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Guild Wars Elementalist Class Beginner's Guide

When playing as an elementalist you act as the artillery for your team. Your physique is not really a tank. Elementalists shouldn't be on the front lines, unless absolutely necessary, as they have poor armor and minimal healing or survival skills. The most expensive skills, the largest energy pool, and energy management are all possessed by elementalists. Read our Elementalist guide from Guild Wars 1 below to find out more about this profession!

Playing as an Elementalist

Elementalists are expert spellcasters who can summon fire from the skies, stop adversaries in their tracks with ice, blast them with lightning, & crush them under the weight of stones. For optimal energy and health management, remain in the back of the group and speak with monks and necromancers. It is typically advisable to hold off on starting your siege until enemies have chosen a target, especially the warriors.

Attack enemy monks as well as ritualists since they have little armor but are highly good at prolonging the lives of the opposition. Unless you have spells that ignore armor, it is preferable to save rangers for last because they have stronger defences against your attacks. In PvP, elementalists frequently serve as hybrid supporting characters and flag runners in guild against guild action. Expensive healing spells like Extinguish & Heal Party are enhanced by Energy Storage.

Guild Wars Elementalist

Attributes to consider

Strength: Primary Attribute  

Each strength point increases attack skills' base armour penetration by 1%. Although its impact may appear to be minor in comparison to other major attributes, it actually increases a warrior's power significantly during spikes. Strength is correlated with many practical warrior skills, and various warrior shields often have a prerequisite for Strength.

Axe Mastery

Axe talents are part of this skill line. Axe mastery generates potent Damage and spikes, but it is less useful and capable of less movement control than other weapon abilities. The Deep Wound is typically at the centre of axe mastery.

Hammer Mastery

The Weakness condition, along with a massive damage output and the ability to knock down targets, make hammer-wielding warriors very successful in one-on-one combat. Moreover, hammer mastery includes various attack techniques that work much better when used against a knocked-down enemy. You won't have the additional protection and advantages a shield offers because hammers can only be wielded with two hands. A hammer warrior's ability to kill comes more often from their ability to deal significant damage from a knockdown while their opponent is helpless to apply any defensive strategies of their own. This is also because of the slower attack speed, slower adrenaline accumulation, and generally inferior overall DPS.


Sword users with skills in swordsmanship tend to prioritise utility as well as condition pressure over pure damage, and they are able to quickly administer and distribute condition pressure in the form of Bleeding and Cripple.


The tactics attribute line tends to be more defensive and offers a variety of stances and cries to defend both individual fighters and/or other allies. Tactics requirements may also be present on warrior shields.

Selecting an Element for an Elementalist

Elementalists are the most effective when they focus on one element and make that element's impact as great as possible. Each element also includes an attunement spell which partially reimburses the cost of its spells. Keep casting these attunement spells all the time.

Fire Element

Some of the most potent Area of Effect spells belong to the Fire element. Casting these spells requires caution from fire elementalists to prevent dispersing enemies. Fire spells typically have high costs, sluggish casting speeds, and lengthy recharge times, but they also cause significant damage over wide areas.

Air Element

The majority of air magic spells deal Lightning damage, and several of them penetrate 25% of armour. When used as spike skills versus warriors as well as rangers wearing heavy armour, air magic spells are the most powerful. Air spells tend to be cheap, quick to cast, and quick to recharge. Nevertheless, they have very focused impact and a propensity to target a single enemy. Furthermore, Cracked Armor, Blind, Weakness, and Dazed can be brought on by air skills.

Water Element

Hexes and snares are king in water magic. The majority of water magic spells deal cold harm and frequently slow the target for several seconds. Water spells typically have low damage, quick casting, long recharge times, and a moderate cost, but they also frequently have additional beneficial benefits.

Earth Magic

There are several potent protection spells in earth magic, as well as numerous spike & area of effect spells. Compared to the other elements, Earth is more balanced, offering both strong attacking and strong defensive talents. Earth spells typically have large zones of effect, lengthy recharge durations, sluggish casting, medium damage, and various defensive and protective effects. Earth talents have the most knockdown abilities of any element and can also create conditions that target weakening the enemy.

Energy Storage

All elementalists should prioritise energy storage because it raises maximum energy by 3 for each tier. The sole self-healing abilities available to elementalists are found in Energy Storage, which also features strong energy management abilities.


The only kind of skill that elementalists can use is a glyph. They could serve as a stand-alone skill or be connected to a characteristic. Glyphs operate by altering the caster's subsequent spell. Each glyph has a different effect and uses only 5 energy.

Armor and Runes

It is crucial to have the highest skill level possible in the attribute you have chosen due to the hefty cost of elementalist talents. Purchase 4 distinct Third Eyes or Auras for a versatile elementalist.

  • Fire headpiece & Minor Rune of Fire Magic

  • Water headpiece & Minor Rune of Water Magic

  • Air headpiece & Minor Rune of Air Magic

  • Earth headpiece &  Minor Rune of Earth Magic

Then go on to choose an armor of your choice, then apply the given runes.

  • Major or Superior rune of Vigor

  • Minor rune of Energy Storage

Guild Wars Elementalist Guide

Elementalist Skills


Sprint fits into the tactics really well, particularly with the ‘monk’ side of things. Sprinting is a useful ability to have, especially if you have a caster as a secondary. You can use sprint to enter healing range and also to escape battle range.


Boosts your attack speed by 33%, but all attacks against you are critical. This is useful for killing monsters that are close to death so that they perish more quickly.


This knockdown will stop someone who is already pursuing you. Although it requires four adrenaline to activate, it effectively provides you a free swing as your opponent stands up.

Hammer Bash

It defeats the target you are fighting, but you waste your adrenaline; to be effective, you require Hammer Mastery 4.

Healing Signet

You now have 40 or more health, but all of your assaults are critical. The critical damage really doesn't pose a problem because it operates so quickly.

Guild Wars Elementalist Gameplay

Choosing a Secondary Profession

There is a larger pool of energy available for use, and these talents can be used more frequently, when combined with the Elementalist's primary characteristic Energy Storage. Despite the fact that an Elementalist will mostly employ native skills, people that blend classes may find alternatives that allow them to improve their character. Always keep in mind that native skills frequently offer better synergy with said profession's purpose, effectively interact with the profession's various skills, and gain from runes when choosing secondary skills.

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Strategies to keep in mind

  • Glyph of Lesser Energy as well as Glyph of Energy are excellent energy management techniques that can cut the cost of more costly "nuke" spells in half or entirely.


  • Elemental Attunement paired with Earth, Air, Water, or Fire Attunement can recover 80% of the price of successfully cast elemental spells. Both under Elemental & Fire Attunement, a pricey spell like Rodgort's Invocation has a financial cost of just 5 energy, which can be recovered during the casting period.


This concludes our guide on the Warrior profession in Guild Wars 1. We have covered everything you need to know before beginning with this profession! To stay updated about more such news and guides, bookmark our page.

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