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Guild Wars Monk Class Beginner's Guide

As a Monk, you are the party's lifeline because monks are typically utilized as support characters who help the other players. The majority of the time, monks are ready to aid their colleagues despite being far from the action. Being a Monk can be a fun challenge or a very frustrating experience. They can mean the difference between life & death due to the healing & protection they offer. Yet things can become very difficult when there is little to no communication as well as a lack of focus. If your mates don't assist you, you won't be able to complete your task because Monks typically rely on the other members of the party for both damage & defense. However, that does not imply that you should count on them to always adapt to you. A competent monk is extremely adaptable & typically has the stamina to keep each partner alive for however long they require! To find out more about monks, check out our guide below.

Attributes of the Monk Profession

Divine Favor: Primary attribute    

When you cast Monk spells on allies, they receive 3.2 healing for each rank of Divine Favor. For instance, if you have level 1 Divine Favor, the initial heal gains an extra plus 3, & so on. In order to help keep allies alive even more, this adds a second heal to monk spells.

Healing Players

a monk's majority of healing spells. It offers a lot of powerful, unequivocal cures. To battle with hexes & conditions, there are a few skills.

Protection Players

Includes abilities that mitigate or stop damage to teammates. It has a variety of potent, quick-casting talents for catching spikes. It has the majority of a monk's hex- and condition-removing abilities as well.

Guild Wars Monk

Smiting Players

This deals a lot of damage to the monks. This specifically is very effective when used against strong armored or undead enemies. If you run out of gold while playing Guild Wars 1, you can always purchase gold from GW1Shop at absurdly low prices and with lightning-quick deliveries to purchase any in-game items that might be helpful in a conflict or exploration.

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Types of Monks in Guild Wars 1

Healing Monks

The Healing Monk gives the group quick, continuous healing by combining cheap healing spells alongside high Divine Favor. Healing Monks typically concentrate on two attribute lines: Divine Favor & Healing Prayers. The fundamental setup for the Healing Monk is provided by a number of Healing Prayer spells, while Divine Favor is mostly picked because of the extra health benefit it grants the character. Some Healing Monks opt for a 3rd attribute line, typically one from a side job that offers energy recovery talents.

Protection Monks

The Protection Monk pairs spells that shield the group from harm with abilities that keep them healthy. The spells are pre-applied on their allies to stop the damage from occurring, in contrast to the Healing Monk who is reactive and heals the character after the damage has already been done. Protection Monks are very proactive.

Hybrid Monk

The party is both healed and protected by this monk's deployment of healing and defense spells. As a result, the efficiency of the spells is coupled which enables you to heal people when they have very less health. This combination permits a hybrid monk to adapt successfully to numerous situations.

Smiting Monks

This monk mostly uses Smiting Prayers abilities to deal harm to enemies, but he or she can also use Divine Favor to heal allies. They are especially common in PvE zones with Undead monsters. They can be used as supporting character in PvP who does damage, removes afflictions, and heals.

Guild Wars Monk Guide

Monks in PvE

There are very few scenarios in player versus environment combat where a monk is not necessary. Monks rarely struggle to locate a team because of their crucial role and great demand. Due to the fact that having a monk on your team will draw in other players, they can quickly form their own teams as well. Before beginning a conflict, the majority of players will take into account the suggestions and requests made by a monk. Monks are well-positioned to announce tactical adjustments, command maneuvers, and call for retreats by sketching on the mini-map because they spend the majority of their time observing the health bars of the squad and the developments on the battlefield. A Healer's Boon monk with a hybrid or multiple hybrid monks will be sought after by the majority of PvE groups.

Monks in PvP

A Monk's success in PvP combat depends on communication with the other members of the team. Make sure to clearly convey what is preventing you from doing your intended work, and any stresses you may be experiencing, and constantly point out team positioning issues. Discussing teams tends to win more!

Weapons for Monk

Since they are not the primary attackers, monks' selection of weapons is less crucial. More crucial than the actual harm are the enhancements. Keep in mind that most weapons have a list of required attributes. High-end unique weapons are typically less expensive than comparable, non-unique weapons and come with maximum upgrades. Mods for weapons that extend enchantments are common for several Monk builds.

Runes and Armor for Monk

In a way, monks are the most crucial component of any squad because no other profession will add as much to a team's demise through dying as monks do. So, monks must exercise extreme caution to avoid dying. Use of superior & major runes, which have health costs, should only be done when absolutely necessary. No Monk should usually carry well over one superior rune, yet Monks with lesser runes are nevertheless rather frequent. Runes of vigor, however, are an exception to this rule because they really increase health. There isn't a best Monk armor that everyone agrees upon, however, Survivor Insignia are frequent because they help a monk stay alive. Using Radiant insignias is usually preferable to the alternative since, despite its apparent smallness, the energy boost can have a significant impact. Disciple's Insignia is unquestionably advised in PvP because most team builds use these to deal with pressure.

Combat for the Monk Profession

Monks can use a variety of strategies in battle. Smiting Prayers can be used by monks who choose an offensive role to deal damage or increase the damage to their friends. The easy and well-liked healing position allows monks to employ a wide variety of skills to effectively heal themselves, wounded friends, and other people. Protection monks typically need another monk to help with healing, however, they have access to a range of skills for dealing with hexes and ailments as well as avoiding significant damage, giving them more chances for healing. Monks are required to deal with adverse conditions, hexes, AoE damage, and spike damage because they are the lifeline to the majority of the group. It is crucial for monks to choose a variety of talents so that their friends can utilize their offensive ability to the fullest.


With this, we conclude our Guild Wars 1 Monk Guide. For beginners, this guide will prove to be very beneficial as it covers all you need to know at this stage! Bookmark our page for more such guides and news related to Guild Wars 1.

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