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Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes| Lowest Prices | GW1SHOP

This image shows Hero's Zaishen Strongboxes

Zaishen Strongboxes are quite fascinating PvP rewards that you get from completing various formats of PvP or quests based on the account. If you are looking to get your hands on Cheap Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes, you can Buy them from GW1Shop.com

How to Buy Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes on GW1Shop

  • Select your desired Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes

  • Click on “Add to Cart” if you are looking for more things to buy here or you can click “Buy Now” to move onwards with this purchase only.

  • You will be asked about your Delivery Information. Put in the “Account Name” and the “Character Name” and check the “Delivery Method”.

  • Again, click on “Buy Now” to proceed further

  • You will be brought to the “Contact Details” Page. Here, you will have to put all the details related to your contact and at the end select your “Payment Method”

  • After everything is clear, you simply have to click “Proceed to Checkout” and the delivery will be made within 24 hours.

Important Note: Here at GW1Shop.com you don’t have to make an account or pass through lengthy procedures to actually Buy Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes. But, when you have to add items to favorites or save your information, you will have to make an account here. Don’t worry, we safeguard the details of customers as it is our first priority.

How to Sell Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes on GW1Shop

Amazingly, you can also become a seller here at GW1Shop. You just have to make sure that the Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes you are selling are authentic and legit, meaning from legitimate sources.

You can refer to the GW1Shop Customer Support, 24/7 Live chat, or email at [email protected]

About Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes

Each Strongbox has a different format of PvP content and for the Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes, you will have to get the Hero’s Ascent Achievements. It is also referred to as the Hero’s Strongbox, which is the same as the Zaishen Strongbox. 

How to Get Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes in Guild Wars?

You need to win the Hero’s Ascent to get the Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes. If you manage to get three wins consecutively, you will get one Hero’s Zaishen Strongbox.

Every day you can get around five of these Strongboxes, while you can get them from Zenjal as a limit of one per each account you have. But for Zenjal you will have to complete Hero’s Ascent Path to Combat and Hero’s Ascent Path to Victory.

What you get from Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes

When you receive the Hero’s Zaishen Strongbox and after opening it, a random item from the list below will be added to your inventory.


  • One Miniature Rift Warden


  • Ten Creme Brulees or even three of those

  • One Delicious Cake


  • Ten Flasks of Freewater or even three of those

  • One Battle Isle Iced Tea

  • Festive Items

  • Ten Bottle Rockets, Champagne Poppers, or Sparklers

  • Five Crate of Fireworks

  • One Party Beacon


  • Three Zaishen Tonics

  • One Everlasting Ghostly Hero Tonic or Everlasting Knight Tonic

Summoning Stones

  • Five Zaishen Summoning Stones

  • Weapons (Unique)

  • One Vetauras Harbinger, Heleynes Insight, Torivos Rage, or Demrikovs Judgement

Other Items

  • Five or One Zaishen Keys

  • One Celestial Sigil

  • Two Gold Zaishen Coins

  • Fifty Copper Zaishen Coins

  • Five or Two Silver Zaishen Coins

  • Ten, Three, or One Flame of Balthazar and Golden Flame of Balthazar.

Hero’s Zaishen Strongboxes can be rather hard to get by in Guild Wars. You can always start your journey and save your time by Buying them Cheaply from GW1Shop.com

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