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Guild Wars Guide to Getting in-game Currency

Tyria offers endless opportunities to earn some extra Guild Wars I currency. Guild Wars has a tonne of techniques for producing money that is popular all over the world, which just indicates how important currency is to this MMORPG. As time goes on, there are more inventive ways to obtain GW 1 currency. Learn how to get money in Guild Wars 1 by reading the guide below!

About Guild Wars 1

Tyria, abandoned by the gods, has been devastated by conflict, plague, and natural disaster and is in danger of more devastation. You, the player, are responsible for saving it. Five campaigns, each concentrating on a distinct tragedy to be avoided, are available for you to complete. In order to survive after the Searing and stop Abbadon as well as the Titans from destroying the planet, players must participate in the Prophecies campaign. "Factions" focuses on Cantha and the enigmatic menace that is the cause of its current problems. Players visit the continent of Elona in the third campaign, Nightfall. Players are tasked with rescuing it from the shadows as heroes.

The Eye of the North and Beyond campaigns were later added by the programmers. These two open up other ends while also tying up the remaining threads from the previous three missions. Guild Wars 2, a sequel to the game released in 2012, picks up where Guild Wars left off.

Guild Wars 1 Gameplay

Currencies from Guild Wars 1

Throughout Guild Wars, there are several different currencies, & each one serves a certain function. We'll be covering all of them in more depth below;

Platinum and gold

Every NPC in Guild Wars accepts gold as payment, which is the major or main money throughout the game. This Gold Money is used for all sales & purchases. Platinum is a considerably more expensive alternative, but it isn't as adaptable as gold. A thing to keep in mind is that it's possible to exchange Gold for Platinum or Platinum for Gold as 1,000 Gold equals 1 Platinum. The Vault Box can carry a sum of 1000 Platinum or 1,000,000 Gold and can be used to store both of them. The maximum quantity of Platinum that a character can have in their inventory is about 100 Platinum, which is equivalent to about 100000 Gold.

Globs of ectoplasm, armbraces, and Zaishen Keys

Players can exchange these for various items with a value comparable to that of the traded item if the trade is worth more than 100 Platinum. Globs of Ectoplasm, Zaishen Keys, as well as Armbraces of Truth, serve as these replacements.

  • Zaishen Keys - As the name suggests, Zaishen keys can be utilized to unlock chests. There exists an island called the Isle of Nameless where Zaishen Chests can be found and unlocked with Zaishen Keys. To know more about this currency, check out our detailed guide!

  • Globs of Ectoplasm - These are amongst the rarest crafting resources and are used for crafting. Globs of ectoplasm are necessary whenever you want to craft any one of Guild Wars' finest Obsidian armor pieces or Chaos gloves armor.

  • Ambraces: Sometimes known as Armbraces of Truth, are collectible items that may be traded for a variety of weapons in the game. These are exclusively used to obtain Tormented Weapons such as Shields, Martial Weapons, Scepters, Focus Items, as well as Staves, and are mostly found in the Realm of Anguish.

The GW Money can be acquired in Guild Wars in a variety of methods, just as in other MMORPGs. The Best Methods of Obtaining GW Money are described in detail below.

Guild Wars 1 In-game Currency

Looting and Drops

Indeed, these are the most widely used methods of obtaining GW Money. You can obtain a drop from a chest, a fallen creature, or even from the current situation. A Gold Pile with numerous other goods drops whenever an adversary, other than the boss, dies.

These Piles are more common among Bosses. Indeed, neither a foe nor an ally can get a gold coin drop, because drops given to NPCs & other entities are invisible.

Quests and Missions

You must perform missions as well as quest/missions in specific zones in order to obtain gold or particular items. Four kinds of missions exist challenge missions, cooperative missions, elite missions, and competitive missions. Missions and quests are similar in that they both have different levels of difficulty and duration. You will receive a larger prize if they are longer and more challenging. Every campaign and expansion features a unique mission with a predetermined reward.

Guild Wars 1 Quests


To gain Gold through trading, you can exchange your goods or other services. Trading can be done with NPCs, players, trade channels, parties, or both. You can travel to different cities to swap the reward trophies and even money for different kinds of supplies or commodities. There exist fixed items for NPCs, primarily merchants, who rely on traders to trade with a fluctuating inventory.

Besides Target's name is a Trade Button that lets you trade other items. When you actually press on it, a trading session starts, allowing you to trade different products for things like gold. The Trade Channel, allows you to swap gold or other valuable items for your goods when you sell them to anyone who requires them. A separate Trade Section is offered in the Party Search where you can post items you want to sell or see what others are selling. WTT contains Want to Trade whereas WTS stands for 'Want to Sell', and WTB for 'Want to Buy'.


Farming as the name implies is the practice of repeatedly performing an action to gather a desired amount of drops or gold. With farming, you would need to locate an advantageous area or position where you may make quick money, but you must first ensure that you're qualified for that region.

When the number of party members decreases, your profits per person increase. You should also ensure that DPS is accessible, either in a group or if you're farming solo, that you are DPS. These are a few of the finest locations to farm:

Tyria: Prophecies

  • Mountain Trolls can be found in a cave north of Droknar's Forge.

  • There are some spots closes to the Ring of Fire Islands.

  • Greens can be found at Sorrow Furnace, a great locale.

  • There still are undead groups in Oink and in the Gates of Kryta mission that you can farm on.

Cantha: Factions

  • Shiroken, Kirin, Wardens, and vermin are some well-known targets to farm.

  • In Kinya Province & Seijun Woods, there are low concentrations with sharp declines.

  • Naga, Mantid, as well as Kappa are reliable but less rewarding.

  • Finishing around 40 Mantid Drones in Sunqua Vale will award you between 2 and 5 Platinum.

Land of Elona: Nightfall

  • You can farm on the Remnants of Sahlahja with certain builds.

  • Broken Ravines accompanied by Junundu

Group Farming

The Domain of Anguish is the finest region for group farming because you must have a ranger as well as two additional monks on your team. If your build is accurate and includes the right insignias/runes and armor, you can make between 30 and 60k in an hour to an hour and a half.

Purchasing Online

You can always buy some Gold from GW1Shop at extremely low costs and rapid delivery if you happen to run out of gold in Guild Wars 1 when you need to buy any in-game resources that would aid in a battle or expedition.

Visit our website GWShop to purchase Guild Wars Currency. Purchase of GW Currency from us comes with quickest delivery and 24x7 chat support.


With this, we arrive at the end of our guide on how to obtain currency in Guild Wars 1. We are sure that this guide will prove to be useful to any player willing to earn money in GW1. Bookmark our page for more such guides.

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