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Understanding the Crafting System in Guild Wars 1

You wanna know about the crafting system? Well, we got you covered. You can make or craft any item in the game with it. It can sound crazy and a lot of players get confused when go in without knowing the thing they need to do and the things that they don’t. First things first, what and how? So, it is done by a crafter who is non-playable. So, you don’t have to compete here with other players, but you do that anyways.

Crafting Materials, Disciplines, Processes

Well, you can’t craft anything without materials so of course, you need different types of them to make different items but like in real life there are some materials you get easily and some are rare ones. The easy ones are the common materials and can be found nearly everywhere from your drops to salvaging items etc. And you can get most items made from them. You can find things like bones, feathers, plant fiber, etc., and many more. Well, if you wanna buy them then you can do that as well from certain traders in towns so you can try that also.

Then there are the rare ones that are scarce and can only be found in specific scenarios such as salvaging rare items, weapons, etc. The benefit is that you can try to get a taste of some of those high-end items with unique properties. Some of the rare ones are the Bolt of silk and linen, diamond, steel ingot, etc., and many more. Well like the common ones, these can also be bought from certain traders so good luck finding them.

Crafting disciplines are the types of items that can be crafted by different craft NPCs. So actually there are 9 of them and you will see them below to get an idea of whom to approach:

  • Armor crafting: The creation of armor for all professions.

  • Artificing: The creation of focus items and staves.

  • Cooking: The creation of food items that provide temporary buffs.

  • Huntsman: The creation of bows and spears.

  • Jeweler: The creation of rings and amulets.

  • Leatherworking: The creation of armor for rangers, assassins, ritualists, and paragons.

  • Tailoring: The creation of armor for monks, necromancers, mesmers, and elementals.

  • Weaponsmithing: The creation of swords, axes, hammers, daggers, and scythes.

  • Woodworking: The creation of shields and wands.

Each crafting discipline has its own recipe set that requires specific amounts and types of materials. Some recipes also require rare crafting materials or special items that can only be obtained from certain quests or events.

Now, let’s talk about the crafting process. You need a crafter to do that for you which is a NPC. Now you need that specific kind of crafter to make that specific item for example if I want to make a sword, I will try to find an NPC blacksmith. Also, you need to pay them as well which you need to do by gold so you need to have that inventory with you as well. You just need to select the item you need and the gold and materials will be deducted automatically and you will get that item crafted. You can check your inventory or storage to see your newly created item. At various instances, you will be required to spend in-game currency for successful crafting various things. So if you are falling short of the GW1 Currency, then purchase it for real money.

Visit our website GW1Shop to purchase Guild Wars 1 Currency at the cheapest rate on the web. Apart from that, you may require some in-game items, so do check them out too.

Tips for Crafting

Some crafting tips are:

  • Check the wiki or other online sources for the recipes and locations of crafter NPCs before you start crafting.
    Salvage any unwanted items that you find or buy to get more materials for crafting.

  • Use material traders or rare material traders to buy or sell any excess or missing materials you need for crafting.

  • Use artisans to convert common materials into rare ones if you have enough gold and common materials.

  • Finding the right crafter NPC for the item you want to craft, especially if they are located in remote or dangerous areas.

  • Try to have a look at your inventory from time to time as don’t want to be struggling for space for that shiny new item.

  • Always have an eye on news and updates in the game as sometimes the item becomes less useful or unavailable after them.

  • Compare the prices and availability of materials and items from different sources, such as merchants, traders, salvaging, or looting.

  • Experiment with different combinations of materials and items to see what works best for you.

Guild Wars 1 Crafting

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Wasting gold and materials on crafting items that are not profitable or useful for your character.

  • Players often salvage rare items and do not think of how many different things can be used. You should always preserve these items for later as you might get better and higher prices later on.

  • Buying or selling materials from merchants instead of traders. Merchants have fixed prices for materials that are usually lower than the market value. Traders have dynamic prices that reflect the supply and demand of materials. You should use traders to buy or sell materials for a better deal.

  • Most players try to craft things as soon as they get hold of any rare materials. Wait for the opportunities and try to find these from multiple sources like events and drops. So have enough of the materials and gold first and then try to craft anything.

Strategies and Practices for Crafting

You need some strategy for crafting as knowledge and practice will really give you an edge over other players. If not, you might find yourself in challenging situations in the game. Here are a few things we suggest:

  • As iterated previously, you need not rush to craft but always plan and decide on things you need first. This is something many players don’t focus on. You can keep an eye on sources like MMOPixel etc. to find information on the items and materials.

  • Try to collect everything you can find, even the items you don’t need can be used to salvage some common materials. Players often ignore the items they don’t need but there is value in everything and keeping this habit will help you greatly.

  • Smart use of trading from the start. As you know that we can buy or sell materials but the prices keep on changing as it is dynamic. So don’t go for impulse decisions but always compare the prices and availability from multiple sources before trading.

  • Did you know you can convert common materials into rare ones? Well, you can with gold and the NPCs do it for you. All you need is a certain combination of both of them and you can get the high-end items made for you.


To master the crafting system, you need to choose the right items and materials and keep an eye on the gold. You also need to learn how to use them effectively in different situations. If you are able to understand the same, you can enhance your gameplay experience. Guild Wars 1 is a game that never gets old or boring because there is always something new to discover or try out.

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