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Guild Wars 1 Guide to Earn Gold

In Guild Wars 1, one cannot accomplish anything without money, much like in real life. That money would be gold, which is by far among the most flexible of all the currencies used. The majority of players use gold as a tool to build or buy the coveted legendary gear, or in certain circumstances, to get some of the Real World content they missed. But most of the time, it's used to pay for those lovely cosmetic enhancements.

By allowing gamers to spend gold, it allows them to avoid using real money. The problem is that gathering gold isn't really that simple. If you want to accumulate wealth, you can't just wander around aimlessly doing things. Some tasks produce more gold than others. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective methods by which you can collect gold.

Ways to Earn Gold in Guild Wars 1

Completing Quests

Fulfilling quests is one of the simplest methods to collect gold in guild war 1. The game's non-player characters or NPCs give players quests to complete. As an incentive for completing their given quest, these NPCs pay gold. The amount of gold awarded as an award for finishing quests depends on how challenging the task is. Suppose a task or a quest is more difficult and time taking then the reward for completing such quest will also be bigger. Players should give priority to quests that reward them with the greatest gold. They should concentrate on missions with a low degree of difficulty as well because they can finish them faster and gain more gold in less time. In Guild Wars 1 completing the quest is one of the fastest and simplest ways by which you can earn gold hence completing quests can become your primary source of income. Quest also adds an adventurous element to the game hence you can also have fun while earning gold. 

Guild Wars 1 Quests


When you farm, you kill enemies purposefully to obtain stuff rather than as a byproduct of completing the game "normally". If the farmed treasure is a valuable or in-demand item, it can be traded to other players or sold to traders or merchants, given to a collector in return for things, or resold to merchants or traders. Additionally, there is a Drop Rate when farming, which only indicates that the number of stuff assigned to each person declines the more players in your party. In comparison to farming with henchmen or friends, farming solo has a better chance of yielding a certain item. Learn how to convert plunder into cash as quickly as possible. Naturally, gold goes straight into your wallet. To increase the item's merchant value, locate the item you intend to sell if it is worth 25 Gold or more. Once recovered, purple and gold things are several times more valuable, however blue and white objects can also increase in value by a factor of two. Some treasure also includes valuable upgrade components that, until the object is identified, can't be reliably recovered off. Be aware that although trophies cannot be identified, they could continue to be profitable since they have a fixed merchant value.

While some objects sell for a lot of money, others might be salvaged more profitably for crafting items, improvements, or both. It is determined if "marching," salvaging, or any mix of both is most profitable based on the current pricing at the resource trader, rare material dealer, and rune trader as well as on the free market. A regular salvage kit can be used to recover common crafting materials, while a specialist salvage kit or higher is needed to recover rare materials for crafting and upgrading components. If you intend to recognise and salvage loot as you farm, think about purchasing superior identity kits as well as better salvage kits since these varieties take up less space. Make sure that your stock is mostly empty before you go, with the exception of any kits or additional farming supplies you decide to bring.

Guild Wars 1 Farming


Crafting is a time-consuming process that differs by discipline. There are two stages to making things: discovery and production. If the recipe is unknown, the player must first gather the necessary ingredients before creating the object. The best example of this is the huge component tree required for legendary weapons, as many crafted things have additional crafted items as prerequisites.

Additionally, artisans and material craftspeople offer a way to give materials worth. Rare crafting resources can frequently be sold for more money than the whole cost of the raw ingredients plus the artisan's charge. Always take the alternative into account, though, as salvaging artefacts can occasionally cost more gold than selling them to a merchant straight. Making rare crafting materials could cost you more money than it ultimately pays you.

It is best to produce uncommon resources or highly sought-after things because they can command greater costs when created from diverse ingredients. But producing uncommon products also calls for difficult-to-find basic materials. To expereince the full potential of crafting, you will have to spend the in-game currency on buying some in-game products. If you are in need of the GW Currency, the best way to get them is for real money.

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In Guild Wars 1, trading is an additional method of making money. It involves trading goods for cash with other game players. Items can be acquired by players through quest completion, farming, or buying items from other players.

A single or more NPCs may be found in most towns, and they will trade various things for money or certain prize trophies. Traders transact business at set pricing that is unaffected by supply and demand. Traders respond to the condition of the game economy by buying and selling items from a changing inventory at varying prices based on supply and demand. To make more gold, players should prioritise purchasing products that are in great demand and selling those when the demand is strong. In order to determine when it is the best to buy and sell products, they ought to maintain a watch on the in-game economy.

Selling Items

In Guild Wars 1, players can make gold by selling goods. Items can be acquired through quest completion, farming, or buying items from other players. In the game, players can trade their goods with NPCs or other players. Since items are inclined to sell for more money, players should put a larger priority on selling products that are in popular demand. In order to determine when it is ideal to sell their goods, they ought to keep a watchful eye on the game economy. Selling items can earn you gold quickly however finding the right item for selling can be a tedious job and not everyone has the skills required for doing the same. However, if you are an experienced player and know the ins and outs this can be a solid way to get some gold.


Guild Wars 1 game economy is very much dependent on gold and it not only helps you in upgrading your character but can also get you additional items which can help you along the way. Hence it becomes necessary to learn how to make gold efficiently and quickly. Because the more gold you have the more capable you are to progress in the game and upgrade your player. Feel free to refer to this guide and learn different methods of making gold.

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