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This image shows Gift of Traveler in Guild Wars

Gift of Traveler just as the name suggests is a Gift that you get for giving certain items. These Gifts might pack the amazing surprise that you required. If you are looking for an easy way to get Gift of Traveler, you can Buy Cheap Gift of Traveler from GW1Shop.com

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Amazingly, you can also become a seller here at GW1Shop. You just have to make sure that the Gifts of Traveler you are selling are authentic and legit, meaning from legitimate sources.

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About Gift of Traveler

Gift of Traveler is a Gift that you get from Nicholas the Traveler. Just as the name suggests, this Gift is completely random, and you might not know what kind of things it has inside. 

There are around five gifts that get added to your Guild Wars account weekly. Amazingly Nicholas is always changing locations, as well as the items in the Gift on a weekly basis. 

There are few people in the market that might even give you the Gift of the Huntsman instead of the original Gift while trading for certain items. 

How to Get the Gift of Traveler in Guild Wars?

There is nothing too hard to understand here. Nicholas the Traveler asks for certain items that you can give him in exchange for the Gifts of Traveler. 


Nicholas changes location weekly, on each Monday. Mostly he can be found in the area of Nightfall, Vabbi where you will find the Garden of Seborhin. In case the quests appear or you have various chains of quests, the Traveler won’t be affected and you can literally kill two birds with one stone.

Besides this, Nicholas is also found in the area of Beyond, Hearts of North. Here you will be going to the explorable area of Olafstead during the time of The Wedding at the location of Far Shiverpeaks.

What do you get from the Gift of Traveler?

As we already mentioned that Gift of Traveler is completely random and gives you an item from the list given below. This item is added to your inventory.


  • One Miniature Yakkington, Gwen Doll, and Brown Rabbit


  • Ten Honeycombs and Jars of Honey

  • Five Red Rock Candies, Blue Rock Candies, and Green Rock Candies


  • Ten-Aged Hunter's Ale and Hunters Ale

  • One Keg of Aged Hunters Ale

Festive Items

  • Ten Sparklers, Bottle Rockets, and Champagne Poppers

  • Five Crate of Fireworks, Mysterious tonics, and Cottontail Tonics

  • Three Disco Balls

  • One Everlasting Crate of Fireworks and Everlasting Cottontail Tonic

Summoning Stones

  • Five Mysterious and Mercantile Summoning Stones


  • One Inscribable Icy Dragon Sword, Ascalon Razor, and Vampiric Dragon Sword

  • One Traveler Walking Stick and Bo Staff


  • One Moss Spider Egg

So, for the most part, the Gift of Traveler isn’t an easy item to find. You will have to move around the whole map, search for him, and abandon various quests to not make him run away and he changes weekly. There are a lot of things to take notice of and in case you are looking for an easy way out, you can Buy Cheap Gift of Traveler from our trusty site GW1Shop.com