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How to Farm for Rare Drops in Guild Wars 1

Guild Wars 1 offers players the chance to get their hands on Drops or Loots that they can obtain by defeating their opponents. The amount of Drop varies from opponent to opponent. Not only the opponent but the drops or loots can also be obtained from the chest or also a present. In Guild Wars 1 Drops play an important role in getting items which are essential to progress in the game. Items can be gold, in-game valuable currencies, seasonal items or rare items. In this article, we will discussing about the ways to Farm for the Rare Drops in Guild Wars 1 game. 

So, whether you are a beginner or a pro, Farming for Rare drops is essential for everyone playing the game. Read along to know more. Before that, it is essntial to know that farming these drops will require you to spend the in-game currency of the game to make in-game purchases. So if you are falling short of the GW currency, the best decision is to purchase enought currency before starting with the farming.

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What Exactly are Drops?

Before moving on with our article, it is necessary that you know what drops are. As mentioned earlier, the spoils of victory from defeating enemies in the open world, opening chests, or receiving gifts is collectively known as loot or Drop. Defeating common enemies (other than boss level characters) typically yields a single item or a handful of coins, while overcoming formidable opponents (bosses) can produce up to four items and a small fortune in gold. Additionally, seasonal goods may also drop from opponents during special events. The spoils obtained from defeating enemies are assigned to a single player, while coins are unclaimed.

The contents of unlocked chests go to the party member who opened them. Chests that do not require a key, such as shipwrecks or those appearing after completing quests in the Fissure of Woe or the Underworld, will arbitrarily distribute their contents; this excludes dungeon chests, hidden treasures, and normal treasures. Gifts provide items that materialize directly into a character's inventory (except for Lunar Fortunes, which drop the item on the ground). With that out of the way, let’s move on to the next section.

Guild Wars 1 Drops

Ways To Increase the Chances of Obtaining Rare Drops from Opponents

Defeating enemies is surely one of the most exciting ways to farm for rare drops in Guild Wars 1. Here are our tips to increase your odds of obtaining Rare Drops.

  • Increase the difficulty level: Raising the difficulty level, such as playing in hard mode vs normal mode, generally increases the drop rates for rare loot. Enemies at higher difficulty levels drop loot at a higher rate.

  • Increase the enemy rank: Higher ranked enemies, such as champions, legends, bosses, etc. usually have a higher chance of dropping rare loot compared to normal enemies. Farming these high ranked enemies can yield better loot.

  • Use buffs and boosts: Certain buffs, boosts or item rewards can increase your chance at rare drops for a limited time. For example, if you have a loot drop boost, it can significantly improve your chances.

  • Optimize your build: Having a build focused on increasing drop rates and optimizing luck can help. For example, wearing gear that improves your "luck" or "fortune" stats. Some skills and traits also provide improved drop rates.

  • Party up: Partying up with other players, especially those with builds focused on improving drop rates, increases the chances of rare drops for the whole party. The combined luck and buffs of all party members impacts drop rates.

  • Target bosses and champions: Elite enemies and bosses have a higher chance of rewarding rare, unique and legendary loot. Farming boss encounters, dungeons and events can yield these special drops.

  • Complete achievements and quests: Some games increase the drop rates or provide special loot for completing certain achievements, quests or challenges. Completing these objectives can open up new loot opportunities.

Good Builds For Farming Rare Drops In Guild Wars 1

  • Minion Master Necromancer: Necromancers have skills that increase loot range and luck, which helps with rare drop farming. A corpse manipulation build focuses on extending the time corpses last before vanishing, giving you more time to search them. Key skills include Summon Flesh Golem, Reaper's Mark and Undeath. Using items like Prosperity Runes also provides extra luck.

  • Mesmer: The Mesmer's Manipulation elite skill directly increases your loot radius and luck. A phantasm spam build enables fast clearing of enemies. Key skills include Mantra of Purification, Phantasm, and Arcane Echo. Illusions also help discover hidden loot piles. Luck boosting gear and the Symbol of Luck trait are very useful.

  • Monk: The Monk has talents that passively increase luck and the ability to use luck boosting symbols. A swinging sword/healing orb Monk can provide a good balance of damage, survivability and support for rare drop farming groups. Key skills include Smite Undead, Censure, Virtue of Courage and Symbol of Prosperity.

  • Ritualist Support: A Ritualist focuses on providing buffs, debuffs and support to increase the damage and drop chances of the group. Using artifacts, a Ritualist can buff loot luck, find range, movement speed, critical damage and more which benefits the rare drop farming team.

Best Consumables to Use For Rare Drop Farming in Guild Wars 1

  • Prosperity Runes - Gives a luck bonus which directly increases your chance of finding rare drops. The higher the luck percentage, the better.

  • Lucky Amulets - Amulets come in different tiers that provide luck bonuses ranging from 5-30%. Higher tier amulets will give bigger luck boosts to aid in rare drop hunting.

  • Fortunate Gloves - Like amulets, fortunate gloves provide a luck bonus percent. Gloves stack with amulets and runes to increase your total luck.

  • Double Luck Boosters - Temporary boosters that double your luck for a limited time, often around 2-4 hours. These provide an easy way to double your luck for an extended farming session.

  • Gold, Silver and Blue Potions of Fortune - These potions provide temporary fortune bonuses including increased gold, loot and rare drop finds. The potions come in different tiers with higher tiers providing bigger bonuses.

  • Sunspear's Miraculous Potion - A profane potion that provides large bonuses to loot radius, move speed and rare drop chance. It's one of the most powerful potions for farming rare loot.

  • Oil of Tracking - Increases your loot tracking range, allowing you to discover loot piles from farther away. Especially useful when combined with luck increasing gear and skills.

  • Mental Anguish - A skill enchantment that provides a luck bonus as long as it's equipped. Can roll different tiers of luck percentage, from 5-30%.

  • Balthazar's Fortune Favors the Brave - A boon that directly provides a luck bonus for a period of time. The higher tier boons provide larger luck percentages.

  • Scroll of Fortune - Temporary scrolls that provide bonuses to luck, loot finds and rare drop chance. Can be quite potent when combined with other luck increasing gear and buffs.

Tips For Farming Rare Drops In Guild Wars 1

  • Focus on level 50+ areas. Rare drops typically start appearing more frequently in areas meant for max level characters. Nightfall missions, Urgoz's Warren, Ascalon Underworld, etc. are good options.

  • Use a Loot Master or Treasure Hunter build. Attributes, skills and gear that improve your pickup radius and luck can increase your rare drop chances.

  • Use Luck boosting consumables. Items like Prosperity Runes, Lucky Amulets and double luck boosters provide a luck bonus which affects rare drop rates.

  • Kill enemies and bosses efficiently. The more enemies and bosses you take down, the more opportunities there are for rare drops to occur. Use the most damage dealing and fastest clearing build you can.

  • Look for drop increasing buffs and bonus weekends. Game updates sometimes provide temporary buffs to rare drop rates. Events with "Bonus Rare Drops" are especially good times to farm.

  • Check for boss encounters and farm them. Bosses have a high chance to drop rare and rare quality items on defeat. Make sure to farm them whenever their timers appear.

  • Consider farming dungeons. Dungeons provide a directed challenging environment with multiple bosses that have a high chance to drop rare loot. Look for dungeon running guilds or groups.

  • Be patient and farm for long sessions. Rare drops are rare for a reason, so the more hours spent killing enemies and searching corpses, the more chances you have to get lucky with a rare drop. Persistence and patience are key!

  • You can also try your luck in PvP. Although less frequent, rare drops do still occur as rewards for PvP objectives, kills and victory. Any area of the game has a chance at rare loot, so explore everywhere.


This was all about Farming for Rare Drops in Guild Wars 1. The game offers a variety of loot and a number of ways to collect, maximize, and utilize them. If you have just started with the game, enjoy the game, level up your character and build, and then look out for Rare Drops. Rare items are hard to obtain and requires patience. Hope this article has helped you. This will be all from us for now. You can also refer to our beginner's guide to Guild Wars 1 to get a good hold at the game.

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