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Guild Wars 1 Guide to Choosing a Primary Profession

Which primary profession to choose is one of the main problems faced by the players laying Guild Wars 1 as the primary profession will not only determine how you will be going to experience the gameplay but will also determine the whole journey in the game. There are several professions to choose from and the skills, abilities and playing style of each profession is different from other. To succeed in the game, it is essential to make the right choice for your primary profession, as it will be the foundation upon which the remaining parts of your character's development are built. Due to this, we have put together this comprehensive guide to help you select the ideal primary career for your preferred playstyle.

Before we dive deeper, it is crucial to have a basic understanding of Guild Wars 1's profession system. Each character can have up to two primary professions, and each primary career determines which skills you can use. Your character's career is permanent and cannot be changed. Every primary profession is associated with specific secondary professions, and these secondary professions determine which skills you can use in that respective secondary career.

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Types of Professions available


It is one of the major and more popular professions in Guild Wars 1. Warrior has a variety of weapon options but these are mostly melee-based attack styles. They are at the front of every attack and their main task is to face the enemy. Warriors are equipped with some of the best weapons available such as swords, axes, bows and much more. Players can customize their playing style according to different weapons and can acquire mastery over them.

The warriors are renowned for their powers as group leaders and motivators, including their shouting, team-buffing, and defensive support through defensive yells. Warriors also have access to a variety of stances, which are skills that grant momentary advantages or effects, including faster mobility or less damage absorbed. Warriors often concentrate on their Strength attribute, which increases their damage output, and their Tactics attribute, which improves their support abilities. Overall, Warriors are adaptable and key components of any party, able to deliver significant damage, attract enemy attention, and give their teammates vital support.

Guild Wars 1 Warrior


One of the seven main professions players can choose from in Guild Wars 1 is Ranger. Ranger is a ranged-focused primary profession that excels at natural magic and pet management. Rangers can summon bears, drakes, and eagles to battle alongside them in addition to using a range of bows and crossbows to inflict damage from a distance. Rangers offer support by using their talents to heal and defend others while also having access to powerful ranged weapons and animal abilities. Rangers assist their teams with their excellent tracking abilities and can also use their skilled shooting to take down prey and support their group. Rangers are adept at close-quarters combat and may dispatch opponents by using axes, arrows, and other weapons. They can also lure animals to fight alongside them in battle, which is a special talent.

Rangers are skilled in both warfare and nature magic in addition to survival techniques. They may command the battlefield and aid their troops by employing techniques like traps and natural rituals. Rangers are useful scouts because of their special ability to track and detect opponents. The adaptability of the Rangers is one of their main advantages which gives them a upper hand. They can be used as a supporting character, a damage dealer, or even a combination of the two. Rangers are also quite powerful in PvP and PvE situations. In general, players that like ranged combat, taking care of pets, and being interested in natural magic and survival abilities might consider the Ranger career.

Guild Wars 1 Ranger


The Elementalist is one of the most amazing Primary professions available in Guild Wars 1. As the name suggests Elementalists are the masters of elements like air, water, earth and fire. They have magical sticks or staff to boost their abilities. With super magical abilities and mystic powers, they can turn the battlefield into havoc. Potent spells great fighting techniques and many powerful weapons are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Elementalist class. One of the most important tasks of The Elementalist is to provide protection from incoming attacks and also to heal the allies. Elementalists are also used to summon other spirits and elements to participate in the battle.

Elementalists can manipulate nature and hence reign hell on the enemies by unleashing storms, earthquakes, firestorms and much more. Elementalist is an important asset as they contain various skills and can adapt to different situations. Due to their mastery over elements and their healing abilities they are considered a vital alley in the battlefield.

Guild Wars 1 Elementalist


If you are looking to tap into the power of the dark here is one profession for you. The Necromancer is a being from the dark world whose primary power is dark magic. The Necromancer is a master at fooling enemies and taking control of them with his magical spells. It can even summon the dead including skeletons, ghosts and many other monsters from the dark world, which can be used to fight alongside your allies. The Necromancer is also loaded with many potent spells which could drain the life of the enemies quickly. Necromancer can be a great primary profession but controlling it perfectly and using its abilities efficiently is a different ball game altogether. Their ability to manipulate life energy, and poisonous spells and summon the dead make them a deadly force on the battlefield.

Guild Wars 1 Necromancer


This is one of the most underrated primary professions available in Guild Wars 1. As the name suggests Monk is one of those professions whose main focus is on the defensive strategy. Monks are experts in using healing spells and their healing prayers also help in faster recovery. Providing excellent support is just one side of the Monk's abilities as it also is a good attacker. But the attacking role of the monk is limited to disturbing enemies and interrupting enemy strikes. Monk also manages the energy of his teammates hence providing a boost to your team. 

Monks have a variety of skills that can be used to heal themselves and their allies, such as Heal Other, which transfers health from the Monk to their target, and Healing Touch, which heals a single ally instantly. They also have skills that provide protection, such as Shield of Absorption, which absorbs incoming damage and converts it to energy, and Shielding Hands, which reduces damage taken by an ally. In addition to healing and protection, Monks can also deal damage to enemies through skills such as Smite Hex, which inflicts damage and removes a hex from an ally, and Smite Condition, which inflicts damage and removes a condition from an ally.

Energy management is also an important aspect of playing a Monk, as they rely on energy to cast their spells. They have skills that can regenerate their own energy, such as Divine Spirit, which increases their maximum energy, and Symbols of Inspiration, which generates energy when a spell is cast on an ally. Overall, Monks are essential to support characters in any party, providing healing, protection, and energy management. They are a great choice for players who enjoy playing a supportive role and helping their team succeed.

Guild Wars 1 Monk


In Guild Wars 1, the Mesmer is a primary profession that emphasises deceit, manipulation, and optical illusions. Mesmers are one of the most distinctive professions in the game because they use their skills to trick and control their adversaries. The employment of "illusions," or spells that produce phantasms or clones of the Mesmer that appear to be real, is one of the primary characteristics of the Mesmer profession. These illusions are valuable warfare tools since they can be used to confuse, distract, or harm adversaries. Additionally, mesmers have access to "enchantments," which are spells that have either positive or negative effects on foes and allies.

Mesmers can use skills like "energy drain" and "interrupts" in addition to illusions and enchantments that directly affect the opponent's use of energy or skills. These abilities can alter the opponent's plan of attack and give the Mesmer and their allies the upper hand in battle. Mesmers aren't known for dealing a lot of direct damage, but their capacity to influence the battlefield and the opponent's behaviour makes them an invaluable element of any team. They can be used as damage dealers or support characters depending on the situation, such as in PvP (player vs player) warfare.

Guild Wars 1 Mesmer


The profession you choose is surely going to determine how you will perceive this game and how better the gameplay is going to be, but it's not the only factor. The playing experience no matter which character you choose is going to be amazing if you apply your mind to it and enjoy the game, In the last everything just boils down to how good a player you are and how you want to play the game.

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