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Guild Wars Warrior Class Beginner's Guide

Warriors are the key frontline characters, combining powerful armor with melee attacks. Due to their high armor rating, warriors can efficiently tank, allowing ally casters to do damage unhindered and relieve the burden on healers. Warriors are excellent at delivering pressure and spiking, and they are also potential damage per second (DPS) machines. Warriors do have certain damage-prevention skills, but they don't have self-healing powers. Several warrior talents, both offensive and defensive, rely on adrenaline to make up for their low energy reserves. We cover all there is to know about the Warrior Profession in the guide below!

Warrior Overview   

Warriors should typically be the first people to enter combat and among the last to leave it. In PvE, the main duty is to confront enemy warriors who are trying to assault the rest of the party and minimize damage to the others in the party by receiving as much damage as you can. You should also try to block or hinder enemies attacking casters. Go on to the opposition casters after dealing with the significant dangers to the casters. Several powerful warrior builds in PvP focus on spiking, pressing, linebacking, or a mixture of the aforementioned techniques. Fighting other warriors is often less crucial and useful in PvP than engaging hostile casters.

Warriors have skills that only require adrenaline and no energy. These abilities must be successfully used in an attack using a melee weapon, bow, spear, or wand. Warriors can also help the entire party using 'shouts', which have no activation delay. Always have a resurrect skill handy since a warrior with good survival abilities and armor is more likely to survive a close call. Monk & Ritualist secondaries should equip reusable resurrection spells like Rebirth or Flesh of My Flesh.

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Attributes for the Warrior Class

Strength: Primary Attribute

Each strength point increases the base armor penetration of an attack skill by 1%. Warriors become incredibly strong during spikes, despite the fact that this effect may initially seem rather mild in comparison to other key qualities. Strength is a key component of many valuable warrior skills, and many shields designed for warriors often have a prerequisite for strength.


Swordsmanship skills for sword users place a greater emphasis on practical application and condition pressure than pure damage, and they may quickly apply & spread condition pressure in the form of Cripple and Bleeding.

Hammer Mastery

The Weakness condition, enormous damage output, and knocking down your opponent are the specialties of a hammer-wielding fighter; making them very successful in a one-on-one battle. There are various attack skills in Hammer Mastery that are substantially more potent when used on a knocked-down victim. You will not have the added protection & advantages that a shield offers because hammers are two-handed weapons. A hammer warrior's ability to kill comes more often from their ability to deal significant damage from a knockdown while their target is helpless to use any defensive strategies of their own. This is also because of the slower attack speed, slower adrenaline building, & generally weaker overall DPS.

Axe Mastery

Axe skills can be found in this skill line. In comparison to other weapon qualities, axe mastery provides great Damage & spikes but has restricted utility & poor movement control ability. The Deep Wound state typically serves as the focal point of axe mastery.


The tactics attribute gives a variety of stances & calls to support the warriors personally & other allies & generally speaking, it serves to fall under the defensive attribute line. Shields used by warriors may also have a tactic requirement.

Types of Warriors in Guild Wars

Sword Warrior

The sword warrior makes use of his weapon to engage one enemy at a time, using his attack skills to inflict conditions like bleeding & heavy armor disregarding damage. All active adrenaline attacks can be instantly charged up at once with Dragon Slash. Energy can be used for energy-based strikes like Pure Strike or skills that further boost adrenaline gain, such as For Glorious Justice and To the Limit.

Axe Warrior

Cyclone Axe, Triple Chop, as well as Whirlwind Attack are three crucial PvE talents available to axe warriors, each of which can deal multiple hits to a single target. These make it simple to use adrenaline attacks by providing adrenaline for each enemy hit. A strong condition for bringing down an enemy readily by delivering deep wounds is an additional advantage of using an axe.

Hammer Warrior

The hammer warrior disperses enemies by repeatedly taking them down. Devastating Hammer, Crushing Blow, auto attack, & Hammer Bash are often used as attack combinations. As new skills become available; they can be substituted for or added to. A hammer's slower speed makes it necessary to utilize a posture that accelerates attack speed.


In order for the party to survive a battle, this character uses their Strength and Tactics talents to lessen the damage that enemies deal. He draws the focus of melee attackers, as well as defending his/her members of the party from ranged strikes. Dolyak Signet, Flail, Shield Bash, "Shields Up!", "Watch Yourself!", Bonetti's Defense, as well as Gladiator's Defense are a few of the often used tanking abilities.

Guild Wars Warrior Gameplay

Choosing a weapon for the Warrior

When using your warrior, it's crucial to stick with just one weapon. As attribute points are scarce, the only practical way to utilize them is to concentrate on just one type of weapon.


Swords have a single strike every 1.33 seconds and can cause a maximum of 15–22 base damage each hit, making their damage output per second rather predictable. Sever Artery induces Bleeding for increased damage over the course of time, and Gash can deliver a Deep Wound, limiting the target's healing attempts. Warriors who need to carry another elite skill will frequently utilize swords to maintain a strong finishing attack because the talent Final Thrust delivers more damage in a single strike compared to any other non-elite attack skill throughout the game.


Swords and axes both attack at the same rate, however, axes only give up to 6-28 damage per hit. Several foes can be effectively damaged by using the skills Cyclone Axe and Triple Chop. Tyria and Cantha both have a selection of all-purpose "green" axes. High damage from critical hits. can use the abilities of Decapitate, Eviscerate, and Dismember to deliver an unconditional Deep Wound.


Hammers can cause up to 19–35 base damage with each hit, which is greater damage than most other weapons. Knockdown is a result of several Hammer Mastery talents. Tyria and Cantha both provide a variety of all-purpose "green" Hammers. As the least expensive melee weapon in the game, hammers are easily accessible to players with limited resources. Hammers are incredibly defensive; in PvP, they are typically used for "linebacking," or keeping melee attackers away from your backline. By taking down attackers, skills including Earthshaker can quickly offset the disadvantage of having no shield.

Runes and Armor for the Warrior

Warriors have the best basic armor in the game; their protection is further increased by their shield. By wearing Sentinel's Insignia or Dreadnought Insignia & possessing a Strength level of 13 or higher, additional elemental resistance can be added.

Runes that reduce physical damage include Rune of Absorption. As a result; fighters may typically get away with enhancing the weapon skill line with a major rune. A Rune of Clarity or a Rune of Restoration is a smart idea because warriors need to move within melee range of their opponent while avoiding becoming blinded.


This Guide for the Warrior Profession comes to an end. The warrior is a great class to play with & using this guide is definitely made easier for you! Do bookmark our page for more such news and guides of Guild Wars 1.

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