange Gold for Platinum and Platinum for various other Currencies for specific purchases.

There are a lot of Grinds involved with them and you can simply Buy GW Currency Cheap at GW1Shop.com to save your time, thus being the best option so far.

Which are the Best Ways of Getting GW Currency

Just like any other MMORPG game, Guild Wars has many ways to earn the GW Currency. Below, we have the Best Ways of Getting GW Currency in detail;

Drop and Loot

These are actually the most popular ways of getting GW Currency. A Drop is something that you can get from either chest, fallen creatures, or also from present. Whenever an enemy excluding the boss dies, there is a Gold Pile that drops including various other items. 

The Bosses have a higher amount of those Piles. The Gold Coin Drops are actually not assigned to any Foe or Ally and drops assigned to NPCs and such are Invisible. 

Missions, and Quest Reward

Missions are specific zones and each has its own goal, which you need to complete to get Gold or specific Items. There are four missions namely; Competitive Missions, Elite Missions, Cooperative Missions, and Challenge Missions.

Quests are also like missions but are categorized according to their longevity and difficulty. The more difficult and longer they are, the higher reward you will get. Every expansion and campaign has its own quest with an already-defined reward. 


Trade includes exchanging your Services or other items to earn Gold. Trade can either be with NPC, other Players, and Trade Channels or parties. 

You can go to various towns to exchange your Reward trophies or even Cash for various other materials or goods. There are fixed pieces for NPC mainly the Merchants and depend mainly on the traders that they are doing trade with variable Inventory.

There is a Trade Button alongside the Name of the Target, which allows you to Trade various Items. After you actually click on that, the Trading Session will begin and you can Trade various items in exchange for something else like Gold. 

Trade Channel is commonly called the Chat Channel through which you can sell your items to someone who needs it and in exchange, they give you Gold or other items of equal value. 

In the Party Search, there is a separate Trade Section where messages appear of what people are selling or also put up what you want to sell. WTS indicates Want to Sell, WTB indicates Want to Buy and WTT includes Want to Trade. 


Farming is the act of doing the same thing in the loop to collect the amount of Gold or other Drops. In Farming, you will have to find a suitable location or spot, where you can earn money fast, but one thing you need to make sure is that you are good enough for that spot. 

While farming you need to make sure that the party members are lower, meaning you will have more earnings per person as the number reduces, and make sure that DPS is available either in your party or you are the DPS in case of solo farming. 

Some of the Best Farm Locations are;

Land of Tyria (Prophecies)

  • To the North of Droknar's Forge, there is a cave with Mountain Trolls

  • To the Ring of Fire Islands, there are Fire Hydrants

  • A great location for Greens is Sorrow Furnace

  • Behind Oink and into the Mission of Gates of Kryta there are Undead Groups which you can Farm on

Land of Cantha (Factions)

  • Some of the famous targets to Farm are Vermin, Kirin, Wardens, and Shiroken

  • Low levels with high drops are in Kinya Province and Seijun Woods. 

  • Consistent but less rewarding are Naga, Mantid, and Kappa

  • 2 to 5 Platinum can be earned in Sunqua Vale by killing 35 to 40 Mantid Drones

Land of Elona (Nightfall)

  • Using specific builds, you can farm on the Remain of Sahlahja

  • For Djinn and Beetles (Rain) Farming, the best location is the Hidden City of Ahdashim which is also popular with Spirit Bond Monks

  • Shattered Ravines with Junundu

For Group Farm

The best area of Group Farming is none other than the Domain of Anguish because it needs you to have a ranger and two other monks in the team. You can earn around 30 to 60k in one 1 hour to 1:30 hour if the build is precise and has insignias/runes along with specific armor. 

Final Words

Now, you can start your adventure in the wonderous world of Guild Wars. Choose a race, or class and then create your character. Start collecting everything you can because no one knows they might come in handy. Trade the items you get as drops and sell them for some Gold. Finally, don’t forget to Buy All the Guild Wars Currency from GW1Shop.com whenever you need them.

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