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Tips for Successful Guild vs Guild (GvG) Battles in Guild Wars 1

Who doesn’t love a good team vs team match? Even more when it is one of the popular ones in the various modes and activities. The Guild vs Guild (GvG) has everything you need in a team game, skills, creativity, teamwork, you just name it which makes it quite fun and great. And of course, you get rewards for winning in the form of fame, guild rating, and many more. You will find everyone here as it doesn’t matter if you are casual or hardcore, it is suitable for all. The core objective here is to kill the opposition's NPC Guild Lord before the opposition does the same to your Guild Lord. By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of what GvG is and how to play it effectively. Here are some tips for you: 

Choose your Guild Hall wisely

Each hall plays differently and favors different builds, due to their layout and unique features, such as environmental effects. A guild might select a hall that suits their style of play or complements the build type in which they play. For example, some halls have narrow chokepoints that are good for area-of-effect spells, while others have wide open spaces that are good for kiting and mobility. Some halls have hazards that can damage or hinder players, such as lava, quicksand, or traps. Some halls have special NPCs that can help or hinder either team, such as archers, healers, or ghosts. You should familiarize yourself with the different halls and their advantages and disadvantages and choose one that fits your strategy and preferences.

Guild Wars 1 Guild Hall

Build a balanced and synergistic team

A typical GvG team consists of eight players with different roles and professions. A common composition is one frontline warrior, one midline ranger or mesmer, two backline healers (usually monks), two offensive casters (usually elementalists or necromancers), one flag runner (usually an assassin or dervish), and one flexible slot that can be filled by any profession depending on the situation. However, there are many variations and possibilities for team build, and you should experiment with different combinations and see what works best for you. The most important thing is to have a balanced and synergistic team that can cover each other's weaknesses and enhance each other's strengths. You should also have a clear communication system and assign specific roles and tasks to each team member. If you need to buy any character for building your perfect team, do so by purchasing them using Guild Wars 1 Currency.

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Know your enemies and allies

It is a good habit to always keep an eye on the opponent and their teams to prepare yourself better. You can figure it out by checking their ratings, last match results and even watching them. Also, check the team on your side and try to compare them to understand and apply the strategies and tactics to the fullest. Let me give you an example if you see the opponent applying any effect or bringing any condition such as hex, then you should have something to counter it like hex removal. It will and should definitely give you an upper hand here.

Control the flag stand

If you have tried this before then you must be familiar with the flag stand. For those who are new, the flag stand is the main point on the map as you need to capture the flag here as having it will give an insane and massive boost in momentum and apply tremendous pressure on opponents and the same can happen to you as well if you are on the receiving end. So, try to get that before the enemy and defend it vigorously. The main thing is coordination with your team like when to push for the flag stand or when to retreat from it.

Manage your NPCs

Each GvG map has several non-player characters (NPCs) that belong to either team and can help or hinder them in various ways. These include archers, healers, bodyguards, etc, and many more. Managing your NPCs is another important aspect of GvG battles, as they can provide support, defense, offense, or distraction for your team so you can understand why there is a need to always protect the NPCs from being killed by the enemy team. Now, it is not just about defending but also about attacking continuously as well. You should also try to kill the enemy NPCs as soon as possible, as they can pose a threat to your team or your Guild Lord. You should use skills that can target, damage, or disable NPCs effectively, such as AoE skills, armor-ignoring skills, hexes, conditions, interrupts, knockdowns, etc.

Use your morale boost wisely

A morale boost is a temporary buff that gives your team +2% health and +2 energy regeneration for 10 seconds. It also removes one death penalty pip from each team member and resurrects any dead allies at their base. We have already learned the importance of the flag so I will not be reiterating it but the fact that it provides a morale boost to the team which can be a game-changer as it can help you recover from a bad situation and even push your team for a decisive victory. You should use your morale boost wisely and strategically, depending on the circumstances. And of course, it applied to the enemy as well so try to prevent them from getting that boost as well.

Guild Wars 1 Morale Boost

Adapt to different situations

In a battle, you will not be facing the same thing again and again which is the most fun part because of the challenges and unpredictability. You might need to think out of the box and deal with situations you have never been to which can work for or against you unexpectedly. So the lesson to learn here is to focus on flexibility and awareness of what is going on around you. Also, keep learning as you make mistakes to improve your performance further.


Well, we have reached the end and there were a lot of things we talked about here. To master these GvG battles, you need to learn and apply a lot of tactics and quick thinking and focus on how to use them effectively in different situations. If you are able to understand the same, you can enhance your gameplay experience. Guild Wars 1 is a game that never gets old or boring because there is always something new to discover or try out and it is even more in this mode as you require a lot more effort since it is a team battle and as we talked about before, the skills and creativity will take you farther than just power.

GvG is a challenging and fun game mode that can provide you with hours of entertainment and satisfaction. If you are looking for a new way to enjoy this game, or if you want to take your PvP skills to the next level, you should give GvG a try. You might find yourself hooked on this game mode and discover a new passion for Guild Wars 1.

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