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How to Complete the Hall of Heroes in Guild Wars 1

Well, the Hall of Heroes is not less than a legendary place in the Guild Wars 1, and everyone wants to go there and conquer it. It is due to it being so challenging and achieving glory and honor in the many modes available here. We will take you through everything you will need to know here.

Accessing the Hall of Heroes

Three known portals lead to the Hall of Heroes:

  • In Drascir, a hidden city in the Charr Homelands. This portal is guarded by powerful Charr and requires a special key to open. You can obtain the key by completing the quest The Last Hierophant from Hierophant Morlog in Doomlore Shrine.

  • In the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, an ancient burial site in the Crystal Desert. This portal is accessible after completing a series of explorable areas and defeating various enemies. You need to have completed the Augury Rock mission and have at least one Ascended character in your party to enter the Tomb.

  • The one on the battle isles where Zaishen order is present. It is open to everyone who is in the tournament so you can join here freely by just talking to any scout of Zaishen.

Now to find this hall you need to find the Tomb of the Primeval Kings which should not be that difficult to understand. Zratha Kor will open a portal for you to enter but of course, you need to talk by traveling to Destiny's Gorge. There is an exciting labyrinth there that will lead you to the hall of Heroes. During your journey, you may have to make some in-game purchases that would require you to spend Guild Wars 1 in-game currency. So keep a good stock of GW currency in advance.

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Completing the Hall of Heroes

Hall of Heroes acts as the fourth and final area of the Ruins of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, a dungeon that can be entered from the Crystal Desert. It houses statues of the Gods of Tyria and is besieged by the three Darknesses, powerful torment creatures that drop unique items. Upon killing all three of the Darknesses, several Lost Souls will cheer the victory and fireworks will appear followed by a countdown timer, which sends players back to the Tomb of the Primeval Kings.

To get to the Hall of Heroes as an explorable area, you need to do the following steps:

  • Enter the Tomb of the Primeval Kings from either Destiny's Gorge or Augury Rock.

  • Complete the first three areas of the dungeon: The Forgotten Vale, The Hidden City of Ahdashim, and The Courtyard.

  • Arrive in the Hall of Heroes and defeat the three Darknesses.

The Darknesses are level 30 bosses that use Energy Surge as their elite skill. They are accompanied by various foes from the Underworld and the Realm of Torment, such as Grasps of Insanity, Scythes of Chaos, Terrorweb Dryders, Banished Dream Riders, Chaos Wurms, and Chained Souls. The Darknesses are immune to all conditions and hexes except for cracked armor. 

Also, each Darkness drops a unique weapon when killed, such as Victo's Battle Axe or Illyana's Staff. These weapons have high stats and can be customized with inscriptions and upgrades. They are also very rare and valuable, so make sure to pick them up before leaving.

The recommended party size for Hall of Heroes is 8 players with a balanced team composition. You should bring skills that can deal armor-ignoring damage, interrupt enemy casters, protect your party from damage and conditions, and resurrect your allies if needed. You should also bring a Ghostly Hero with Claim Resource to capture and hold the central altar for extra damage and healing.

Guild Wars 1 Hall of Heroes

Here is a possible strategy for completing the Hall of Heroes as an explorable area:

  • Split your party into two groups: one to attack each Darkness from different sides, and one to defend your Ghostly Hero at the altar.

  • Focus on killing the Darknesses first, then clear out their minions. Use interrupts to prevent them from using Energy Surge and other skills.

  • Avoid aggroing more than one group of enemies at a time. Use flags to position your heroes and henchmen if necessary.

  • If your Ghostly Hero dies, wait for him to resurrect at your base and escort him back to the altar. He will have to use Claim Resource again to secure it.

  • If your party wipes, you will be resurrected at your base every minute. If you control the altar, you will resurrect there instead.

  • Once all three Darknesses are dead, enjoy the fireworks and wait for the timer to end.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you complete the Hall of Heroes:

  • Bring a balanced party composition that can deal with different types of enemies and situations. You will face demons, dryers, ghosts, worms, and zombies in this area. A good party should have at least one healer, one protector, one interrupter, one damage dealer, and one support character.

  • Bring skills that can heal, protect, and resurrect your party members. No resurrection shrines exist in this area, so a party wipe means game over. Some useful skills for this purpose are Heal Party, Protective Spirit, Resurrection Signet, or Light of Dwayna.

  • Bring skills that can interrupt or disable enemy skills. The Darknesses and their minions have powerful abilities that can wipe your party if left unchecked. Some useful skills for this purpose are Distracting Shots, Power Drain, Diversion, or Shame.

  • Bring skills that can deal armor-ignoring or holy damage. These types of damage are effective against most enemies in this area. Some useful skills for this purpose are Visions of Regret, Ray of Judgment, Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support, or Signet of Judgment.

  • Bring skills that can boost your movement speed or teleport you across distances. The map is large and you may need to move quickly between different locations. Some useful skills for this purpose are Dash, Shadow Step, Recall, or Necrotic Traversal.

  • Bring consumables that can enhance your performance or provide extra benefits. For example, Essence of Celerity can increase your attack speed and skill recharge rate, Grail of Might can increase your damage and armor, and Cupcake can restore your health and energy.

  • Be careful when approaching enemy groups or bosses. They may be hidden behind walls or corners and ambush you when you get close. Use skills that can reveal enemies or scout ahead with a pet or a minion.

Some Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not doing the Zaishen Daily Quests that reward you for completing missions, vanquishes, or bounties in the hall of heroes or other areas. These quests can give you Zaishen Copper Coins that can be sold for good money in Kamadan.

  • Not collecting the Gifts of Nicholas, the Traveler that he gives you in exchange for different items each week.

  • These gifts can also be sold to players for good money: usually 4 or 5 to each.

  • Not joining a Guild and Alliance that can give you access to Guild Halls, help, and communication with other players.

  • Do not try to trasfer items or gold from your Guild Wars 1 account to your Guild Wars 2 account, as this is not possible.


To master the Hall of Heroes, you need to focus on the right skills and teamwork and keep an eye on the rewards as it is quite challenging, and with those challenges come great rewards. If you are able to understand the same, you can enhance your gameplay experience as it is a place where to can experience the amazing legends of past heroes and even create your own legends and legacy to be seen by all. Guild Wars 1 is a game that never gets old or boring because there is always something new to discover or try out.

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