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Guild Wars DoA Solo Farm Beginners Guide

Here we have the Guild Wars DoA Solo Farm Beginners Guide which is also referred to as the Domain of Anguish farm. It is an exploitable area where you will get amazing loot, as well as some missions to do. To get a good solo farm in this area, we have here this beginner's guide.

This Guild Wars DoA Solo Farm Beginners Guide was summarized from a YouTube video made by GWReborn. There might be a few things missing by mistake or you might find it difficult to understand here. You can simply check out his YouTube Guide and if you have further queries, you can put them down in the comment section.

What do you need?

This image shows the Things you will need for DoA Solo Farm

The domain of Anguish is the Stygian veil outside the area at the end of nightfall. For this build, you should be using the Mesmer build. All details on the gear you will need are;

  • Stygian Farmer Build “OQdUASBPmfO3UZgbTwZCCdNQOPA”

  • 40/40 Scepter/Focus Dom Set

  • 16 Dom, 12 Fast Cast, 9 Shadow, 3 Inspiration 

  • Dom+1/+3 headpiece, hp+50 vigor, fast casting +3, attunement x2, radian x5

Keep in mind for this run, you will need the Lightbringer title as well, so keep it on while doing this run. it isn’t like you can’t do the run without it, it's just that you will find things much easier with this.

So, the first thing that pops up in mind is cupcakes, which we definitely prefer over others, as they make the farm easier. If you need more drops, then the hard mode is your best bet because it does give you more than the normal mode.

Yes, it does make the DoA Solo Farm a bit more tough and challenging, but one thing that is always misunderstood is agro here. In the hard mode, the agro is much more comforting and easier. 

Incredibly, the Guide here isn’t fair and square, but rather a glitched guide and it doesn’t matter whether the enemies are easier or harder. So, we would definitely ask you to do this run in hard mode.

All in one, simply get the quest, get the Lightbringer title, and let's get started with the glitched location

DoA Solo Farming

Get started with the run, you need to understand that it isn’t hard at all. You can pick the profession of your choice, but we would ask you to go for Mesmer

This image shows the First Glitch location

In the image above you can see that after entering the location, you need to go left and stay at this location. Simply wait here after activating the quest. Let the creatures run away from beside you without moving a finger.

Now, go to the spawn spot, which is probably your location to trigger the haste spell, the assassin skill in order to jump back to that location.

This image shows the Second Glitch Location

It is essential that you are staying at the right location, which is the corner spot you can see in the image above. If you don’t stand around this corner mark where you can also see an invisible wall, it won’t activate and block off the enemies.

So, when you actually do the farm, they will vampirism touch you and then kill you afterward. We have later on “what to not do” point in this Guild Wars DoA Solo Farm Beginners Guide to help you understand each thing in detail.

This image shows the Third Glitch Location

Now, you have haste activated, group agro and you have to run all the way back to the wall panel here, as you can see in the image above. It will further activate the dark escape, which will bring you haste to activate and deactivate early. 

This image shows Final Glitch Location (teleported)

It will trigger the enemies to come right back at you. At this point, you have to make sure that you don’t move once you activate your escape skill or dash, in case you are using that specifically. You can see that in the image above, enemies are glitched and they can’t do anything.

Just make sure that you tab, waste rules tab, waste drills, and then use your worry, overload visions, and other skills you prefer depending on your profession. There are quite various ways in which you can do this here.

Note: Just make sure that you aren’t clicking on any enemies outside of the bubble, otherwise your character will start moving and it will fail this trick. There are also other fail points that we will discuss later on in the Guild Wars DoA Solo Farm Beginners Guide.

This image shows the Drop after glitch farm

This was the first round and after finishing off the enemies, you have to wait and don’t pick the drops. Go back to the location where you came from otherwise you will agro again. 

In case you want to try out other extensive DoA Farms, you can check out this Guild Wars DoA Farm Guide from Reddit Post

There are quite various opportunities to farm here in this area, so don’t stop now and start following this guide further on. 

This image shows Repeating first glitch location

Now, go to the safe spot again, as explained in the image above. Let the enemies run back to you. This quest works exactly like this, as it causes various groups to spawn after you kill a group, and then it allows the farm to get extensive and provide better opportunities. 

This image shows repeating second glitch location

Go back to the location where your drops were and pick them up after small intervals or you can also get all of the mats at once, depending on what you are actually aiming for. We do prefer small intervals instead of all at once because there are some errors that prevent you from going onwards.

This image shows repeating third glitch location

Again, it's time to repeat the same step where you stay in the corner, next to the visible wall, and trigger the shadow of haste.

This image shows Agro enemies after third glitch

Click around it and go back to the location to get agro and let the enemies follow you. Don’t worry, your haste is activated and enemies can’t catch up with you. 

This image shows repeating forth glitch location

It's time you again go back while enemies are following you. Follow the image above and stay at this spot to teleport toward the same location at the first step where the enemies can’t actually do anything to you. Don’t move around and enjoy killing enemies while farming from them.

This image shows Final location after teleport

Keep in mind you can repeat this farm around five to six times on average, while it can also be more or less depending on your luck. It is a glitch after all and sometimes it doesn’t go well, causing errors. 

What not to do?

  • Don’t ever move at the time of Mid Spike, you have to wait for all the creatures to die

  • If you are standing in the wrong spot or you probably escape too late, the teleportation will work, but the enemies will be able to hurt you. Always keep your distance from the enemies. 

  • At the time you agro and rust to the certain spot where you teleport afterward, make sure you are always at the right spot. If you are a bit to the right, you will teleport to the right, making the glitch not work. You have to be at the exact spot as mentioned in this guide.

Final Verdict

Well, that is all to our Guild Wars DoA Solo Farm Beginners Guide. It is one of the easiest and more rewarding runs you have ever seen in Guild Wars. Being a glitched run, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just make sure you are at the right spot, which takes time to practice and you are timing everything right. It is a glitch after all and sometimes doesn’t work properly.

This Guild Wars DoA Solo Farm Beginners Guide is all thanks to the YouTube Guide made by GWReborn. We appreciate the precious Guide he made for the community and we would love for you to like, subscribe, comment, and share his Guide. 

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