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Guild Wars Fast Zaishen Keys Farm Beginners Guide

Zaishen Keys are one of the main items in Guild Wars that people typically suffer in farming. So, here we have an amazing Guild Wars Fast Zaishen Keys Farm Beginners Guide to help you get them as fast as you can.

This Guild Wars Fast Zaishen Keys Farm Beginners Guide is summarized from a YouTube video made by Dungeon Plays Guild Wars. There might be some things that are hard to understand or some things that are missed in this written guide. You can check out his Video Guide to get all the info.

What you will need?

For this farm, the first thing you need to do is appear in front of the Zaishen Combat and by clicking on that you will have the Zaishen combat quests in which you will have to pick up the hero’s ascent quest

Then you will have to make sure your build matches that of the build in the above image. You need to have a forty-forty in this armor. The best bet here is to have a build that revolves around the PvP instead of being mainly for other content.

You can also get info on them from Gamepedia (PvXwiki HA Henchway) and from Guild Wars Wiki (HA Z Combat Daily). For the Ele Nuker, you can enter the code “OgdToYG/nBXcE5F3ihhyAYg7AA”, for the Ele Number Equipment “Pk5RjMz6TzfMvKSlHsqpnmYsqZYpScr5UqCsqZYtMsqpHA” and finally, for the Mesmer Panic “OQBDAqwDO0gcgM4mS6cBmgmA”. 

In the above image, you can see that in the party search, what you will need as Henchmen are the Illusion Henchman, Healer Henchman, Protection Henchman, Earth Henchman, Icy Henchman, Searching Henchman, and finally the Immolation Henchman

Altogether, to make things easier for you, you will need around 1 Mesmer, 2 Monks, and 4 Eles as Henchmen here in Guild Wars Fast Zaishen Keys Farm Beginners Guide. 

Then you will have to enter the battle and win two of the battles here in hero’s ascent and follow through with the guide below;

Hero’s Ascent Quest

Well, for the most part, when you enter into the quest and follow through the guide, you are fighting with mostly bots here. They are easy to deal with and will get you quite a good farm throughout the game.

If you can simply power up all the Henchmen and gather around you, you can quickly take all of the enemies here. On average it will take under 20 seconds, but mostly you can do it in 10 to 15 seconds as well. It is that easy!

As mentioned in the quest summary, the only thing you need to do here is winning two of the battles and you will win around 1500 gold, 9k fractions equivalent to 2 Zaishen Keys and 50 copper/silver coins also called ecto.

So, in short, you are getting all of this here without having to grind a lot and ultimately exchange each of the coins you get for an ecto, which is completely broken for a farming location. 

After you do two battles, you can put all the things in the chest, set the reward, and then delete your PvP character, make another character and repeat the process again. You can also do it with other characters you have in Guild Wars

Ele is quite the best one for this build, but you can do it quite efficiently with a Mesmer. Do this trick whenever you get the Z combat is here for you to do and earn this stuff efficiently. 

In case you are able to win around the first three rounds consecutively, you will also get the hero’s strongbox. It depends on you what you are looking for, but if you need the strongbox you can do another step to earn it. 

You get around five of them each day. So, in case you are already doing the hero’s farm box farm, you get this quest to get additional Zaishen Keys on top of the boxes

First Map (Underworld)

You can follow this Guide to understand how to get a win on each map. With the Underworld map, you can basically use the Glyph of Sacrifice from the start, and start nuking the enemies that appear in front. 

If your Henchmen or heroes don’t survive the attacks, then it is completely okay because you will have to repeat the process to earn these things again. 

Second Map (Fetid River)

For the majority of the time, the second map is usually the one that you get is the Fetid River. It isn’t a large map, rather it is much smaller in comparison to others. Same as before, you will have to primarily use the enchantment spell, and hit the enemies with your meteor shower, death charge, and flame burst, followed by other nuke spells

Amazingly, doing all of this will also put points in your Balthazar factions as well, which is always good if you don’t have to do any hard runs for that. 

Again bots come to fight you and you can kill them easily without dying in the process. There is nothing hard here, whenever the time starts for the next map, you need to start enchanting and spamming your nuke abilities

Same for the Mo20 Priest, do a meteor shower and spam your flame burst to kill that priest. After killing the priest you will complete your second map without dying in the process.

Great Temple of Balthazar (Getting Prize)

Now, after completing it, you can either go through the process or repeat it by going back to the Great Temple of Balthazar and opening the chest. Accept the price from the person you actually started from. 

Buy the Zaishen Keys using your Balthazar Factions from Tolkano (Tournament). Now as of total you will have some Zaishen Keys, 1.5k gold, and a few coins as well.

If you want to repeat the process, you simply have to log out of the game and delete your character. Make a new character of your choice and go to the Zaishen quest. Load the template in the Temple and repeat the process. 

Final Verdict

Well that was all to the Guild Wars Fast Zaishen Keys Farm Beginners Guide. It is a fairly simple run in which you don’t have to fight strong enemies, don’t have to waste more than 10 minutes, and it's easy to re-do. Just follow the steps mentioned in this Guide and repeat the process by making a new character. 

As we already mentioned this Guild Wars Fast Zaishen Keys Farm Beginners Guide is compiled from YouTube Video Guide by Dungeon Plays Guild Wars. We appreciate his efforts for the community and would like you to like, comment, subscribe, and share this guide in order to support him. If you find any issue or difficulty in this Guide, you can comment down below to let us know about it.

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