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Guild Wars 1 PvE Guide

If you have fun fighting and exploring a lot of different environments, then Guild Wars is for you. PvE (Player versus Environment) is where most players will start their careers, as it is the perfect place to learn about the game and the concepts used in it. However, PvE also has a rising difficulty curve: What starts very easily will quickly become very demanding. We have created this guide especially for you to master the PvE mode and it will have everything you need to be the best.

What are the Campaigns?

So, we have 4 campaigns here having their own story, setting, profession, skills, and features. You can start with any one of them but worry not you will have the option to access the others through quests or travel NPCs. However, some campaigns are easier or more convenient than others for new players.

  1. Prophecies - is a unique one as although it is the oldest campaign, it can also be the hardest to win. It offers the least support and guidance for players but also allows them to gain a lot of core skills through skill quests. It also has a magical pre-searing area, which is a peaceful and nostalgic place for many veterans.

  2. Factions - is most preferred by new players as it is the quickest to learn and somewhat can be a good start for many. Players are given access to Kaineng City very early on, which means max-level Armor, skill trainers, and the starter quests to other campaigns such as Nightfall and Eye of the North for heroes. 

  3. Nightfall - is the one players go as they get quick access to heroes and because of that it has garnered popularity. Heroes are customizable NPC allies that can greatly enhance your party. We will explain it later in the article. Also, it has one of the major trading posts, Kamadan City, where you can buy and sell items with other players.

  4. Eye of the North - is not a standalone campaign, but rather an expansion that requires at least one of the previous campaigns to play. It offers many quality-of-life features and content for high-level players, such as dungeons, elite skills, titles, and rewards.

Guild Wars 1 Eye of the North

Class and Build

Now we have 10 professions to choose from and each of them has its skills, attributes, etc. You can choose one as your primary and another as your secondary to get more variety and versatility. But be careful as you will only get attribute points through your main profession. Choosing a class is often on what is your personal preference and playstyle. However, some classes are more versatile or easier than others. For example:

Warriors are melee ones that can deal high damage whereas rangers deal damage from long distances. Monks can be used to heal your party. You can summon corpses or use life stealing through Necromancers to do damage. Mesmers can manipulate enemies and disrupt their actions but you need good timing and knowledge as it is quite complex. Elementalists have the 4 elements of magic (earth, fire, etc.) with them to deal damage. Assassins are also melee but use shadow steps and attack with daggers. Ritualists use spells to buff themselves or teams or even debuff enemies. Paragons are the ranged ones using spears and vocal skills like echoes etc. Dervishes are melee fighters that can use scythes and enchantments to deal damage to multiple enemies or cause various effects.

Choosing a build is different from class as you need to think about making a balance between damage, defense, support, and utility. A build consists of 8 skills, one of which is an elite skill that is more powerful than regular skills. These skills can be acquired from skill trainers, quests, etc. Some of the things you can keep in mind are:

Mix the skills that work together so that there is no conflict. Try to use the skills that are affordable and have fewer recharge times. It is better if you have enough healing from the build and don’t rely on heroes to keep to alive. Of course, you need power to win so choose the skills which does enough damage to win you the fight. A skill that can be used in multiple situations comes in more handy can any other which can only be used in a certain scenario.

Some examples of popular or effective builds for each profession are:

  • Warrior: Hundred Blades Warrior, Axe Warrior, Hammer Warrior

  • Ranger: Barrage Ranger, Trapper Ranger, Interrupt Ranger

  • Monk: Healer Monk, Protection Monk, Smiter Monk

  • Necromancer: Minion Master Necromancer, Spiteful Spirit Necromancer, Blood Magic Necromancer

  • Mesmer: Panic Mesmer, Energy Surge Mesmer, Illusion Mesmer

  • Elementalist: Fire Magic Elementalist, Air Magic Elementalist, Earth Magic Elementalist

  • Assassin: Critical Strikes Assassin, Shadow Form Assassin, Dagger Spammer Assassin

  • Ritualist: Spirit Spammer Ritualist, Restoration Ritualist, Channeling Ritualist

  • Paragon: Imbagon Paragon, Spear Paragon, Motigon Paragon

  • Dervish: Vow of Strength Dervish, Avatar of Balthazar Dervish, Mystic Regeneration Dervish

How to use Heroes?

Heroes are NPC allies that can join your party and act in place of other players. They are similar to henchmen, but they have several advantages:

  • You can customize their skills, attributes, and equipment.

  • You can control their actions and positioning with the Hero Control Panel.

  • You can choose which heroes to bring with you from a pool of 29 heroes.

You can get the heroes by doing some quests or missions in various campaigns like Nightfall etc. Also, you can unlock them through packs. You should always try to have a balanced party composition with heroes. Also equip them with appropriate weapons, armor, runes, and insignias, and try to give your heroes effective skills and attribute points. These things will make them much more effective to use.

Guild Wars 1 Heroes

Making Money and Farming

Of course, you need to make money here to survive otherwise how will you buy items or craft equipment and unlock skills? There are 2 currencies here - Gold and platinum where gold is the basic one and platinum is the elite one. Also, there is a limit to how much gold you can carry which is around 100 platinum.

Now you must be wondering how can I make money here. Well, there are a few ways you can make money such as trading i.e., selling items such as crafting materials, rare items, consumables, and many more. You can also earn by doing quests and missions such as Zaishen quests, Nicholas Sanford quests, and many more. You can also take up farming in specific areas such as the underworld, domain of anguish, fissure of woe, and many more.

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Some PvE Tips and Tricks for you

PvE (Player versus Environment) is where most Guild Wars players will start their careers. It is the perfect place to learn about the game and the concepts used in it, but it also has a rising difficulty curve: What starts very easily will quickly become very demanding. Here are some tips and tricks to help you master PvE and enjoy the game:

  • Complete daily achievements: PvE daily achievements will give you Writs of Experience that grants you a small amount of experience (5% of the current level). You can also get other rewards such as gold, karma, laurels, and mystic coins.

  • Login daily: Login rewards will grant you Tomes of Knowledge on days 6, 13, 20, and 27 which will instantly increase your character's level by 1. You can also get other rewards such as gold, gems, transmutation charges, and black lion chests.

  • Use PvE-only skills: PvE-only skills are skills that can only be used in PvE mode and are often more powerful or unique than regular skills. You can acquire PvE-only skills by completing certain quests or missions, or by having certain titles active. You can only equip three PvE-only skills at a time. Some of the most useful PvE-only skills are Sunspear Rebirth Signet which allows you to resurrect an ally at your location with full health and energy, Lightbringer's Gaze which allows you to deal holy damage to a target foe and nearby foes, and "I Am Unstoppable!” which allows you to gain immunity to knockdowns and conditions for a short duration. 

PvE Endgame Content

PvE is where a lot of us start our careers. It is a great place to start learning what the game is about and understand different things and concepts related to it. However, PvE does not end when you finish the main storyline of each campaign. There are many other goals and challenges that you can pursue in PvE, such as:

Elite missions: These are high-level missions that require a full party of 8 or 12 players and offer more rewards and difficulty than regular missions. They can be accessed by completing certain quests or missions in each campaign. Some of the most popular elite missions are Underworld, the Deep, urgoz’s Warren, etc.

Competitive missions: These are missions that pit two teams of players against each other in a PvE setting. They can be accessed by talking to a competitive mission NPC in certain outposts. Some of the most popular competitive missions are Fort Aspenwood, alliance battles, etc.

Challenge missions: These are missions that test your skills and abilities in various scenarios. They can be accessed by talking to a challenge mission NPC in certain outposts. Some of the most popular challenge missions are Dwarven boxing, dragon arena, vanquishing, etc.

Titles: These are displayable achievements that represent your progress and accomplishments in the game. Titles can be earned by completing various tasks, such as missions, quests, activities, farming, PvP, and more. Titles can be displayed under your character's name in staging areas and some titles also grant you in-game effects or bonuses. Titles also contribute to the Kind of a Big Deal title track, which measures how many titles you have maxed.

These are some of the main endgame content options for PvE players in Guild Wars 1. However, there are many other things you can do in PvE, such as exploring new areas, doing side quests, collecting rare items, playing mini-games, or simply having fun with your friends. PvE offers a lot of variety and challenges for players who enjoy playing against computer-controlled opponents.


To master PvE in Guild Wars 1, you need to choose the right campaign, class, build, skills, heroes, and items. You also need to learn how to use them effectively in different situations. You can challenge yourself with vanquishing and hard mode for more fun and rewards. Guild Wars 1 is a game that never gets old or boring because there is always something new to discover or try out.

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