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Guild Wars 1 Guide to the Game's Mechanics

Guild Wars 1 is a popular MMORPG game and the predecessor of another popular game Guild Wars 2. The game is filled with adventure and thrill, and you won’t want to miss that. Guild Wars 1 has very simple game mechanics. But those who are new to such games, find it difficult to understand them. This article is for all those gamers who are new to MMORPG or new to Guild Wars games. In this guide, we will be going over the mechanics of Guild Wars 1. 

This includes an overview of the game itself, as well as explanations of its various mechanics. The purpose of this guide is to help players understand how things work in Guild Wars 1 so that they can make better decisions when playing it. Let’s begin with understanding how you can create your character in the game.

The Character Creation Process

To begin with Guild Wars 1, gamers are supposed to create their own character first. It’s basically a 3D character designed to look like humans. You can choose the attributes like - Face shape, design, Hair, Height, color, and gender. If you are not satisfied but saved this character, or you want to change it in future, you can do so by giving a fee in terms of the Makeover Credits.

Guild Wars 1 Character Creation

Exploring the World

The world of Guild Wars 1 is vast and filled with many things to see. In this section, we'll cover some of the basics on how you can explore it properly:

The World Map

This Tyria map illustrates your location in relation to other game locations. Pressing M or selecting "World" in the lower right corner of your screen will take you there. It will display every zone that is open for exploration, even those that are still being built (represented as grayed out). By clicking on the various zones as soon as they show on the screen, you may also use this ability to move between them rapidly.


Quests are missions given out by NPCs throughout Tyria; completing these missions will earn experience points and gold for players who take part in them. There are many types of quests available so don't be afraid if one type isn't interesting right now--you might find another soon enough.

Combat Mechanics

Combat Controls

The combat controls in Guild Wars 1 are relatively simple, but there are some things that you should know about how to use them. The default key bindings can be changed by opening up Options > Controls, but this guide will assume that your skills and abilities have been set to their default keys. You can also change your camera view by pressing F5 or F6 (if you're playing on a keyboard), which will switch between first-person and third person perspectives respectively.

Combat Weapons and Equipment

Your character's weapon determines their primary attack type: either physical damage (melee) or magical damage (ranged). In addition to this distinction, they also have an element associated with them. Elements can be fire, air, wind, electricity, earth, water, acid which determines which types of armor they will be most effective against when attacking with said weapon type. For example if someone has equipped themselves with both a fire staff as well as air runes then he'll do more damage against enemies wearing earth armor than he would if he used only one or neither item instead.

Guild Wars 1 Weapons

Crafting and Gathering

Crafting and Gathering are the two main ways to get items in Guild Wars 1. These skills can be learned from NPCs, but they're also available from other players who have them.

Crafting allows you to make new items out of raw materials that you find in the world or buy from other players. You must first craft an item before you can use it; this means that if you want a weapon, for example, then you must first create one using your crafting skill on an Anvil (or any other tool). The higher your level in Crafting is, up to level 10 at max, the better quality of items will result when creating them. For example: if someone has level 5 Smithing then they'll only be able to make iron weapons; however if someone else has level 9 Smithing then they will be able to create steel ones instead.

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Monsters and Bosses

Monsters are the enemies you'll face in Guild Wars 1. They come in many different varieties and have their own unique abilities, but they all share some basic characteristics:

  • They will attack you on sight (with the exception of certain monsters that are neutral)

  • They can be killed for experience points, gold and loot drops

Player vs Player Combat

Player vs. Player (PvP) is an integral part of the Guild Wars 1 experience, and it's important to understand how to play PvP well. The game has several different types of PvP matches:

  • Random Arena - You'll be matched with other players who are also looking for a fight in this mode. You can either choose your own team or let the system match you up with others randomly. The goal here is simple: kill everyone on the other team before they kill you!

  • Alliance Battles - In this mode, there are six teams with four players each. Then these six teams are divided into two groups with three teams in each group. These two groups are then pitted against each other randomly to fight and get the points by defeating the other team members.

There are many more PvP formats of the game available till Level 20. These are - Guild versus Guild, Heroes' Ascent, Codex Arena, Fort Aspenwood, and The Jade Quarry. You can play each of these PvP content and decide for yourself which suits you the best.

Guild Wars 1 PvP

Guilds and Groups

Guilds and groups are the backbone of Guild Wars 1. They're where you go to find friends, get help with difficult quests, and coordinate strategies for bosses.

Guilds are permanent groups that players can create under their own names or join an existing one. You can invite other players into your guild by sending them an invitation or posting it publicly on the forums (if you have one). You'll also be able to chat with your fellow guild members in-game via text or voice chat channels; this is especially useful for coordinating strategies during boss battles. There are several benefits associated with joining a guild:

You'll have access to shared storage space where everyone can deposit items they don't need right now but might want later on down the road, this makes it much easier than having everyone carry around all their stuff at once.

If someone needs help finishing up a quest line or dungeon run they're working on solo then other members will be able to jump right in without needing any additional gear outside what they already own themselves, it's like having backup when things get tough. And lastly but certainly not leastly...you'll get access.

Exploits and Cheats

Exploits and cheats are not allowed in Guild Wars 1.

If you find an exploit, report it to ArenaNet immediately. You can do this by going to the official forums and posting in the Bug Reports section. If you discover someone using an exploit, report them as well!


In conclusion, this Guild Wars 1 Guide is a very helpful resource for new players and veterans alike. It covers the basics of how to play the game, as well as more advanced strategies for those who want to take their skills to the next level. If you are looking for an easy way to learn about Guild Wars 1 mechanics and strategies, then this guide will be an excellent place for you to start.

In addition, this guide is also great because it offers information that's relevant even after playing through all of the content in-game (which can take anywhere from 30 hours up). For example: once you have beaten all five campaigns by yourself or with friends over voice chat - and unlocked all characters - there really isn't much left except PvP (Player vs Player) which requires some serious skill if done right; however there are still plenty opportunities available within PvE (Player vs Environment) mode itself such as dungeon runs where players work together cooperatively against computer controlled enemies while earning loot drops along with experience points towards leveling up their character(s).

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