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Guild Wars Mesmer Class Beginner's Guide

Mesmers, whose main duty is to manage the enemy's agenda, must know their enemy as well as themselves in order to triumph. Along with more common degenerative and nerfing abilities, Mesmers have access to a wide variety of tools that they can use to thwart or reverse enemy operations. To learn more about Mesmers in Guild Wars 1, read our guide below!

Mesmers Overview

The profession of a Mesmer is built on disruption & shutdown. Mesmers are typically less helpful than other classes in PvE. Although their spells typically provide armor-ignoring damage, their primary attribute offers very little advantage and frequently only targets a single enemy. In PvE, most Mesmers rely on PvE-specific skills from the other classes to get through. Mesmers, however, play one of the most significant roles in PvP. A Mesmer who uses a few strategically placed spells can completely disadvantage the opposition and sometimes even win the match. They have the potential to undermine frontline pressure or sabotage midline and backline support.

Guild Wars 1 Mesmers

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Attributes for Mesmers

Fast Casting: Primary Attribute

Mesmers need to be fast casters because many of their finest spells have long casting times. Mesmers are frequently employed when long-casting spells from other professions are needed in a build. But, Rangers and other Mesmers interruptions are anticipated because Fast Casting influences spells & signets from all professions. Mesmers wielding Water Magic hexes are the most popular example. The Arcane LanguorMantra of Recovery, as well as Power Return skills are all part of this characteristic.

Domination Magic

Domination magic places a strong emphasis on blocking, denying energy, and preventing foes from casting or attacking. Whenever the target's skills are disrupted or used, the majority of spells will inflict damage or disable skills. Due to the presence of some of their strongest spells, like Diversion and Shame, this is the second most popular line for Mesmers to invest in. Power BlockWastrel's worry, and Visions of Regret are further popular abilities from this family.

Illusion Magic

The least prevalent Mesmer attribute is illusion magic. It emphasises degradation, which slows melee classes' movement and attacks and lengthens the target's casting timings. Skills like Conjure PhantasmDistortionIneptitude, and Frustration are examples of illusion magic.

Inspiration Magic

Inspiration Magic, the most prevalent Mesmer attribute, is mostly concerned with energy gain. A Mesmer will frequently cast spells that require a lot of Energy. Certain essential abilities of Inspiration Magic enable a Mesmer to do their assigned duties while maintaining a full blue bar. Abilities like Power Drain can pause spells while returning a reasonable amount of energy. Mantra of FlameChanneling, as well as Drain Enchantment are among the skills from this line that are frequently used.

Guild Wars 1 Mesmer Attributes

Weapons for the Mesmer

The Staff, Wand, & Foci are the main weapons of the Mesmer.


Staves are two-handed shooting weapons that can provide Chaos damage and can be tied to any of the 4 Mesmer traits. Their attack rate is 1.75 and their maximum damage ranges from 11 to 22. Because they are ranged weapons, they deal more damage to targets at lower elevations and less damage to those at higher elevations. These have a maximum energy bonus of +10 and a 20% probability of cutting the time it takes for spells to recharge.


Wands are a great one-handed projectile weapons that provide Chaos damage and can be tied to any of the four Mesmer traits. Their attack rate is 1.75 and their maximum damage ranges from 11 to 22. Because they are ranged weapons, they deal more damage to targets at lower elevations and less damage to those at higher elevations.


When using a one-handed weapon, foci are off-hand accessories that can be used. Any one of the four Mesmer qualities may be connected to them. A focus will offer a maximum energy boost of 12, but in order to receive the full bonus, investment in the related attribute is necessary.

Mesmer in PvE Gameplay

Being a Mesmer on a mission is unique from the other classes. Each class has the advantage of knowing what to anticipate on a mission, but the Mesmers have this advantage to a greater extent. Knowing what sort of foes your objective has gives you an advantage. Equip your anti-melee skills if the mission's more hazardous enemies are melee. While they assault, they take damage from skills like EmpathyClumsiness, and Ineptitude, and Conjure Phantasm progressively reduces their Health.

It's a good idea to have a backup plan in case the backup plan fails. For damage, these include BackfireChaos Storm, as well as Energy Surge; if you want to reduce their mana, pretty much any inspiration line skill will do. You must also be aware of any enchantments, hexes, or monsters that require interrupting.

The benefit of PvE is that the opponent acts consistently regardless of the hex you have on it. Backfire must either prevent the attacker from casting or inflict harm on them every single time they perform this action in order to be effective. It is simple to kill creatures with this spell because they do not react when their attacks are backfired. That would be unless they are forced to do so by Wastrel's Worry or because someone else would perish if they don't.

Guild Wars 1 Gameplay

Mesmer in PvP Gameplay

Comparable but less expected circumstances exist in PvP. Those who play using warriors typically do not handle many enchantments or cast many spells because melee attacks & adrenaline are the main sources of their damage. On them, the Signet of Healing is likewise well-liked. The talents Soothing Images, Sympathetic Visage, Empathy, Signet of Midnight, Ineptitude, Clumsiness, & Fragility would be appropriate if you thought warrior/monks were an issue.

In order to be an effective Mesmer in PvP, you must be aware of the most widely used tactics. Of course, the skills that can be used are the greatest options in case your primary target is not around. Shutting down or eliminating the opposing monks is another useful skill set, something that pretty much everyone on your squad is attempting to do. When a Monk is auto-attacking & healing, Spirit Shackle can be beneficial to sneak in with your other hexes because they are unlikely to be seen by the Monk.

You can employ abilities like Backfire, Arcane Conundrum, Migraine, Imagined burden, & Break Enchantment to make those healing enchantments do the reverse of what they are intended for, preventing them from casting properly. They will almost certainly run out of mana if you manage to strike them with Power Leak, & since monks cast a lot, you ought to have lots of opportunities. Moreover, Power Block & Diversion can quickly stop their healing. 

Mesmer Playstyles

The Mesmer can shut down certain enemies, use the enemy's advantages against them, or reduce the enemy's might in order to control and contain the enemy. The Mesmer employs shutdowns, such as interruptions and disturbances, as weapons to stop the enemy from functioning at all. The Mesmer can make the opponent interrupt or disrupt one another or harm themselves by casting spells, using skills, or striking. Finally, Mesmers have the ability to trap foes and impose severe armor-ignore degeneration on them.

  • Anti-caster Mesmers shut down casters by using energy denial, skill denial, or interruptions.

  • Anti-melee Mesmers concentrate on obstructing opponents in close combat.

  • Mesmers who specialize in casting spells from other professions, such as Elementalist spells with lengthy activation or recharge times, are known as fast casters.

  • Instead of focusing on one or two targets, general disruption Mesmers frequently aim to interrupt the flow and rhythm of the entire opponent group.

  • Shutdown Mesmers combine a number of strategies to avoid the use of skills.


With this, we arrive at the end of our Mesmer Guide for beginners. Now that you know what this profession is capable of, head out into the game and destroy enemy teams! Bookmark our page for more such guides and news.

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