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Guild Wars Necromancer Class Beginner's Guide

The necromancer can perform a variety of helpful roles. They have spells that can do direct damage while ignoring armor. It has access to a wide variety of hexes and debuffs, allowing it to take on a more offensive supportive role. If not, it can summon an army of dead soldiers and employ them to trample anyone who gets in its way. A necromancer can improve the energy and health of friends in addition to being offensive, but typically at the expense of his or her own health. Read our Necromancer Guide below to know about the profession!

Necromancer Overview

Both PvE as well as PvP have a considerable amount of demand for necromancers. Necromancers can perform a variety of roles, including supportive and offensive ones. Knowing the appropriate roles for various scenarios is useful. Despite being important for both PvP & PvE, the responsibilities could be very different. Spiteful Spirit can become extremely effective in PvE when mobs group together, but in PvP, intelligent opponents will frequently know much better than to keep assaulting aimlessly.

A significant component of fighting, especially in PvP is corpse control. Only necromancers may now exploit corpses, therefore if none on your squad has one, the enemy team may be at an advantage. The necromancer must remain vigilant about what is going on whenever something dies if employing wells or minions. Since it might not be simple to truly watch everything in the battle, the energy gained via Soul Reaping and the experience gained can all be used for this reason. It is best to use a corpse before your opponents can since it can be used by either friend or foe once it has fallen. It's feasible that an adversary could make use of the corpse for a Well Spell or even another faster-casting spell well before the minion is created because minions have a rather long cast time. If no corpses are present after the spell is finished, the energy expended is wasted.

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Necromancer Attributes

Soul Reaping: Primary Attribute

The necromancer gains energy equivalent to their level in Soul Reaping whenever a creature within range dies. The gains are restricted to three times each 15 seconds and the potential energy is wasted if the necromancer has already reached maximum energy. This is a strong energy management technique, but it has certain drawbacks. Just nine skills can be used for soul reaping, three of which are considered elite. At rank 12, the Signet of Lost Souls can generate up to one point of energy each second, making it useful for active energy management.


A Curse Necromancer uses his skills to harm opponents in a variety of ways or to render them helpless so that his teammates can easily kill them. A group of combatants will become ineffective after using Shadow of Fear & Enfeebling Blood. Damage to an enemy can be increased by barbs & Mark of Pain. Certain curse talents, such as Spiteful Spirit, Feast of Corruption, and Desecrate Enchantments, also deal direct, armor-ignoring damage. Curses Necromancers are typically employed to swiftly and effectively eliminate big enemy groups.

Guild Wars Necromancer

Blood Magic

Blood magic focuses on controlling the health of everyone engaged in combat by transferring health from enemies to allies and sacrificing your own. Several abilities, such as Shadow Strike and Vampiric Gaze, completely disregard armor and most protective abilities while stealing life from enemies. Many blood magic talents entail a loss of the necromancer's own health. It is advisable to exercise caution because, if not properly managed, health-depleting skills mixed with enemy damage pressure can become a strain for your team's healers. The potent abilities Blood Ritual and Blood is Power, which can be utilized to increase the energy regeneration of other party members, are also part of the Blood Magic series.

Death Magic

Death magic comprises abilities that give cold damage and create terrible situations, but it also revolves around using corpses in various ways. Making undead minions is death magic's most popular use. Discord is a skill that a player or hero can use to deliver huge quantities of damage fast and repeatedly. This skill is usually combined with minion-producing skills, conditions, hexes, as well as some ritualist skills to effectively defeat a variety of enemies. Some helpful abilities cause enemies who are dead or dying to explode, doing potentially devastating damage to the whole opponent group.

Necromancer Playstyles

Minion Master

The Minion Master assumes the role of a commander, building and leading an army that really can deal and suffer significant damage, while frequently being the weakest player at the beginning of a new zone or PvP encounter. They are in great demand in several PvE missions since the numerous enemies favor the army of the minion master. Nevertheless, some enemies don't leave behind corpses, making it challenging to maintain the zombie army. 

SS Necro

Using the elite hex Spiteful Spirit, these necromancers specialize in delivering damage to enemies who are grouped together. Minotaurs and trolls, two melee enemies, will quickly kill themselves by striking the same victim at the same time, causing damage to spread among the group with each strike. This strategy is far less effective against some enemies, such as imps, who like to disperse.

Blood Spiker

The majority of the necromancer's spells either deal armor-ignoring shadow damage or steal life from their enemies. When these are grouped together, they may significantly harm an enemy with spikes while also healing themselves.

Hex Spammer

While concentrating on one specific hex could be problematic because your enemies can destroy it, employing a variety of weakening hexes can make it harder for their monks to remove them. The more harmful hexes are frequently concealed with less powerful ones to make it harder to get rid of them. As a result of its low cost and quick recharge, Parasitic Bond is an outstanding example of a cover hex. This makes it challenging for enemy monks to choose which opponents to remove. To access a fantastic library of hexes, combine with a secondary mesmer.

55 Necro

Functioning similarly to the Invincible Monk, this single build can withstand a barrage of assaults for an extended period of time so long as they do not remove enchantments or drastically reduce health. The necromancer's skills are utilized for offense, whereas the monk's skills are employed to stay alive.


The game has several expensive skills, and casters require additional energy than they're able to generate on their own to maintain their effectiveness. For a necromancer battery to maintain its energy flow in such circumstances, it must cast Blood is Power or Blood Ritual. Monks will utilize the expensive spell Heal Party & rely on the necromancer to prevent them from running out of energy whenever healing is required, especially in large teams as demonstrated in the Elite Missions. When not feeding allies energy, these necromancers frequently learn new skills to pair with another role.

Orders Necro

With teams that rely largely on physical assaults, the necromancer enchantments Order of Pain, as well as Order of the Vampire, might add to the pressure. With a wide area of impact, the necromancer can stay out of the fray while giving their squad an advantage with each blow of the axe or arrows they fire.

Guild Wars Necromancer Guide

Equipment to use as a Necromancer

Armor and Runes

The jobs performed by necromancers influence many of the options for insignia. As a default armor, Tormentor's Insignia perform reasonably well because they increase defense and few foes utilize smiting prayers in response. If not, a minion master can think about wearing insignia made for Death Magic, but be careful because the armor will weaken if the minions are destroyed just when the MM requires it the most. Considering how expensive many necromancer skills are, emblems that offer energy are common. Many people will gravitate towards a better rune in their principal attribute when choosing runes. One sacrifices less health with skills the more major and superior runes they have equipped, but the risk of an enemy attack increases.

Necromancers can cast any spell that targets a corpse at a 25% faster rate thanks to their Bloodstained Insignia. It is a good idea to have a backup plan in case the backup plan fails.


The necromancer has access to the standard caster choices of wands, staves, as well as offhand objects. Take into note that while employing sacrificial talents will result in more health being sacrificed, using weapons like ‘Hale’ staff heads or ‘of Fortitude’ will improve health.

Necromancer Combat

Depending on the role it is performing, a necromancer fights in a variety of ways. It is typically advisable to avoid foes as a caster. Try to keep key hexes protected by less significant ones when utilizing hexes to prevent removal. In order to put pressure on opposition monks and conceal who your tougher hexes are on, spam hexes over as many opponents as you can. Call the wells if you want to use them to let your teammates know that they are amenable as you cast.


This completes our guide on the Necromancer Profession in Guild Wars 1. This guide is sure to help you as a beginner and eventually help you master this profession! Bookmark our page for more such news and guides of Guild Wars 1.

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