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Guide to the Different Types of Damage in Guild Wars 1

Like any other fighting game, in Guild Wars 1, damage means how much health you can reduce of your enemies giving them an attack or continuous attacks. Good damage can finish off your enemies more quickly and efficiently. In Guild Wars 1, there are multiple skills and abilities you can use to take your enemies down by giving them maximum damage. The type of damage you’ll give to your enemies highly depends on the type of weapon you’re choosing. There are various roles that can be played in Guild Wars and damage is one of them.

There are multiple types of damage and the amount of damage that you give to your enemies depends on what type of damage you’re giving. The amount of damage you give to your enemies also depends on the area of effect. Each damage has a different area of effect. While you’re giving the damage to your enemies, it is very important to note that the amount of damage your enemies will deal will also depend on their ability to resist it which comes from either using any skills or wearing armor that blocks the maximum damage from your attacks.

Understanding your placement, synchronization, and mobility is also crucial since they might have an impact on how much damage the enemy on the battlefield deliver. It is crucial to understand different sorts of damage and how you may be shielded from them if you want to perform effectively on the battlefield. This includes knowing how to cope with all types of damage and rapidly dispatching foes by delivering them a speedy strike.

There are various damage types that you should learn and master in order to fight more efficiently and effectively on the battleground. Some of the most popular and widely known types of damages are listed below to help you. Before starting with the list and details of different types of damages, let us tell you that using the full potential of these damages would require you to purchase some supporting equipment. Buying these equipment requires you to spend GW Currency, the in-game currency of the game. If you are falling short of the currency, the best way is to get it for real money.

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Physical Damage

Physical Damage is the most common damage in Guild Wars 1 which is mostly caused by weapons or using close-range weapons that require a minimum distance from your enemies. Physical damage is further divided into three types which are Blunt Damage, Piercing Damage, and Slashing Damage. Physical damage is caused by using non-magical weapons or equipment.

Guild Wars 1 Physical Damage

Blunt Damage

Blunt damage is a type of physical damage that is mostly caused by using hammers. Jitte and Daggers of Purity are exceptions here that also give blunt damage to the enemies. Jitte is a type of sword whereas Daggers of Purity is a type of dagger. A hammer is a two-handed melee weapon that demands close contact with the enemies while performing a blunt attack. You can use an armor called Vanguard’s Insignia to get protected from blunt attacks.

However, there is no particular skill that provides protection against blunt damage but there are a few skills and spells that can be used to increase the damage of blunt attacks on your foes. You can use Enchantment Spells, Hex Spells, Star Servant Skill, and a few spells like Animate Bone Minion and Animate Bone Horror to increase your blunt damage and get it inflicted more on your enemies.

Piercing Damage

Piercing damage is mostly caused by using bows and spears which are ranged weapons though there are some hammers and axes as well that provide piercing damage to the enemies. Piercing attacks have the ability to target and attack multiple enemies at once. Bows are ranged weapons and they are of different types with different accuracy, attack range, and attack speed. Whereas spears are one-handed projectile-type weapons that can be achieved by mastering spears.

There are multiple ways to prevent yourself from Piercing attacks but you can use Bonelace Insignia and Infiltrator’s Insignia as armor to protect yourself. You can use skills like Ear Bite and Ravon Talons to maximize your Piercing damage. You can also use some spells like Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support, Veil Of Thorns, and Animate Bone Fiend to maximize the damage of your piercing attacks. Each skill and spell is different and needed to be used differently against the enemies.

Slashing Damage

Slashing damage can be performed by multiple weapons including swords, axes, and daggers. Slashing damage provides additional damage to the enemies by making them bleed. It is also affected by the player’s mastery level. Using some skills and spells can inflict slashing attacks.

Guild Wars 1 Slashing Damage

Elemental Damage

Elemental damage is caused by using spells like fire, cold, lightning, and earth damage. Elemental damage can be reduced by using elemental resistance. Elemental damage is dealt by the Elementalists because they have the ability to control and command all the elements which are cold, fire, lightning, and earth.

As elemental damage can be resisted by using elemental resistance, there are many enemies that are resistant to some of the elemental damages. There are four types of Elemental damage they are Cold Damage, Earth Damage, Fire Damage, and Lightning Damage which are discussed below as well as how you can prevent yourself from such attacks.

Cold Damage

Cold damage is a type of elemental damage that can hinder the speed and movement of your enemies by slowing down their attack speed and movement speed for a good period of time making it easy for you to attack and fight with them. Cold damage is generally effective against enemies with fire-based attacks. It is used mostly against enemies which have higher movement speeds and are very furious. You can use Frostbound Insignia and Hydromancer Insignia as equipment to get protection against cold damage.

There are also various types of spells and skills that you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your cold damage. Spells like Deep Freeze and Frozen Burst go well with cold damage providing maximum damage to the enemies.

Earth Damage

Earth damage has the earth's ability to penetrate and give damage to highly armored enemies. It is caused by the earth, tremors, dust, and many other earth-related sources inflicting high damage to the enemies in the battleground. You can use Earthbound Insignia and Geomancer Insignia as equipment to get protection from earth damage. The Mantra Of Earth is a type of stance that provides energy whenever you take earth damage. 

There are also various enchantment spells that go well with the earth damage. Aftershock, Ash Blast, and Churning Earth are some of the spells that enhance the power of the earth damage providing them more infliction. You can also use enchantment spells like Silver Armor and skills like Celestial Storm to inflict earth damage.

Fire Damage

Fire damage is a type of damage that is caused by fire-related sources like lava, flames, and fire. It is effective against plant-type monsters or enemies with cold-based weapons. It is very effective against Ice Golem which is an elemental foe. Pyromancer Insignia and Pyrebound Insignia are two effective armor that can be used as protection against fire damage. Mantra Of Flame is a skill that provides you energy whenever you encounter fire damage. Skills like Celestial Storm and Burning Breath can inflict fire damage to a greater level of extent. You can also use spells like Bed Of Coals and Lava Arrows to get infliction on your fire damage.

Lightning Damage

Lightning damage is a type of elemental damage that is caused by lightning-related sources caused by various skills like Air Magic and Channeling Magic Skills. It can be very effective against targets that are weak to it with low lightning resistance. You can use Stormbound Insignia and Aeromancer Insignia as armor to get protection from the damages that deal with lightning. You can use skills like Celestial Storm, Lightning Touch, and Shock to inflict your lightning damage.

There are also many spells like Arc Lightning, Chain Lightning, Binding Surge, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Hammer, Shell Shock, Doom, and many others that can enhance the effects of your lightning damage on your enemies. The types of damage discussed above are mostly seen in Guild Wars 1 that you can master by practicing your skills and combat styles regularly along with experimenting with new skills and playstyles giving you an edge over other players. You can master all of them by simply understanding their advantages and disadvantages because each damage is unique in its own way.


 Some More Types of Damage

Though you’ll mostly see damages related to elemental and physical damage, there are a few more types of damage that need a specific weapon or a set of skills to inflict attacks and damage to the enemies. Also, there are some skills needed to make a particular weapon work to inflict a particular type of damage. You can also count them into the type of damage that can only be activated by particular skills. Some of such types of damages are described below.

Chaos Damage

It is inflicted by all wands and staves that are linked to a Mesmer attribute. It is a non-physical and non-elemental damage. Avatar Of Lyssa is an elite skill that makes a weapon inflict chaos damage to the enemies.

Dark Damage

Dark Damage is also inflicted by all wands and staves that are linked to two particular attributes Blood Magic and Soul Reaping. Avatar Of Grenth is the only skill that can make a weapon inflict dark damage on enemies.

Holy Damage

Holy Damage is highly inflicted by Monk Smiting Prayers, Dervish Mysticism, and several other skills. Like chaos and dark damage, it is also inflicted by all wands and staves. Healing Prayers, Protection Prayers, and Smiting Prayers are some common types of attributes linked with wands and staves.

Some of the skills that inflict holy damage are listed below.

  • Banish

  • Bane Signet

  • Aura Of Holy Might

  • Holy Spear

  • Holy Strike

Shadow Damage

There are various necromancer skills that cause shadow damage. Some of the skills that inflict shadow damage are listed below.

  • Dark Aura

  • Dark Pact

  • Deathly Chill

  • Demonic Flesh

  • Mark Of Pain

  • Touch Of Agony

  • Shadow Strike


Damage plays an important role in Guild Wars 1 whether it is about taking damage or giving damage to your enemies, it is very important to have a clear understanding of what damage is and how to deal with it. Guild Wars 1 offers you a variety of damage to experiment with. With the above-mentioned guide, you can surely start your journey as a damager in Guild Wars 1 by understanding the merits and demerits of each type of damage fuelled by various skills, spells, attributes, abilities, and much more. Also check out our beginner's guide to Guild Wars 1 to get a good hold of the game.

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