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Guild Wars Ranger Class Beginner's Guide

Rangers have a wide range of skills, and they can help counter actions by delivering focused long-range fire on predetermined targets while restricting the enemy's ability to move. They excel in setting traps, pets, dealing damage to single as well as multiple foes. There is a lot more to learn other than these. To know more about Rangers in detail, read our guide below!

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Attributes of the Ranger Class

Expertise-Main Attribute

The ranger's greatest attribute ‘Expertise’ is very helpful. A rangers possesses limited energy pool along with only 3 pips of energy, thus many bow attacks have a high energy cost, and the pool could soon run out. All of the skills of the ranger, in addition to touch-range & attack skills, have their costs deducted by this attribute. This attribute has a lot of defensive & energy-recovery abilities as well.

Beast Mastery

The one and only profession in the game that permits the transportation of a personal pet is Beast Mastery. The majority of the abilities in this attribute are only intended to improve the ranger's pet's strength and durability; however, a few abilities have dual benefits for you as well as the pet. The main benefit of Beast Mastery is the capability to let your pet either deal more devastation than that of most warriors or absorb a tremendous amount of damage. The Bunny Thumper is one common example of using skills that have an impact on both your pet and you. It makes use of the elite talent Rampage to maximise hammer attacks as well as the pet to give knocked-down enemies the dazed condition.


This characteristic affects critical hit probability, bow damage, & other bow-based skills. While a bow is mostly used by rangers, some positions allow for the use of other weapons, such as hammers, daggers or staffs for energy on Trapper or Touch Rangers.

Wilderness Survival

The skills contained in this attribute are diverse. The majority of traps, preparations, natural rituals, condition-causing bow shots, and the most well-liked ranger self-healing substance, Troll Unguent, are located here.

Guild Wars Ranger

Ranger Playstyles in Guild Wars

Barrage Focused

A barrage Ranger fires arrows at numerous foes simultaneously using the skill Barrage or Volley. There are several builds centred around the barrage skill since barrage rangers are highly beneficial in PvE scenarios wherever a group is battling hordes of enemies. Barrage Rangers' ability to deal damage is considerably increased by the inclusion of damage-increasing buffs like Conjure Flame, as well as a Flaming bow. Barrage Rangers, as a result, are much less efficient in environments where there are few foes close together, like in typical PvP. Additionally keep in mind that the Zaishen Elite can greatly benefit from Barrage.

Degeneration Focused

The Ranger may be particularly effective when using bow attacks & preparations that cause additional damage. When an arrow strikes a target, use Poison or even bow strikes like Flaming Arrow as well as Incendiary Arrows would gradually deplete the target's health.

Interrupt Focused

Rangers possess a lot of bow centred capabilities at their disposal. A ranger could make a target powerless with foresight and the right timing. Concussion Shot as well as Broad Head Arrow are two bow attacks that can also cause the uncommon Dazed state, which makes interrupting casters considerably simpler. Skills like Migraine or Frustration can aid interrupt when using a mesmer or employing mesmer as a secondary technique, similarly to a disoriented condition.

Although interrupters may not possess the exact same level of damage as the other roles, they are popular in PvP due to their ability to disrupt a significant percentage of a team's actions. The compromise is still worthwhile. Broad Head Arrow interrupters work well in PvE against boss nuker enemies, while Choking Gas interrupters work well against caster groups.

Running Focused

The speed boosts that Rangers can use to speed up their movement as well as their ability to hinder most oncoming assaults include DodgeStorm Chaser, and Escape. When paired with a side profession like a Assassin, Monk, or even a Dervish, they make decent "runners". The Ranger's limited ability to run is due to the lack of an intrinsic protection against knockdowns, certain ailments and hexes. Nevertheless, it ought to be considered that all of these limitations can be readily overcome by using one's secondary talents.

Spirit spammer

Many potent, though frequently expensive, binding rituals are available in the Ritualist skill lines. Thankfully for Rangers, the Cost of energy of those rites is lowered by Expertise, allowing them to regularly and very successfully summon a spirit army. While spirit spamming in PvP is frequently unreliable, the build is very powerful in PvE, whether in a company or alone . To move spirits about for either attacking or defensive purposes, the PvE talent Summon Spirits is frequently employed. The great damage potential, the ability to solo or utilise spirits as spies, and exposure to ‘Death Pact Signet’ or ‘Flesh of my Flesh’ are the key benefits of this build.


As rangers don't need to expend nearly the same or more energy compared to what many other professions do, they can use a variety of offensive skills and weapons effectively. A ranger with a scythe can take advantage of the weapon's strong damage output without having to pay the hefty energy cost often associated with scythe skills. Rangers frequently carry hammers in their hands. Due to their increased protection from elemental damage as well as stances like EscapeWhirling Defense, or Natural Stride that significantly decrease the quantity of physical damage they endure, rangers are very able to survive in a frontline position despite the fact that they do not have 80 armour like warriors. Melee rangers are less prevalent in PvP now that Escape has been nerfed for PvP.


The Ranger possesses an exclusive ability to spread covert traps that suddenly go off when an enemy walks over them. The strategy is frequently employed in the Zaishen Elite challenge or Underworld to unleash a number of circumstances against an adversary, rapidly depleting its life. Also, this strategy works wonders for establishing kill zones at certain spots.

They share the same traits of taking 2 seconds to activate and staying hidden till the point they are set off. The majority of traps can be layered on top of one another and will inflict harm and/or a condition. A committed trapper with a tool to reduce skill recharge, such Serpent's Quickness or Trapper's Focus, could set up a zone that will kill the first unfortunate person that enters its area. This is helpful for setting up ambushes, but because they are so readily interrupted, trappers require a strategy to deal with setting traps while engaged in combat. Skills that avoid interruption, like Mantra of Resolve or Trapper's Focus are essential to prevent getting neutralised when under pressure. For the energy bonuses, most trappers will make use of a staff, wand, or offhand other than a bow.

Guild Wars Ranger Guide

Rangers in PvP

  • Rangers have the potential to be the hardest profession inside the game with the correct skill set. Blocking and running postures can help to increase high elemental defence; the most popular and arguably best of them is Natural Stride.

  • Rangers have the freedom option of choosing their secondary profession since they are adaptable enough in their primary profession. Monk is by far the most common secondary occupation for those who want to employ Mending Touch.

  • Despite the options for flexibility, the ideal build for bow-based Rangers is highly inflexible. Traps are a useful tool for rangers as well. If employed wisely, traps, which can render enemies blind, disabled, on fire, or bewildered, can be quite useful. Other players will immediately anticipate a trapper in tasks like the Zaishen Elite.

  • Rangers can also disrupt the enemy by engaging in natural rituals. Nature rituals are immobile and powerless, although having the capacity to be powerful.

Rangers in PvE

  • In PvE, rangers can play practically anyplace. Rangers frequently work in "B/Ps" Barrage or "Barrage/Pet" groups when farming. Pets serve as tanks for the squad, supporting professions increase the damage output of the Rangers, and the Elite skill Barrage deals AoE damage. 

  • Rangers typically operate as the group's interrupters, stopping harmful powers like resurrection and high damage enemies that specialise in elementalism.

  • Rangers are typically used to lure in small groups of enemies as opposed to a large one in order to maximise the party's chances of survival. Nevertheless, this can also be done with the party's warrior since he will want the aggro.


This completes our guide on the Ranger class in Guild Wars 1. Now you are aware of all the attributes as well combat aspects of this class which will prove to be very beneficial! Bookmark our page for more such news and guides of Guild Wars 1.

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