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Guide to Guild Wars 1 Solo Builds

Guild Wars 1 is filled with various in-game features that allow you to explore the world of Guild Wars by taking some challenges and hardships your way. To pass all the missions and complete all the challenges, you need to be capable of dealing damage and efficiently using all your skills, attributes, and talents.

In Guild Wars 1, build plays an important and big role in providing strength and durability to your player on the battlefield. Here, a build is a collection of 8 skills, an attribute point distribution, and the equipment that you’re going to use for your character.

However, these aren’t the only things that decide or take participation in creating a strong build for your character, other things such as planning, time management, strategizing your moves, understanding your enemies, and knowing the combat styles also play an important role in deciding the outcome of your battle.

You can create your build easily just by the selection process but the way you use your build efficiently on the battlefield decides how that battle is going to end and what is the probability of you winning this battle. This guide will cover and go through all the things that you need to keep in mind before creating a solo build for yourself. With the help of this guide, you’ll not just learn how to create a build but also how you can use it to your advantage and dominate the fight.

Understand & Choose Your Profession

Before you step into the section of your build and start creating a build, you first need to understand what profession means in the world of Guild Wars 1. Here, in Guild Wars 1, profession defines your character’s skill set, armor, and attributes. 

Guild Wars 1 features various professions and each profession is entirely different from the rest having its own unique playstyles and skills. You can choose any profession you like but some professions are better when played solo like Ranger and Necromancer. These two are more suited for playing solo. 

You get Primary Profession & Secondary Profession. You start with a primary profession and later obtain a secondary profession as you move further in your game gaining experience and understanding how professions work. Role-playing characters can easily obtain secondary professions by completing quests and taking challenges. Core Professions include Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Necromancer, Mesmer, and Elementalist.

There are some faction campaign professions that are only available to the factions or players who own factions. Ritualist & Assassin fall under the category of Faction Campaign Professions. Similarly, there are two more professions that fall under the category of Nightfall Campaign and are available to only those who own Nightfall. Paragon and Dervish are two professions that fall under this category.

Guild Wars 1 Professions

Manage Your Offense: Weapon

Managing your offense and defense is very necessary if you want to stand strong on the ground with your build. A good weapon will give you a good offense on the battleground. There is different kind of weapons available in Guild Wars having some of the unique attack patterns and bonuses. 

You get weapons having different attacking styles like Melee, Ranged, and Off-hand Weapons having some space for the specialization as well. Each weapon gives different Damage Per Second (DPS). Select and play with every weapon to know and understand how each weapon works and suits better with your playstyle and combat mechanism.

Manage Your Defense: Armor

A good weapon enhances your offense whereas a good armor enhances the defense side of your character. Choosing the right and strong armor is very important to save yourself from the attacks of other enemies and players. A complete set of armor comes up with five pieces Helm, Chest Armor, Hand Armor, Leg Armor, and Footwear. Providing protection to all your character’s body parts giving high defense and high mobility on the ground.

Here, armor has three properties which are Armor Art, Armor Rating, and Armor Bonus. Armor art defines the appearance of your armor, armor rating defines damage protection by providing you a numerical value, and armor bonus simply means adding bonuses to your armor that give you some extra benefits and an edge over other players and enemies.

Choosing Your Primary Attribute

Each profession has a primary attribute that affects their skills to some extent and that is why choosing the right profession wisely is very necessary when it comes to creating your build. Your main focus should be building your character around the chosen attribute which will maximize your strength giving more advancements to your skills.

Each profession has an inherent primary effect and that makes primary attributes very crucial for building your character. Warrior has strength, Ranger has expertise, Monk has Divine Favor, Necromancer has soul reaping, and similarly, each profession has a unique attribute.

Choose Your Secondary Attribute 

Like Primary Attributes, secondary attributes are also very important for your character’s build and they provide a good overall strength and uniqueness to your character. There are a few secondary attributes available for each profession and you can select the one that provides strength to your character.

When it comes to selecting secondary builds, experimentation is the only key to understanding which attribute will be best for your character because there is not just one attribute like primary attributes. So, keep experimenting and choose your secondary skill wisely keeping in mind your overall strength.

Guild Wars 1 Attributes

Balance Your Skills

In Guild Wars 1, skills are the special abilities that your character can use in different combat styles. You can equip skills in your skill bar to a maximum of 8 skills where you can add one elite skill. There are different types of skills each helping you in a different way on the battlefield giving you an edge over other players deciding the strength of your build.

The skills that you choose are linked with your profession, attributes, and campaign. Every skill has some activation time, recharge time, and energy cost. Some skills are elite which are considered to be a more powerful, valuable, and advanced form of skills. You can choose any skill but keep in mind that the skill you choose must be advancing your character’s strength and not deteriorate it. You will have to spend the in-game currency to keep your skills at the maximum. So if you are falling short of it, the best way to get the currency is for real money.

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Take Care of the Consumables

The role of consumables plays around providing temporary boosts to the stats of your character. So, it becomes very crucial to keep and use consumables whenever and wherever needed on the battleground. Consumables give you special effects when you use them. Consumables are categorized based on how many times you can use them and whether you can stack them or not. 

Some consumables are stackable and can be used only once, some have multiple uses but you can’t stack them, and some consumables have unlimited use. Using consumables effectively and strategically can help your character's build to get some more strength with more mobility and power.

Every consumable is classified by the effect it gives whenever used. Some classes of consumables are Alcohol, Dye, Festive Items, Kits, Scrolls, and many more. Keep a check on your inventory and use consumables wisely and avoid wasting them.

Understand the Combat

Creating a build and choosing some equipment and consumables isn’t sufficient when you’re creating a strong build for your character. Understanding the combat is also very important in order to maximize the chances of your victory and take enemies down on the ground.

Whether you’re playing PvE or PvP, each combat requires a different strategy, approach, and combat style. If you’re playing PvE combat then you must have the knowledge of each NPC and location. Similarly, playing PvE mode demands preparation and strategies. Some enemies can be defeated in a particular way.

Experiment With Combat Styles

Sticking to just one playstyle won't help you on the battlefield and you can end up losing a fight because each confrontation requires a distinct playstyle from your character. You must experiment with various playstyles if you want to be a strong and effective player. 

Using a different combat technique requires a well-thought-out strategy and approach. To avoid repetition and becoming predictable to your opponents during a match, adopt several playstyles. By employing various battle techniques, you can also confound your adversaries. You can learn and comprehend some of the new battle methods by experimenting.


Guild Wars 1's enthusiasm and excitement remain among the gamers, making Guild Wars more exciting and interesting. A build is a vital part of Guild Wars which can only be achieved if you pay your wise attention to the fine lines and important aspects while designing a build for your character.

This tutorial has covered all of the major components of making a good build, not only focusing on abilities, items, gears, and attributes but also addressing what your appropriate plan and actions should be towards the creation of your character's build. This guide can help you with creating a strong build for your character. However, you need to keep in mind that creating a build is all about selection so the way you choose and select skills, attributes, and other things for your character decide the outcome of your build and how strong that particular build is going to be. All the best.

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