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Guild Wars Beginner's Guide for Getting Started

Guild Wars is unlike any other fantasy-themed role-playing game, despite the fact that it's tempting to draw comparisons to a variety of others. It creatively and effectively combines a number of the best, most addictive elements of action role-playing, online role-playing, and multiplayer games into one exquisite package that provides tremendous long-term value. Guild Wars, produced by ArenaNet and released in 2005, has posed a threat to the whole online RPG industry with its avant-garde aesthetic. More importantly, it's a highly excellent game that can be extremely enticing for a variety of reasons and is satisfying on many different levels.

There are a lot of things to cover, so as a beginner, you might not get hold of the game initially. Read our Guild Wars Beginners guide below to learn about the game!

Creating a Character

You will be given the option to create a PvE or a PvP character when Guild Wars first asks you to do so. It is advised that novice players start with a PvE character and practice against foes rather than attempting to meet the high competency requirements of the PvP environment. PvP characters are level 20 and are expected to play like level 20 characters.

In some role-playing games, it is advised that players begin as warriors because they are the simplest class to play. All professions in Guild Wars are relatively accessible, but they also all have drawbacks. Hence, it makes no difference the profession you begin with in Guild Wars. Starting characters will benefit from getting more free talents through quests rather than having to pay skill points on them. Another choice is to begin in Nightfall or Factions, make sure you don't purchase any skills that are available for free in Prophecies, and afterward, after advancing to Kaineng Center or Kamadan, take a ferry to Lion's Arch to begin skill questing.

Guild Wars 1 Character Creation

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Entering the World of Tyria

You will reach Ascalon City following a brief cutscene. Using the mouse or keyboard to move around is simple, but figuring out where to go is more difficult. To view all the NPCs you can interact with, hold down the left "Alt" key. They might give you quests, engage in commerce with you, or even impart skills. An NPC has something to say to you if their head is marked with a green exclamation point. This always relates to the quest and you'll receive a mission from them.

An NPC will aid you in a mission or reward you for finishing one if they have a green arrow pointing downwards above their heads. You would be able to communicate with every person online and present in a town, such as Ascalon City, by pressing "Enter" and then selecting the "!All" channel. The '$Trade' channel should be used to buy and sell items. To communicate privately, either choose the person's name from the message list or enter their name in the "Whisper" channel.

You will be required to leave Ascalon City and complete these objectives after speaking with a few Characters marked with green exclamation marks. Using your mini-map, locate the green star by following the green arrow. In order to get to Lakeside County, exit through the gate.

Combat and Exploration

You've just entered an explorable area after leaving an outpost. You remained safe, there weren't any monsters, and other players were present in outposts. But now, you will encounter foes in explorable locations, but none of the other Guild Wars players who are online right now will be there besides those you joined in a party. This implies that, unlike in other MMORPGs, you won't be attacked by other online players who will kill you and steal your loot.

The "L" key will display your quest log. All of the quests you promised to do are shown along with descriptions. If you have multiple quests, you'll see that clicking each one causes a sound and causes the green arrow or star on your map to point in a different direction. Examining your map at this point is a wise move. When you press "M," look for the green star that indicates your destination for completing the current quest's stage. Choose a quest, then take the route leading to its star.

You will discover enemies as you explore the area further. The red dots on your map indicate where they are. Hold left "Ctrl" when you're in an explorable region to see what the enemies there are. The monsters here are simple, and the majority of them won't attack you until you strike them first. To familiarise yourself with the battle system and gain some experience, you should just go ahead & battle a few.

You'll notice that applying the talents at the bottom of the screen kills enemies far more quickly than just assaulting them as you battle demons. The fact that you're able to only equip 8 skills while learning dozens, if not hundreds, is one of the major strategic problems in the game. Skills are crucial for succeeding in the game.

Pursue a quest until you finish all of the requirements and receive the reward. To find out which quests are nearby and which require more distance to reach, use the map "M". In general, the easier tasks in Lakeside County are the closest. You may also use the key 'U' to open a smaller map that won't fill the entire screen and will allow you to check distances while still paying attention to the game.

Once in an explorable region, open the map & click on the name of the outpost to return there. It should be noted that if you were a member of a party, this will disband the group if you are not the leader or if you died in battle but were revived.

Guild Wars Combat

Skills and Leveling Up

You ought to have sufficient experience to rank up after finishing a few objectives and taking out a few enemies. As you gain experience, you'll see that the bar at the top left of your screen, which was gradually filling up, has started to empty and refill again. A green button is also visible next to the bar. To open your Skills & Attributes panel and begin strengthening your character, click the green button or press 'K'. As you advance through the game's levels, you earn attribute points that you may then use to your class's essential traits to strengthen yourself.

There are various tricks about how attribute points should be distributed, but one approach is to first look at the skills listed on the skill bar. Each skill's description and the attribute it is dependent on may be found when you hover your mouse pointer over it. Using your early attribute points on improving the traits that underpin your present skills might be a good option.

It's not necessary to use attribute points correctly the first time. As long as you are in a town, you can move attribute points from one attribute to the other whenever you see fit in the future. You acquire skill points, which you can use to master new skills, as you level up.

Upon entering Post-Searing Ascalon, you can encounter people there who are just level 3. Although it is feasible to enter the academy with such a low level, it is advised for new players to be at least level 6.

Guild Wars Levelling Up

Some Tips and Tricks to remember as a beginner

  • Get outside and discover the world. Complete portions of the pre-Searing quests while doing this. The quickest method to gain experience is through quests.

  • Identify each game outpost. NPCs in various outposts provide various services, such as skill trainers or armor makers.

  • The easiest approach for a beginner player to access new weapon upgrades or runes in the game is through exploration. Your characteristics, defense, skills, or damage are improved via upgrades.

  • Go together on an adventure. There are parties preparing to explore in practically every town & outpost. Moreover, you can advertise your services on the "!All" channel. While going on an adventure with others comes with all the challenges that come with getting along with a group of strangers, it is typically the best method to practice using your character and observe how others interact with the game and react to various circumstances. When working on missions, you must collaborate with others. Just playing with a group of henchmen won't get you ready for the PvP aspect of the game, so keep that in mind.

  • Study and learn about the game's economy.

  • Take breaks as necessary. Typically, the Guild Wars prompt is a good indicator that you're in need of a break.

  • If you find or purchase Charr Bags, which have 10 slots for things that make them very helpful, you can carry more in your inventory. Upgrade the bags available in Post-Searing. Charr bags cannot be upgraded because they come with 5 slots.

  • Inquire about any outpost for a person who might be willing to assist you if you truly appear to be unable to complete a task. It may sound odd, but if you ask nicely, most people will feel more obligated to assist you.


Now that you have gone through our Guild Wars Beginners Guide, things will be much simpler for you! With this, we arrive at the conclusion of this guide. Bookmark our page for more such guides and news of Guil Wars 1.

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