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Guide to the Best Weapons and Armor in Guild Wars 1

Guild Wars 1 is a popular game and just like many MMORPGs, it also features a range of deadly weapons and effective armor to choose from. Weapons and armors are a necessary part of your Player's equipment. It is only vital that you select the best gears to equip your players and suits their playstyle. Doing this will allow them to easily get through the most complex parts of the games. In this article, we will discussing about the best armor and weapons that the game offers. So, get ready to equip your player with only the best equipment which our guide will tell you. Let's begin.


High-End Armor Sets

The highest armor rating in Guild Wars 1 is 80 for warriors, 60 for rangers, and 60 for casters. This is true for most armor sets in the game, although there are a few outliers. The Primeval armor set for rangers, for example, has an armor rating of 70. High-end armor sets are available throughout Tyria, including exclusive locales such as the Fissure of Woe, the Underworld, and the Domain of Anguish. The following are some prominent high-end armor sets:

  • Obsidian Armor: The game's most recognizable and pricey armor set. Obsidian Armor is crafted at the Fissure of Woe and requires crafting resources, including rare Obsidian Shards.

  • Elite Luxon and Elite Kurzick Armor: Two prominent armor sets representing rival factions in the Echovald Forest and the Jade Sea. These sets require crafting materials and faction points to be created in the relevant faction outposts.

  • Vabbian Armor: In the Nightfall campaign, this exquisite and costly armor set is available. It is made in the Vabbi region and requires crafting materials as well as precious stones.

Ascended Armor

Ascended Armor is distinct in that it offers the highest armor rating as well as the potential to infuse the armor with runes that provide protection against spectral agony, a deadly effect encountered in select high-end areas. It's worth mentioning, though, that Ascended Armor is only available in the Eye of the North expansion, which was released after Guild Wars 1's initial release. 

Insignias and Runes

To further customize your armor, you can apply insignias and runes. Insignias provide various bonuses, such as increased energy or health, while runes grant additional attribute points or unique effects like reduced skill recharge time.

Armor Sets

  • Monk (healing +33%, regen +33%): Enhances healing and regeneration, benefiting monk, cleric and paladin heroes.

  • Ritualist (DMG taken from spirits -30%): Reduces damage from spirits, utilitarian for ritualist and summoner heroes.

  • Guardian (absorb 20-25% of all DMG): Provides strong damage absorption, optimal for guardian, protector, and tank heroes.

Experimental builds fusing different stats, bonuses and utilities between gear options enable new strength and versatility. Combined with mastery, this guide helps maximize any hero's potential to overcome the most challenging enemies. Adventure and discover new levels of power and glory in Guild Wars 1!

 Guild Wars 1 Armor


Weapon Attributes and Modifiers

In Guild Wars 1, weapons have a variety of attributes and modifiers that affect your character's performance in combat. Some of the most important attributes are:

  • Damage: The base damage range of the weapon.

  • Requirement: The attribute requirement needed to wield the weapon effectively.

  • Inscriptions: Various bonuses that can be applied to the weapon.

In addition to these attributes, weapons can be further customized with weapon upgrades, such as grips, hilts, and bowstrings, to provide additional bonuses.

  • Swords (melee damage, crowd control): The Skull Sword (150-200DMG, 15% chance to frighten) and Gilded Sword (18-24% crit chance, 25% crit DMG) are preeminent options. The Skull Sword deals extra DMG while the Gilded Sword grants high crit chance/DMG, ideal for assassin and warrior heroes.

  • Staves (damage, utility, support): The Fiery Comet Staff (150-200 DMG, -50% mana regen) burns enemies and reduces mana regen. The Avatars of War Staff (DMG, taunt, -25% enemy DMG) summons spirits to deal fire/lightning damage and taunt opponents, reducing their damage output. Optimal for ritualist, necromancer and monk heroes.

  • Bow (ranged damage): The Long Bow (150-200DMG, 10s stun) and Platinum Bow (18-24% crit chance, 25% crit DMG, +DMG vs weakened opponents) are the pinnacle bow options. The Long Bow secures kills with a long stun, useful for assassin and hunter heroes. The Platinum Bow deals massive crit damage against vulnerable targets, ideal for assassin and warrior damage dealers.

  • Hammer (defense, protection): The Rune Hammer (absorb 30-40% of DMG, +100 armor) absorbs damage and increases armor, enhancing tanks' survivability. The Draconic Mace (150-200DMG, fire Aura -10% enemy fire resist) provides continuous fire damage and a reducing fire resistance Aura, detrimental to fire-vulnerable enemies. Excellent for monk, guardian, and protector heroes.

  • Armor ( defense and offense stats): Tier VI armor sets offer the strongest stats. The Necromancer (condition DMG +30%, minion DMG +33%) bolsters conditions and minions. The Monk (healing +33%, regeneration rate +33%) focuses on healing. The Ritualist (DMG taken from spirits -30%) reduces spirit damage. The Assassin (crit chance +18-24%, crit DMG +25%) maximizes crit damage.

  • Axes (melee cleave damage, crowd control): The Auric Axe (150-200DMG, knockdown opponents) and Orrian Jewelry Box Axe (slow enemies 30s, - armor 100) are superior options. The Auric Axe knocks down enemies while the Orrian Jewelry Box Axe vastly reduces their movement, attack speed and armor. Ideal for warrior and guardian heroes.

  • Daggers (melee utility, opportunity attacks): The Shadow Dagger (blinds critting opponents) and Shiver Dagger (chills enemies, - casting time) provide additional effects on attacks. The Shadow Dagger provides a chance to shadow step on crits., reducing their chance to evade or counter while the Shiver Dagger chills targets, decreasing their speed, damage, and casting time. Useful for assassins, thieves, and trickster heroes.

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Best Weapons for Each Profession

Each profession has a unique set of weapons that synergize with their skills and playstyles. Here are some of the best weapons for each profession:


  • Sundering Axes: Perfect for adrenaline-based builds, these axes have a high chance to deal additional armor-penetration damage and provide the wielder with adrenaline on each hit.

  • Vampiric Swords: These weapons steal health from the enemy with each hit, providing the warrior with additional sustain. But it's worth noting that Vampiric weapons are generally considered to be less effective in endgame content due to their low damage output.


  • Flatbows: With a long attack range and a fast projectile speed, Flatbows are perfect for rangers who want to maintain distance from their targets.

  • Recurve Bows: With a shorter attack range and a slower projectile speed, Recurve Bows are ideal for rangers who want to kite enemies and maintain control over a battlefield.


  • Healing Staves: These staves provide additional healing power, making them ideal for monks focused on healing and support.

  • Divine Scepters: Perfect for monks who want to deal damage, Divine Scepters provide additional energy and a higher critical hit chance.


  • HCT (Halves Casting Time) Wands: These wands reduce the casting time of specific elemental spells, allowing elementalists to cast their powerful spells more quickly.

  • HSR (Halves Skill Recharge) Staves: These staves reduce the recharge time of specific elemental spells, enabling elementalists to use their powerful spells more frequently.


  • Fast Casting Wands: These wands increase the casting speed of all mesmer spells, allowing them to quickly interrupt or control their enemies.

  • Domination Staves: These staves provide additional energy and a higher critical hit chance, making them ideal for mesmer builds focused on dealing damage.


  • Blood Magic Staves: These staves provide additional energy and life-stealing capabilities, perfect for necromancers focusedon blood magic.

  • Curses Wands: Ideal for necromancers who want to debilitate their enemies, these wands provide additional energy and a higher critical hit chance for curses spells.


  • Zealous Daggers: These daggers provide energy on each hit, allowing assassins to maintain high energy levels for executing their deadly skill chains.

  • Vampiric Daggers: Similar to vampiric swords, these daggers steal health from enemies on each hit, providing additional sustain for assassins.


  • Spawning Staves: These staves provide additional energy and increased the effectiveness of weapon spells and spirits, making them ideal for ritualists focused on support and summoning.

  • Channeling Scepters: Perfect for ritualists who want to deal damage, these scepters provide additional energy and a higher critical hit chance for channeling spells.

 Guild Wars 1 Weapons


Choosing the right weapons and armor is crucial to your success in Guild Wars 1. By understanding the various options available and tailoring your gear to your profession and playstyle, you'll be better equipped to face the challenges that Tyria has to offer. Whether you're delving into the depths of the Underworld or battling it out in the Jade Quarry, make sure to equip yourself with the best gear possible to maximize your potential!

By adopting different builds and gear synergies, achieve new levels of mastery in Guild Wars 1. Combined with experimentation, this guide helps optimize any hero for defeating even the most challenging adversaries. May victory forever remain at your side!

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