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Guild Wars Solo Underworld Ecto farming Beginners Guide

Here in this Guild Wars solo Underworld Ecto farming beginners guide we are gonna show you how to make some serious gold here in Guild Wars. One, what you're gonna have to do is have a ritualist for this build. 

We're gonna be farming the Underworld for Ectoplasm. This is gonna be a spirit spammer build. So there will be a little bit of entry, but it is fairly simple and fairly easy to get this built up and going. It'll take some time, but not much. 

This Guild Wars Solo Underworld Ecto Farming Beginners Guide was summarized from a YouTube guide by - SolAshur. We appreciate the work done by him for the community and you can show support for him by liking, commenting, subscribing, and sharing his work. 

What you will need?

This image shows the Stuff you need for Ecto Farm

You're gonna need a project supporter, number one for the main skill of this. Build some of the spirits it is pretty necessary to make this work properly. The rest of your skills are pretty basic when creating, the armor of unfeeling, painful bond, shadow song, signet/summoning of spirits, boon of creation, vampirism, and blood song

This image shows the Armor you need for Ecto Farm

For those of you that are new, you just have to go to the template code and you will copy the code “oacjamikpslt+gxtnnvtqtot0ga”, paste it in there, save it, and load it. All right. That is the spirit spammer build. You will need to put radiant and channeling on the headpiece, radiant and attunement, radiant and attunement rune on the rest of these armor pieces, this is just regular max gear that you get. This is the kindling center, for all the staff. 

It would be better if you have to chant on this, but channeling is also pretty good. Really you just need the plus energy. As long as you have, you know, a good amount of energy, this should work for you. The more energy you have, the safer it is. Consumables will help as well. Pumpkin pie, cupcakes, whatever you have. We are doing this with minimum effort just to show you that it's possible.

Entry to the Underworld?

This image shows the ways Going to Underworld in Guild Wars

So that is the build. The entry points for each campaign are slightly different. We are starting out at nightfall just because it is more popular. Chantry of Secrets is the entry point for nightfall, for factions. The entry point is the zenku corridor for proxies. The entry point is the temple of ages and once you come to that statue of grants in your respective town, you are going to kneel on the avatar of death

Voice of a grin will come to you. You will pay him 1k and you'll enter. Do not take the quest when you pay the Voice of Grim and take the trip to the Underworld. Afterward, from here on the Guild Wars Solo Underworld Ecto Farming Beginners Guide will start off. 

Spirit Spam Farming

This image shows stairs at the start of Underworld farming

After you are inside the Underworld, walk some steps and pop your boon of creation. Walk to the top of the stairs, drop your spirits, and pool with a painful bond because they're close. Walk back, drop armor and run feeling, move away that way they don't cleave you. 

The second they take damage, you summon spirits off. Cool down, step back a couple of steps, summon spirits, walk back a couple of steps, and summon spirits again. If you walk back too far, they will reset. So that's why you will need to go sideways there. But as you can experience, this is the basics of the ability.

First Glob of Ectoplasm - Road to 10k

This image shows your First Glob of Ectoplasm in this run

All right, do not move forward without having a boon of creation up. These skeletons are doomed, and they are going to hurt. So you are going to re-summon the spirits here, drop an armor of unfeeling before he does too much damage. 

Always hex with painful bond and always heal with summoned spirits. All right, you are gonna move forward here. Summon the spirits again here. If you mess up, you're gonna have to kite back. You just have to kite back with some of the spirits. Summon the spirits again with drop an armor of unfeeling

The situation is pretty bad here. You never wanna fight anything with more than two blades. You are gonna have to re-summon the spirits here to save this. At this point, you will probably have a few blades there as well. Now you are gonna have to get the armor of unfeeling

What you are gonna do is let them agro on the spirit and then start a run. The boon of creation is still up so you can summon more spirits here. In that situation, if you would've gotten hit at least twice, you would be dead by now, so be careful. 

See how the blade's coming after you? If the blades ever get aggressive over you, you have to instantly summon the spirit. You will have to summon it again and run again. Because he came after the blades start running after you, you won’t be able to go for the armor of unfeeling and also have a minimum surviving chance.

This is a pretty dangerous situation here. So, you are gonna need to drop the boon of creation here. You will also get interrupted by their singing, making your spirits, and armor of unfeeling pretty sloppy. The situation is again very difficult, but you will have to follow the pattern of running away, casting summons, and using the armor of unfeeling as space is created.

Just make sure that you are not making a lot of space because it will make the enemies go away, causing issues for you later on, as your hard work will go to waste. All right, if you are thinking about saving your time and doing this farm quickly, you can simply drop the shadow song here. 

At this point from a random enemy, you are going to get a nice purple, which is always favorable to you in Guild Wars.

You will have to pull up here and use the second armor of unfeeling. Go a different path and in the bulk of enemies simply summon some healing spirits that will heal your other spirits in the game. All right? We were able to manage that. We were able to get outta that bad situation. Typically the second your boon of creation is up, you are fine to move forward. 

Move forward in the Underworld and upon interaction with more enemies, you're gonna start summoning. Get sine of the energy back and at that time you will have your boon available, along with the Shadow song. 

Make a little space, drop the hex, and move back to use the armor of unfeeling. The second they take damage, summon spirits, take steep steps back, summon spirits again and take two steps back. Again you will have Shadow song available. 

You will notice that when the shadow song isn’t used, the enemies won’t be able to take that much damage from you. This opens up that whenever you get a chance to use a shadow song, you need to avail it. Only in this way, you can deal damage to enemies, and finish them fast before they start going aggressive on you.

At this point, you probably have your first glob of Ectoplasm. Well, that is exactly a 10k farm on your behalf, which is not that time-consuming considering you follow the steps mentioned in our Guild Wars Solo Underworld Ecto Farming Beginners Guide.

Second Glob of Ectoplasm - Road to 20k

This image shows Second Glob of Ectoplasm in this run

Now that you got your first glob of Ectoplasm and around 10k, you need to carry on with your Underworld adventure. The enemies will start to get aggressive and the second they do attack you, you just have to instantly summon the spirit,  kite them, again summon the spirit and again kite

If the enemies are not hexed here, they are probably going to die really slowly, even if you have everything in place. Your hex is that important to use. You have probably made an entry and got what you wanted, you can repeat that or you can go for 2 globs of Ectoplasm and 20k.

If you have patience with this run and do the process step by step, getting one enemy at a time and running away from blades, you can even get 3 globs of Ectoplasm. Try your luck and see if you can get two or three Ectos per run. 

From the location, you need to move to the bottom of the stairs here. Don't wanna move too close. You can kind of inch forward as you're summoning. The more you summon, the safer you get. 

Use summons, then cast Painful bond and move back. After that, you need to use the armor of unfeeling and move out of the way. As we already mentioned in this guide, enemies sometimes get aggressive and can put down your guard. One shadow song goes down, you need to wait till it goes back up. You see how much damage they take and it is a big difference. You can put down enemies but it is more dangerous this way, so having patience is always your priority here on this farm. 

It's much more dangerous to do it this way without your shadow song up. Now you gotta see how important it's to fight these blades. They're warriors so if you don't blind them, they just do too much damage and you will lose instantly.

The blades will follow you and you need to make sure that your hex is available, run away or get some time. He will always be coming back for you. If you ever see him go back and then re-agro, you have to instantly summon the spirit

If things get out of hand, you will have to use the boon of creation here. He's actually gonna reset spirits quickly. Keep in mind, you can’t take more than two hits or you won’t be able to continue this farm. Get some space, and summon your spirits. He might reset it again and it's fine. 

Make sure that the distance isn’t increased enough to let the enemies run away. Always take two steps back and one step forward to turn them on again. Keep casting your spirits and do damage little by little.

The boon of creation will get the recharge back at this point. So you don't have to be too careful with casting it as you are gaining energy per summon. You can see them dying slowly but every good thing takes time. 

If you are in a hurry, you don’t have to worry about the inventory being full and also forget about trash lit. Drop another boon of creation here after meeting your enemies, summon spirits, drop my hex, and do not underestimate enemies even if you see one solo here in Underworld.

The skeleton of doom is a fierce thing and can hurt you pretty badly in Guild Wars. Don't take him for granted and always pick up the gold from him whenever you see the drop and fat loot.

You need to follow the same pattern of summoning spirits, making a distance, casting a boon of creation, and so on. If you still have multiple enemies, you need to cast shadow, it is essential, but if you have one enemy, you can do this without the Shadow. So in spirit just keep kiting two steps back, spirit again to be safe. 

Here at some point, you will have a purple dye drop, which is always another way to earn some gold in Guild Wars. The best thing about the purple dye is that it can stack with other purple dyes

It is time you need the invisible mobs here and at the stairs. So, you need to be concentrating on the game and where the mobs are. If you are not sure whether you will survive a fight with them, you can cast the armor of unfeeling before going to that location. We are just mentioning that an invisible mob might be here at the stairs somewhere, so be careful.

So now you are gonna clear this last pack over there to the left. Cast the boon of creation before you walk forward. That's why they are sleeping there. Use spirits, and armor of unfeeling because we know they are sleeping here somewhere. If you somehow find them and can’t face off against the enemies, drop shadow and then painful bond, and then you are gonna instantly summon the spirit. The enemy will surely be blinded. 

You get a lot of HP here by the way and you will earn a lot of skill points. There are only two here by the way and you can get them easily. Walk forward casting the spirits, painful bond, walk back, drop another armor of unfeeling and also boon. Doing the same again will get you Instantly your energy back.

Drop another hex on these guys and drop another shadow song. There might be a chance that the enemy isn’t taking enough damage as compared to the previous So you will have to make some space and come back. Drop another armor of unfeeling, walk forward, and summon spirit. They should stop here, but the situation is still not good.

In this situation, you will have to use more spirits here and put hexes along with the boon of creation. Finally, using your Vampirism will keep you alive and it works like a charm. Again Drop the armor of unfeeling, and drop another hex just to be safely followed by summoning a spirit. 

Always move outta the way you don't wanna get hit by a cleve. In case you can't stagger, you will get in trouble. Second, whenever your boon comes up, use it. Further, you will need to re-summon cause you don't know if your vampirism will finish the enemies here. Just in case, move a bit forward. 

Whenever you are agro, summon your spirits followed by a shadow song and Hex. The enemy goes down pretty quickly. Now once you finished that, wait for your bloom tree. Actually, you will have to get this quest, the terra red quest. This is gonna cause more mobs to spawn and it's gonna open up more doors for you here. It's gonna spawn more of these grasping darkness. These are the easier mobs.

It's really weird how they usually don't do that. They usually don't come directly toward you. It's pretty dangerous if you are paying attention to the game. Here, you will have to re-summon cause you have agro on yourself. 

After they are gone, they are still going to agro on you. You can bring the boon of creation throughout your spirits again. They're mostly gonna die because they don't have armor. Get shadow song up instantly, the armor of unfeeling, and hex them. You will be all good. 

Now you saved yourself pretty well. Don’t leave your spirits there and summon them back to the center. Pull the mobs at the right location and do it faster. Now pick up the dye that drops from the enemies at this spot. 

Try and pull the right group of mobs here which you can obviously fight alone. You will notice that the boon is up, but you will have to use the enchanting mile and notice how it will come in handy. You wouldn't have to recast my boon as much as it wouldn’t be very useful. 

Move forward with the armor of unfeeling and using hex heal. You wanna be careful that way as you don't pull two of these guys. It shouldn't be too bad cuz they don't do as much damage as the blades. But just trying to be careful here, don’t pull more of these. Try and be as careful as you can. The more mobs you're killing here, the better your return on investment is.

Get your boon up, Hex them again, use the armor of unfeeling, and summon the spirits. Don’t stop with the spirits, summon them again and again. Do this till there are no more graspings there to attack you. 

Left Side of the Map

This image shows Left side of the map

So, another door just opened up this way, there are two ways; either go right or go left. First, you will have to go left before you go right. You will notice that on the left there are various places but only one of them is suitable.

You don't wanna go past the behemoth, you can't go up this way and that is basically the most dangerous path in the Underworld that you can go. In this Guild Wars Solo Underworld Ecto Farming Beginners Guide we are talking about the path which is easier and more suitable.

 After getting the first encounter with enemies on the right path, you will have to use the summoning spirits here. Luckily they don't do as much damage as the blades, but that's typically why you always want to have a boon of creation up before diving deep into this area.

If you don’t have the boon of creation up before you dive into danger, you will run out of energy, so keep in mind that the boon of creation should be used before. Don’t forget about the invisible mobs here as well as they're pretty annoying.

As your boon is up this time so it shouldn't be too big of a problem. Stop at that moment you created some space and summon your spirits and also make sure that there aren’t any more invisible mobs here. Use your spirits again and shadow the song the second they walk up. Don’t make the mistake of pulling two mobs at the same time.

This is part of their path. So anywhere near this gateway, you're pretty much fine with these mobs. As you finish the first group, you need to call the second group by getting within their range of attack. Now same as always, you will have to first summon a spirit and use hex. 

At the door side, fighting these two mob groups will give you a purple dye, which is always better than the white dye. You are gonna clear this way and watch your agro circle here because these mobs get very close. All you wanna do is simply pull the grasping before you pull the blades. This is simple as that, no need to fight all the groups together and be a hero.

Walk past the blades with your boon up and once you get close start summoning. In case you also pull the blades by mistake, that's kind of bad. You always have the armor of unfeeling with you to use. 

Then, all you will have to do is kite summon, and drop another painful bond. Just keep summoning, and keep kiting. As your shadow starts to go down, you will have to make some space, because the situation gets worse for you once again. 

Keep summoning, keep kiting and If you're ever scared that you pulled too much, just keep kiting. You don't wanna let these land two hits on you because you will be dead in no time. If you mess up these things, you can always start off new here by going out of their agro range.

At the stairs, they will stop agro and won’t attack you anymore. Here you are gonna summon the spirits again and use everything just to be safe. Don’t play with the enemies, try to finish them as fast as you can or things will start to get messy after some time. Your summoning spirits will summon completely off of the map as long as you're on the radar anywhere within radar range. I was able to pull them with your painful armor of unfeeling.

Do not forget to use the shadow song or you will mess things up again and start using your spirits again and again. Afterward, do another painful bond and be careful not to get hit with the cleve of enemies. Don’t let the spirits die and use your boon more often in this situation.

You are surely getting the point, we are trying to convey to you in this Guide. You gotta let your spirits do the work and you don't wanna be anywhere near it. If you are actually running as an Elementalist or an assassin, you will surely be able to get around 3 Ectos along with 25k above gold from this Solo Ecto Farming Beginners Guide.

Still, you don’t have to worry because as long as you get one per run like we are doing in this run though, you're absolutely perfectly fine.

There shouldn't be any invisible mobs here. So, what you are going to do is just pull the mob from right there, hex them instantly and summon the spirit. You will have to call the targets and give my spirits a target to attack. After hex, they are blind, which is great for you to stay alive for longer. 

At this beautiful moment, you will have your second glob of Ectoplasm. Don’t let your guard down trying to get the Ecto. Well, folks that’s it, you got around 2 Ectoplasms and 20k farm for paying only 1k per entry and doing the same thing in look over and over. 

This is the spot where you either rescue yourself and get out of this farm, or you can always challenge yourself and move on with the run. You will get more Ectos as you proceed with this run, along with more Gold and items to sell. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you will face more dangerous enemies from here onwards. You can either rush to the skeletons or do a clear run and take the same path as before. Still, as best to our knowledge, we are going to show you the easiest part there is to take, without having to grind more. Just follow the Guide below and we guarantee you will get more fat loot along with silver.

If you are good at this point and want to shift towards another Ecto Farming Run, you can check out this Ecto Farming Reddit Post

Continue Farming (3 Ectos and onwards)

This image shows Right side of the Map

As you move onwards, you will see many spirits here and they are pretty fast as well. All you gotta do is use a shadow song here and use your spirits. They are quick and that's usually why you wanna summon your spirits and then walk up or channel your spirits and then summon spirits. After landing some hits you will notice the enemy isn’t taking any damage and that is probably because of the hex, which you will have to use for tanky enemies. 

After using the hex, you will have to spam everything there including the Blood song again, painful bond, call some spirits, and use the armor of unfeeling. You are fighting the doom spirits here which are quite powerful on the attack, so you will have to repeat the use of abilities often here. 

Here at this point, you will probably get a Ruby, which is quite a good item and considered a rare crafting material. This is the fat loot we were talking about recently. Here you will be at the edge of the Underworld and get a glimpse of the beautiful scenery.

Right Side of Map

So, that is the end of the left corner of the map. At this point, you go back to the center, and then we're gonna clear towards the right. At this point, you have a lot of currency on you, 2 Ectos, dye, and ruby as well. All the whites and blues will be sold to an NPC, and you can use the purples and the golds.

Don’t forget the loop here because enemies are going to be ruthless. So, in advance, you should use a boon before you walk in. Now that the stairs to the top.

Here you will meet the smite crawlers which are quite hard to kill, you can either clear them first or clear the other mob that is beside them. First, we are gonna talk about clearing the smite crawls using your painful bond, and don’t forget to use the armor of unfeeling here. 

Now it is time to spam your spirits here and fight the enemies followed by the boon of creation. You will also find the smite crawler right over the hill area. Those are going to be your worst nightmare. 

If you are a spirit summoner, you are gonna be able to actually clear successfully. Be careful here, push the enemies one by one and in case the other group also comes at you, move backward. 

Just whatever you do, don’t pull the blade group here, they are the deadliest as we mentioned before. Just aim for the grasping darkness here, which is easier to kill, and don’t make a fuss. Or you can also go for the dying nightmare first, whichever you like. 

On the other hand, if you accidentally pull the blade group, you need to start kiting them, start summoning, making a distance, and kite them again. As long as you don't get hit, everything is going to be okay. It's very important that your spirits don't die. Those are your most important ones outside of the shadow song. That is why you need to put the armor of unfeeling around your spirits.

There will be various webs in front of you, which we usually don't cut and take the other way around. Here you will have to make a serious decision, either try the web or take the other way around. 

It is totally luck and the strength of your character or how you play. You can take the way around and fight with the enemies, earn some more, or get an Ecto again. The other way around, you can go to the web and try whether you have the skills.  

After you mess with the web, there are gonna be groups of enemies rushing towards you, remember to use the spirits, a Painful bond, and create space. You can take the groups one by one to kill them. That is way too many no matter what.

If you can take them on and kill them, follow the path forward or you can take the easy way around as well and get the easy loot.  Same as before, here you will be greeted with invisible mobs, as well as doom spirits. To get the doom spirits, just make sure to hex them and heal your spirits as well.

Dooms have a lot of damage and will kill your spirits instantly, so make sure to keep them alive long enough to kill the dooms. Spam you're summoning spirits with the heal. The other part of the Guide is similar to the one we mentioned before, you can carry on with that to get the 3rd Ecto and 30k plus farm. 

Final Verdict

Well, that was all to the Guild Wars Solo Underworld Ecto Farming Beginners Guide. You just have to follow the pattern mentioned in this guide, take on enemies one by one, save yourself from the blades and finally keep the spirits alive for dooms.

This is a very long run, where you can possibly take on and earn a lot of Ectos along with some items and currency. 

This Guild Wars Solo Underworld Ecto Farming Beginners Guide is made through the research of a YouTube Video made by SolAshur. There might be some things missing or you might find it hard to follow through. You can simply watch his YouTube guide

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