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GW Hot Sale Weapons| Lowest Prices | GW1SHOP

Guild Wars has a lot of weaponry including ones that are simply looking to be one of the most unique and powerful weapons. As you proceed further in the game, you will have to upgrade your weapons to become stronger. There are some weapons that are more popularly referred to as the GW Hot Sale Weapons which the Guild Wars community is always in search of. 

If you are looking to Buy Cheap GW Hot Sale Weapons, you can go to GW1Shop.com and get them at the most secure, as well as budget-friendly rates.

How to Buy GW Hot Sale Weapons on GW1Shop

Getting your hands on the GW Hot Sale Weapons isn’t that difficult at all. There are a few steps that you need to follow just like purchasing your favorite stuff online. 

  • Open the GW1Shop.com Website and head over to our GW Hot Sale Weapons Page here.

  • Select your favorite Hot Sale Weapons you are looking to purchase and put up the amount.

  • Click on “Add to Cart” if you are looking for more things to buy here or you can click “Buy Now” to move onwards with this purchase only.

  • You will be asked about your Delivery Information. Put in the “Account Name” and the “Character Name” and check the “Delivery Method”.

  • Again, click on “Buy Now” to proceed further

  • You will be brought to the “Contact Details” Page. Here, you will have to put all the details related to your contact and at the end select your “Payment Method”

  • After everything is clear, you simply have to click “Proceed to Checkout” and the delivery will be made within 24 hours.

Important Note: Here at GW1Shop.com you don’t have to make an account or pass through lengthy procedures to actually Buy GW Hot Sale Weapons. But, when you have to add items to favorites or save your information, you will have to make an account here. Don’t worry, we safeguard the details of customers as it is our first priority.

How to Sell GW Hot Sale Weapons on GW1Shop

Amazingly, you can also become a seller here at GW1Shop. You just have to make sure that the Hot Sale Weapons you are selling are authentic and legit, meaning from legitimate sources. The stock shouldn’t be less than 100 and more than 10000 GW Gold. 

What do you need to do?

There are a few things that you need to do before actually Selling at GWSale.com. You will have to add our Skype (veyronsale-CRM) or refer to the live chat and describe what you are looking to sell. 

Then, you will have to log into the game for a final touch of transactions and check your account afterward for confirmation of payment. 

You can refer to the GW1Shop Customer Support, 24/7 Live Chat, or email at [email protected]

What are GW Hot Sale Weapons and How to Get Them?

This image shows various weapons in Guild Wars

Weapons are equipment in Guild Wars that you can equip either in your off-hand or your main-hand slots. In the town or even outposts, the weapon after equipping it won’t be visible, but getting out from there will make it visible to others. 

Amazingly, Guild Wars considers both the focus items and the shields as types of weapons. Each weapon is put in a type, which varies for Ranged (Spear, Bow), Melee, Ranged (Staff, Ward), and Off Hand. Every profession has a different set of weaponry that they can get.

There are various Weapons included in Hot Sale. Below, we went through each of the Items in detail, giving you the introduction, how to get or make them along with a location.

Bone Dragon Staff

Bone Dragon Staff or simply referred to as BDS is a Rare Staff in Guild Wars that resembled a Dragon Skeleton with a Heart, Face, and Tail around the bone. Using a Dye will affect this Staff as a whole, but the only thing that remains still is its heart color. You can also duplicate the color of the Heart by using a Brown colored Dye.

How to Get it?

You can only get this Staff from the Fendi’s Chest as a Drop but you will have to complete the Shards of Orr Dungeon before it.

Celestial Weapons

The Gallery of Celestial Weapons includes 8 Weapons total Celestial Axe, Celestial Daggers, Celestial Hammer, Celestial Longbow, Celestial Scepter, Celestial Shield, Celestial Staff, and Celestial Sword

Celestial Weapons are ornate weapons that come with a very unique Galaxy appearance, while there are small white stars that surround the weapon, animating it. One thing to keep in mind is that these weapons can’t be dyed.

How to Get them?

You can get them from the Isle of Nameless through the Zaishen Chest, Fissure of Woe through Chest of Woe, and Underworld through the Underworld Chest. On the Factions side, you can get it only from Kaineng City through the Kaineng City Wildlife.

Exclude the celestial Scepter and Celestial Staff because they can only be obtained from the Fraction (Kaineng City). Besides this, all of the Celestial Weapons are from the same spot mentioned above.

Crystalline Sword

It is a Rare Sword in Guild Wars that is made from Crystals and has a bulky appearance. The blade itself looks as if it is transparent. You need the Swordsmanship Attribute and do Slashing Damage. After applying the Dye, it only affects the Sword’s Hilt. 

How to Get it?

You can get it mostly from the Chests that are high-end. At the Underworld, you can get it from the Underworld Chest which is of uncommon rarity. From Fissure of Foe through the Fissure of Woe Chest having uncommon rarity. From the Hall of Heroes Chest and Isle of Nameless Zaishen Chest. 

Furthermore, you can also get it through Prophecies, from the Sorrow’s Furnace by opening the uncommon rarity Sorrow’s Furnace Chest. 

Destroyer Weapons

The Gallery of Destroyer Weapons comes with various Weapons including Destroyer Axe, Destroyer Daggers, Destroyer Spear, Destroyer Shield, Destroyer Focus, Destroyer Staff, Destroyer Maul, Destroyer Sword, Destroyer Scepter, Destroyer Bow, and Destroyer Scythe.

These are the Destroyer Weapons that have a similar appearance to cracking Lava from the Destroyers. The Lava moves around giving it an animated appearance. There is an overall dark tone with orange/red/yellow mix to it. 

You can also display the Destroyer Weapons at the Hall of Monuments which makes them super unique in Guild Wars because there are only three Weapon Sets that can be displayed. You can’t Dye the Destroyer Weapons themselves.

How to Get them?

The Destroyer Weapons can only be crafted and can’t be acquired from other sources. You can craft them from the Balthor Coalforge which exists in the area of Slaver’s Exile. 

You will have to give 5 Platinum, 100 Iron Ingots, 250 Granite Slabs, 10 Onyx Gemstones, and 10 Diamonds to Craft the Destroyer Weapons.

Draconic Aegis

Draconic Aegis is a Rare Shield in Guild Wars that looks incredibly cool. It has that Dragon appearance on top. One thing to keep in mind is that this item can’t be Dyed.

How to Get it?

You can get Draconic Aegis from the Fissure of Woe through Chest of Woe, from Underground through Underground Chest, and from Isle of the Nameless through Zaishen Chest. 

Furthermore, you can also get it from the Eye of the North in the Depths of Tyria, Slaver’s Exile. Through the Chest of Slaver, you will get the Draconic Aegis.

Dryad Bow

Dryad Bow is a recurve Bow that is included in the GW Hot Sale Items Rare Bow category. These bows have a Tree like appearance, come from the Mythological spirits females called Dryads and there is no visible string attached to the Bow. You can’t Dye this item.

How to Get it?

You can get the Dryad Bow from the Eye of the North area of Rragar’s Menagerie through the Hidesplitter’s Chest

Eaglecrest Axe

It is an Axe of a massive structure. The handle or grip itself is short while the blade itself is massive. There is a Crescent Shape with an engraved Eagle on the Axe itself. The handle is the leg of an Eagle with the ends are Talons. 

You can’t Dye this Item, while you require the Axe Mastery Attribute for this Item.

How to Get it?

You can get this item from the Eye of the North where you have to go to the area of Raven’s Point and through the Destroyer Chest.

Emerald Blade

Emerald Blade is a Guild Wars Sword that, just as the name suggests, has a beautiful appearance of Emerald. There is an Emerald Engraving on top of this weapon as well which makes it more attractive. You will need the Swordsmanship Attribute to get this item, while it does the Slashing Damage.

Same as before, you can’t Dye the Emerald Blade, while most gamers confuse it with the Emerald Edge, but their appearance is quite different. With the Emerald Blade, you get a lighting ambient animation.

How to Get it?

You can get the Emerald Blade from Eye of the North in the area of Catacombs of Kathandrax after opening the Kathandrax Chest or the Zaishen Chest in the area of Eye of the North as super rare drops.

Envoy Weapon Set

Envoy Weapons are elegant and royal-looking Sets that come with a total of around 4 Weapons including the Envoy Axe, Envoy Sword, Envoy Staff, and Envoy Scythe. They have a Golden appearance on them with a mix of dark tones.

You can use Dye on the Envoy Weapon Set except for the Envoy Scythe which causes them to change color but the original can be replicated through the use of dye with Brown color and when you use Black dye, the Item becomes somewhat invisible.

Keep in mind that applying Dye on the Envy Sword, Staff doesn’t have any effect whatsoever.

How to Get them?

You can get the Items from Jessie Llam in the Temple known as the Great Temple of Balthazar. You can also get them from the Jessie Llam Embark Beach area. 15 Skill points, 100 Gold Zaishen Coins, and 15 Platinum are required to get the Envoy Item. 

For the PvP Characters, the only chance for them to get the Envoy Set is from the Tolkano area for 50 Gold Zaishen Coins and 250 Tournament Reward Points.

Eternal Blade

Eternal Blade is amongst the rarest Swords in Guild Wars that have a Misty or Ghostly appearance. The sword itself looks quite antique, doing slashing damage and requiring the Swordsmanship Attribute. 

This weapon is mostly used by the Zaishen Warriors or the Ghostly Heroes, and you can’t apply Dye on this weapon.

How to Get it?

You can get Eternal Blade from only the Chests that are of High-End level. Mostly you can get the Eternal Blade from Isle of the Nameless through the Zaishen Chest or from Underworld through the Underworld Chest.

Eternal Shield

Eternal Shield is a very unique Shield in Guild Wars that is also included in the GW Hot Sale Weapons. This Shield has a very unique Green Translucent theme going on with horns and a skull pattern on top. This pattern is of Grenth. 

You can put Dye on this Eternal Shield but there won’t be a specific color change to it.

How to Get it?

You can get the Eternal Shield mainly from Isle of the Nameless through the Zaishen Chest, the Underworld through the Terrorweb Dryder/Skeleton of Dhuum/Smite Crawler/Banished Dream Rider.

Furthermore, you can get it in Prophecies from Ruins of the Tomb of Primeval Kings through the Terrorweb Dryder and Banished Ream Rider. From Factions, you can get it from Urgoz’s Warren or from Nightfall in the Realm of Torments through the Terrorweb Dryder.

Frog Scepters

The frog Scepter is a wand that comes with a headpiece of a Frog and an animation of flowers that start rotating on the Head of a Frog. This wand is also called Froggy and is considered a valuable item in Guild Wars. 

Same as always, you can’t Dye this masterpiece.

How to Get it?

You can get the Frog Scepter from the Eye of the North in the area of Depths of Tyria, Bogroot Growths through the Bogroot Chest.

Obsidian Edge

Obsidian Edge is a sword that has a very sleek and sharp appearance. Unlike other swords in the GW Hot Sale Weapons, this blade has a Dark and Black appearance that comes from Obsidian. 

You can’t Dye this weapon because of how unique it really is. It does Slashing Damage and requires the Swordsmanship Attribute.

How to Get it?

You can get the Obsidian Edge from the Fissure of Woe through Chest of Woe and from Isle of the Nameless through Zaishen Chest.

Oppressor’s Weapons

Oppressors Weapon is a set that comes with 15 different weapons including the Oppressors Axe, Oppressors Daggers, Oppressors Flatbow, Oppressors Hammer, Oppressors Focus, Oppressors Hornbow, Oppressors Longbow, Oppressors Recurve Bow, Oppressors Scepter, Oppressors Scythe, Oppressors Shield, Oppressors Shortbow, Oppressors Spear, Oppressors Staff, and Oppressors Sword.

All of the Oppressor's Weapons come with a Knight type style of Steel and Red jewel in the middle. It has a Red animation as well that glows. It was first introduced in the War of Kryta Guild Wars.

You can also Dye these weapons but they don’t mess with the glow itself, changing the color of the weapon only.

How to Get them?

You can get the Oppressor’s Weapons only from War of Kryta in the area of Lion’s Arch Keep through the Collector (Lionguard)

Silverwing Recurve Bow

Silverwing Recurve Bow is a very unique Bow that is included in the rare bow category. It has spikes all around the bow and gives the bow itself fade animation when you aren’t attacking. When you are aiming with the bow the spikes brighten and fade when you release it.

You can also use the Dye on Silverwing Recurve Bow but it only changes the color, not doing anything to the Fade animation.

How to Get it?

You can get The Silverwing Recurve Bow only from Eye of the North in the area of Depths of Tyria, Frostmaw’s Burrows through Chest of Burrows.

Storm Daggers

Storm Daggers, just as the name suggests are Daggers included in the GW Hot Sale Weapons that have a Green tint to them. While the size of Daggers is cursive and large, it is quite agile. 

Just like any other Dagger in the list, you will need the Dagger Mastery Attribute for this Weapon, and it does Piercing Damage. Yes, you can’t Dye the Storm Daggers as well.

How to Get it?

You can get the Storm Daggers from only Eye of the North in the area of Oola’s Lab through the Oola’s Chest.

Voltaic Spear

It is a rare Spear that isn’t like other common spears. It is much larger and has a beautiful Voltic appearance. There are veins of the spear and inside them, it has Blue animation that gives it an amazing appearance. 

Just like other Spears, it requires the attribute of Spear Mastery and does Piercing Damage. After using Dye it has an overall change in the color also affecting the head of the spear. 

How to Get it?

You can get the Voltaic Spear from Fissure of Woe through the Chest of Woe, from Isle of the Nameless through the Zaishen Chest, and from Underworld through Underworld Chest.

You can also get it from Eye of the North in the area of Depths of Tyria in the area of Slaver’s Exile through Chest of the Slaver and Hierophant’s Chest.

Tormented Weapons

These are a family of weapons having around 16 various other weapons including the Tormented Axe, Tormented Daggers, Tormented Flatbow, Tormented Focus, Tormented Hornbow, Tormented Longbow, Tormented Maul, Tormented Recurve Bow, Tormented Scepter, Tormented Scythe, Tormented Shield, Tormented Shortbow, Tormented Spear, Tormented Staff, and Tormented Sword.

All the Tormented Weapons have this amazing Glimmer that gives them a unique look and animation. Amazingly, you can display the Tormented Weapons in the Hall of Monuments, which is quite unique. You can’t Dye these Weapons.

How to Get them?

You can get the Tormented Weapons from Guild Wars Nightfall in the area of Domain of Anguish. After talking to the Deacon of Whispers and trading him your Armbrace of Truth you will get the Tormented Weapon.

You can also get them from the Gift of Reverie and in order to get this gift you will have to do various quests in the Wayfarer’s Reverie.


Inscriptions are components that play their role in the Salvageable Upgrade and are applied to various off-hand and primary weapons that are equipped in the slots of Inscription. 

There are various types of Inscriptions based on their colors like teal, Blue, and Green/Yellow for the Weapons. Bronze and Yellow/Lilac for the Off Hand. Gold for General use. 

How to Get them?

You can salvage them from any weapon you are carrying using Superior Salvage Kit, Expert Salvage Kit, or Perfect Salvage Kit. To get your hands on various Inscription Slots you can follow the details below;

In the Eye of the North and Nightfall, you will find gold, blue or purple rarity items and their drops have these slots

In Factions, the drops that are non uniquely gained from Kanaxai’s Elite Chest or the Urgoz’s Elite Chest are guaranteed these slots

From Core, the drops of Underworld Chest and the Chest of Woe have these slots in the,

Finally, in the PvP, the non-unique items dropped from the Hall of Heroes Elite Chest get these slots

Upgrade Components

Just as the name suggests, the Upgrade Components are specific items that have a general use to upgrade Weapons and Armor in Guild Wars. You can apply them by double-clicking on the item for upgrade and single clicking on the target item.

How to Get them?

You can get the Upgrades by Salvaging them from specific items using the Salvage Kit. 

Well, these are all the GW Hot Sale Items along with the Guide to where you can get them from. We know that getting each of them isn’t an easy task and for that reason, you can save time by Buying GW Hot Sale Weapons from GW1Shop.com

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